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A beautiful bath soak

AdvantagesVery relaxing, a beautiful smell

DisadvantagesMy skin is a little dry when used daily.

"...time out for myself. === Radox in the bath === I have always liked Radox because whenever I have used it I have found that it creates lots of lovely bubbles and the aromas are lovely. It is often that the ingredients within the products have special herbal qualities that can help you to feel relaxed or invigorated and I have always liked that in these products. I have previously had several bath soaks from Radox as well as some shower gels and some ..." Read review

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There might be calendula but I'm not sure on the rose

Advantagesrelaxing, up to the usual Radox standard

Disadvantagesscent might be too insipid for some

"Iíve been using this pink Radox on and off for around two months (I tend to alternate between bath foam and essential oils) and - unusually - I think it might be the first time Iíve bought it, for the odd reason (I suspect) that itís a baby pink/pale rose colour. On the surface, this may seem a little odd but the general state of affairs in our house is that I purchase Radox and whoever wants it uses it - Iím generally not bothered by this as it tends ..." Read review

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A Bath Full of Roses

AdvantagesPrice at the moment, fragrance, hydrating and moisturising

DisadvantagesBubbles go quite soon

"...in your bubble bath, then Radox Moisture Soak Bath Soak may be the one for you. They are selling these huge sized (500ml) bottles in Wilko at the moment for only 89p. I have bought two as I had used this particular bubble bath ages ago and Iíd actually paid £1.99 for a bottle at full price so I thought 89p was a really good bargain. I simply have to use something in the bath and, unlike my husband, I could never have a bath Ďjustí in plain water, ..." Read review

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Ahhhh! That's nice!

AdvantagesCalming, relaxing

Disadvantageslid a bit awkward

"...that when I use this Radox bubble bath. Radox bubble bath (or bath soak as they like to call it!) comes in very tall, elegant looking bottles. They are not opaque so you can see the gloop inside. The different flavours all come in different colours and they all look very inviting! I like to look at them in the supermarket and chose a differnet one each time I need to replenish my stock! I chose this one because it smelt nice and I also liked the ..." Read review

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Radox Moisture Soak Herbal Bath - For True Pampering in Pink

AdvantagesLasting Foam, Summery Scent, Moisturises Skin


"Radox has to me been a pioneer of quality bath products for as long as I can remember and although slightly pricier than some of their rivals they continue to produce exceptional products that justify the extra pence. I saw this bath soak in my local Boots and, being a sucker for everything pink was determined to give it a go. The Packaging ~ This herbal soak is packaged in a transparent bottle which has the brand name 'Radox' imprinted into ..." Read review

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No More Rub A Dub Dub But Soooooak

AdvantagesNice bottle, lovely colour, easy to use, long lasting bubbles, long lasting bottle.

DisadvantagesScent disappears rather quickly.

"...until just recently is this Radox Calendula one. Radox is a brand I have used many times myself and so I know that I am going to be getting a decent quality bath soak that'll do the job well. When I noticed this pale pink one I hadn't used it before so decided to give it a try and see how it worked out. The bottle is the same as all other Radox bubble baths, tall and quite slim with a nice looking design on the front and an easy to remove pale pink ..." Read review

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A Light Floral Bath foam

Advantagessmells nice, leaves skin soft and moisturised, a little goes a long way

DisadvantagesFragrance not strong enough

"...was this Bath Therapy by Radox and the colour and fragrance name made it sound rather nice. ~~PACKAGING~~ The bath foam comes in a clear plastic bottle which allows you to see exactly how much of the product you have left. On the front of the bottle is the Radox logo and the product name and at the bottom is a picture of a single rose in pink. The back of the bottle has a label containing all of the information, direction for use, ingredients ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SturdyGirl87


Just out of the bath and I have soft and lightly scented skin

AdvantagesMoisturises skin and smells nice


"I love having a good old soak in the bath but I very rarely get the chance to do it, having to shower instead to save time. When I do get the chance to have a bath I don't intend to anything in it but relax and hopefully have softer feeling skin afterwards. To be honest I very rarely have the need to buy bubble bath as I get enough to stock me up for most of the year at Christmas but I did run out recently so decided to go for this one as it was on ..." Read review

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Radox Moisture Soak Bath Soak

Radox Moisture Soak Bath Soak

Radox Moisture Soak Bath Soak: The calendula flower is really good for your skin because ... more

as a natural conditioner, it helps leave your skin
feeling soft. Weve mixed calendula with natural
rose essence for a sweet, floral fragrance that
will leave you f...

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Radox Herbal Bath Moisture Soak 500ml

Radox Herbal Bath Moisture Soak 500ml

Radox Moisture Soak Herbal Bath With calendula and rose, renowned for skin conditioning ... more

properties.Radox Herbal Bath has been specially
formulated for your best ever relaxing Radox bath
experience. It contains calendula, renowned for
its skin condition...

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