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Worried grandmother finds dairy free spread

AdvantagesDairy free


"...free spread called Pure. This Pure is a Soya spread. . After using this instead of marge/spreads with dairy products she found Adrian s symptoms better. Now Adrian is nearly weaned she uses this for spreading on his toastand other food that needs a margerine/ butter Pure Soya spread comes in a green tub with white writing. I have tried some and as a spread for toast and sandwiches I find it good the taste not unpleasant maybe a little strong. I ..." Read review

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Thumbs Down For Me

AdvantagesSlimming control, good for heart which makes it healthy.

DisadvantagesTastes bland and boring.

"Pure with soya comes in a green tub with a person on a bike. It has pure written in white writing on the tub also. For 500g it cost's 95p that's from Safeway. Though my husband informs me that it's more expensive elsewhere. The tub is of good quality plastic and has a nice easy removable lid. The margaine looks like any other margarine though it smells a lot saltier and of course, it is much better for you. This margarine is suitable for Vegans ..." Read review

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Spread pure on your Bread

Advantages Its healthy

Disadvantages The tub is ugly

"I have been buying this item for a long time now approximately two years so i am a great fan. I mainly started buying this cause i am a big soya fan, i already drink the milk so i thought the butter wouldnt do me any harm. I have even got my partner to use it! Falovour-wise its tastes like any ordinary margarine really a little creamier i think and not plasticky that leaves a taste on your mouth as some other magarines available on the market ..." Read review

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The closest thing to organic without being organic

AdvantagesSoya margarine without the usual additives

DisadvantagesIts not butter!!

"I like this marge. It is soya based, which is good for those of us who need to up their soya intake for whatever reason- (women's health especially), or for those who have an intolerance of other types of dairy based margarines. It does not have a distinctive taste, but is quite mild and I prefer it to Vitalite, Flora, etc. (Flora would have to be my second favourite). It is also not high in salt. I find many other marges, eg Flora, Sainsbury's, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bristolbunny

Quick review of Pure Soya Margarine

"A few of my friends are lactose-intolerant so I buy this sometimes and I'm more than happy to eat it myself. It's easy to find in supermarkets and so on, and although it's more expensive than normal marge it's reasonably priced most of the time.

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