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For Richer or Purer Radio, There's A Magic To The Evoke! Review with images

AdvantagesWonderful design, very easy to use, beautiful quality for the price, now by 2012 a bargain!

DisadvantagesSlightly bulky, no remote control, long replaced by other Pure models.

"...full hog and purchase a Pure Evoke 2. ==Availability of DAB for Consumers== DAB radio, or Digital Audio Broadcasting as it is logically known as, has been available in the UK for some time now, not just from its infancy in 1995. It was the BBC Corporation who founded the idea of DAB and as such the BBC was one of the first radio stations where DAB could be used to identify and locate the station. It seems that this type of radio format is ..." Read review

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Community Level 4simoncjones


Pure pleasure to my ears... and eyes

AdvantagesClean, stylish design, excellent build, easy to use, superb sound

DisadvantagesA bit pricier than rivals, not very portable, only 6 preset stations

"...in French. So why the Pure Evoke? After a couple of hours' web searching and researching, a quick trip to Comet to see it in the flesh, put my mind at rest that the Pure Evoke 2 is the best-looking DAB radio on the planet. Purely my taste though. You see, looks matter to me. When I'm splashing out on a new piece of technology I want it to be well designed. That tells me it's also probably well made. Mr Practical - me. LOOKS There's the ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Nazuku



AdvantagesGood Music


"...timer Wake up alarm Can use removable Pure batteries & standard batteries for power options. Tone controls and stereo/mono mode. Line in and out options, handy for PC compatibility and digital recording. Size (H)18.5cm, (W)29cm, (D)10cm. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Keit_43

Quick review of Pure Digital Evoke 2

"This is the first time I have written a review, so please bear with me. I have recently heard this radio at my inlaws and was very impressed by both the simplicity of the design and the excellent sound quality, The compact design means that it can sit nicely in any room The clearness of the sound was the what struck me not a static hiss anywhere to be found. I will have to try and talk the wife into getting one.

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Tranny Man to Digital Dude!

AdvantagesLooks, build, quality

DisadvantagesHaving LW in another room displays the digital time lag but also the gulf in sound quality

"My wife had got bored of me carrying around a battered old transister radio so got me an Evoke 2 for my birthday. The tranny was too old to review here or anywhere that isn't a seventies retro site! It's a cracking machine and I am now converted to the Digital broadcast age. She chose well after some research buying from Amazon, who she was more than happy with. The exact cost remains a secret, I know better than to ask! Once I'd had a fiddle ..." Read review

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Keeps me sane in a sometimes stressful job

AdvantagesDAB & FM bands


"...returned and exchanged for the Pure Evoke 2. PRICE: was £150 but no doubt it can be found cheaper now. A recent search on the internet gives a minimum today of £123 for this model from 24-7 electrical. WHERE BOUGHT: in Dixons April 2004. The Evoke2 has 6 preset buttons which are easy to set. The reception is a vast improvement on normal radio which gets a particularly poor reception in my office wheras the DAB very rarely disappears although ..." Read review

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