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A Fangtastic Welcome to Morganville Review with images

AdvantagesStrangely addicting storyline, interesting characters

DisadvantagesSome minor character flaws

"Glass Houses – Rachel Caine I have been a fantasy novel fan for many years and have read a wide range of books on this genre. One particular type of story I find myself drawn to is vampire novels, and so when looking for a new set of books to read, I came across ‘Glass Houses’ by Rachel Caine. I have not read any of this authors previous work, though as the set was already well established with ten books of the set already out, and armed with a ..." Read review

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Teenage vampire problems Review with images

Advantagesnice atmosphere in the "Glass House", some interesting characters, suitable for teens

Disadvantagesplot holes, stupid main characters, just unappealing all over

"...things going on _within_ the Glass House. Inhabitant Michael Glass' constant disappearances during the day have mysterious reasons that Claire has to find out about. When Claire finally _does_ get in trouble with one of Morganville's vampires, _Glass House_-inhabitant Sean, who seems to have a soft spot for Claire, suggests a deal to said vampire. He will regulary give him blood to spare Claire. The only way out of this deal is to find an old, special ..." Read review

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Glass Houses - Morganville Vamps book 1

AdvantagesI couldn't put it down

DisadvantagesCharacters didn't develop that much...but they will

"... The other people living at Glass House made this book for me. Shane is your typical tough guy. Gorgeous and strong but fun at the same time. The way that Rachel Caine writes these teenagers is so unbelievably true. The guys especially. Shane and Michael are quite obviously very into girls, playing on their X Box, shooting zombies and drinking when they get the chance. Never have I read such believable teenagers in a book of this genre. Shane doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2shoequeenr...


It's no Twilight, but it's still fangtastic!

AdvantagesGreat story line, easy to read, I couldn't put it down!


"...of the occupants of the Glass House. The Glass House already has three residents; Michael Glass, Shane Collins and of course Eve but they have a spare room and another resident makes the bills a little easier to manage. Eve takes pity on Claire and invites her in and the pair hit it off, however the boys aren't so keen on Claire staying. But things change and Claire begins to learn all about the secrets of Morganville and the fact that it is no ..." Read review

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People in Glass Houses shouldn't insult vampires



"Claire Danvers has just started college, but for her the college experience isn't all it's cracked up to be . Already isolated because of the fact that she is younger than all the other students (she sped through a couple of grades due to being of above average intelligence!), she quickly finds herself falling foul of the college's queen bee, Monica Morrel, who also happens to live in the same run-down dorm. Monica and her harpies proceed to make ..." Read review

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A book that sucks (in a good way!).

AdvantagesA slightly different take on the vampire genre.


"I have a real penchant for vampire books and films in whatever form they may come (any of you who has read my reviews before may well already know this fact!), so as my self and my sister have managed to collect a fantastic selection between us, we are now deliberately buying each other books that we would actually want to read afterwards (method in our madness you see!), with this particular book being one my sister got for me for my birthday, and ..." Read review

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A vampire series you will not be able to put down

AdvantagesA great introduction to the morganville vampire series


"...we are introduced to the glass house and its residents - Micheal, Shane and Eve they are all slightly older than Claire and live together in Micheals house. Micheal sleeps all day only appearing at night he has a secret to hide and Claire soon gets to the bottom of it, Shane who spends his time playing Zombie killing games on his games console and Eve who is a goth who works at the local coffee shop, the rules of Morganville are if you are protected ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bambeautya...


Put down that Twilight!, Pick up a Morganville Vampire.

AdvantagesExciting,Good Price,Vampires,Making reading fun again!


"...to live, She discovers the glass house,Which is a little more special then it seems!And something is deffinatly different about the people running the town..They dont seem, At all human...:o The first book is brilliant and I finished it within 2 days inbetween classes and work, I couldnt put it down I found myself reading at times when I really shouldnt!, What can I say? I was obessed..The characters are to die for ;).And I must say Michael sends ..." Read review

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Advantagesplot is brilliant


"...me home a copy of glass house and said its meant to be a good read. This was back in2009. Its now 2013. And I have just started reading the series. I must admit, after i finished reading glass house, I seriously wonder why it took me 4 years to read the first book. i still dont know to this day i dont know why i didnt. but i am glad that i did. The Morganville book series is a one of a kind style of books. ok so maybe theirs alot of vampire books ..." Read review

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