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No More Thirsty Dogs

Advantages Useful, Compact and cheap

Disadvantages Can leak, only holds half a litre

"What is it? ========== This is a Travel Water Bottle for dogs from the RAC range of dog car travel products. The range includes water bottle, car seat covers, front seat guard and window guards. It is a 0.5 litre plastic water bottle with a drinking bowl attached. The water bottle folds into the bowl when not in use so only takes up the size of a bottle so its easy to store and carry. Its ideal to use when travelling with your dog on journeys. ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Water for dogs

AdvantagesEssential item


"When you travel with dogs its vitally important to carry lots of water around with you. I always make sure I have some water for Eddie and its especially important in this hot weather to keep them properly hydrated. He runs round like a crazy dog sometimes and comes back to us panting extremely hard like he's never had a drink in his life so water is very important for him too. Its a pain sometime though if we take Eddie out for the day to carry ..." Read review

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fantastic idea

Advantagesstops dogs getting dehydrated on summer walks

Disadvantagesonly hold 500ml of water

"My two boys enjoy a lovely long walk everyday, but in the summer they get very thirsty. I don't take a rucksack out walking with me so it was very arkward having to carry around a bottle of water and a bowl seperatly. This item from the RAC has proved invaluable to my dogs when out walking. They often use to drink from the lake, I know this is a completely natural doggy thing to do but I prefered for my dogs to drink clean water so I purchased ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kingpin_pe...


Water bottle

Advantagesgreatidea, could be expanded upon

Disadvantagesleaks, not enough capacity

"This product is a helpful and much needed design though the one i have has a few technical disadvantages. The capacity is small, only holding 500ml. This isn't so helpful if outon long walks as it will run out in no time. If you can find bigger models it would be better. The resevoir the water colects in can be a little awkward for the dog to drink from, it's shape and high sides making it impossible for larger dogs to finish off all the water. ..." Read review

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Only so useful

AdvantagesLess to carry than a bowl and bottle

DisadvantagesNot convinced it won't leak

"The basic design of this product is good. It is essentially a water bottle that unfolds from a plastic oblong container. You pull the water bottle to release the stopper (in the same way as with sports bottles) and it fills the orange container which your dog can then drink from. Initially I was really impressed with this product, thinking that it saves faffing around with water bottles and bowls, however after a while I reverted to just using a normal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Selina313


As a back up, not my first choice

AdvantagesCompact, can be hooked up

Disadvantagessmall, leaks, can be messy as dogs lap up over the sides

"I brought this product as I am a proffessional dog walker and have many dogs on long walks that need drinks. This product only holds a small amount of water and for multiple dogs it is not ideal and I prefer a 1litr bottle and bowl method. It also has the annoying habbit of leaking when not kept upright but a small string at the top means I can hook it onto my car no problem. I have found some dogs do not want to drink out of this weird shaped container. Overall ..." Read review

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