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Community Level 6tink-er-bell


You Aint nothing but a Ragdoll Review with images

AdvantagesCompanionship and a friend

DisadvantagesDoes not like confrontation

"...since. This is about the ragdoll pedigree cat. History -------- This is hard to explain but I have heard one story from the lady who bred my Ragdoll cat and another from a book on the breed. The story which to me sounds most truthful is about a lady named Anne Baker and she had a cat named Josephine in the 1960's. Her cat was treated at the local University and one day when her cat Josephine was involved in this car incident she seemed ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Elffriend


Kira lives up to her namesake Review with images

Advantagesloving, playfull, adapts well to families


"...my "Guide to owning a Ragdoll cat". Being a "Trekkie fan, I named her after Major Kira from startrek, Deep Space Nine. A quote from the book.. ragdolls are quiet, affectionate and are supposed to live indoors. Well, she is certainly affectionate, but howls like a banshee if she needs attention. As to staying indoors, I soon found out why her former owners could not keep her. Her favourite spot was in my bathroom window, she was longing to explore. I ..." Read review

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Community Level 2em18


My experince through Raggie my Ragdoll Review with images

Advantagesextremely friendly, great temperment, very loving


"...on I came accross the Ragdoll and immediately fell in love! They have a large number of features that make you fall totally in love with them. A huge plus of the ragdoll is its extremely placid temperment, they are very laid back and relaxed and they seem to just love to lie back and watch the world go by! They are also a very attractive breed, I have a seal colourpoint but all of the colours are gorgeous and then they have these enchanting, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Grace_Mall...


updated PIRATE

AdvantagesHe's fun to have around.

DisadvantagesHe has long hair.

"...tom cat Pirate is a Ragdoll cat. His hair is almost as furry as an Angora cat. Ragdoll's are a new breed of cat. The lady I bought mine from said that they cross-breed a Persian with an Angora. I paid £50 for him. The reason this breed is called a Ragdoll is because they are very calm a relaxed that they look like a ragdoll. I bought him when he was six weeks old and he was all white. I took him to the veterinarian so he could be neutered ..." Read review

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what a cuddle puss

Advantagescuddly, cute, loving.calm

Disadvantagespet insurance higher for pedigree

"...your shoulders, as being a ragdoll he goes floppy and gets in all sorts of positions. Ragdolls are ideal if you have young children as due to thier placid nature they will withstand alot, my friends daughter 2 and half is always playing with him not always gently and he has never stratched or biten her. Our does miaow alot, if he does not get the attention he desires or the required food the miaow turns into a childlike howl, this only seems ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eh2000


Ragdoll as pet

Advantagesdoes not jump all over the place, very gentle

Disadvantagesdoes not like being left alone. If you are home,they follow you like pups

"...hair cat. If you get a ragdoll with the proper coat texture you only need to comb once or twice a week. Outcrosses with persian (for new colours) may not be easy to keep so you have to comb/brush very well at least once a day. You do get cat hair on things, but is easier to clean than the moggies short hair. If you want a big cat, get a male and neuter him before 8 months. In general, females are only slightly bigger than a domestic, but there are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rennieroo


My Ragdoll

Advantagesplayful, good companion

Disadvantagesdifficult to find a breeder in the south

"After having my first Ragdoll (now 3 years old) I would never go back to another breed. I come across many Ragdolls in my job as a veterinary nurse and am yet to meet an owner who didn't instantly fall in love with their Ragdoll and none have had any complaints whatsoever. She follows us around the house and greets us at the window when we get in. She also loves to spend time with the dog (English Springer Spaniel) especially cuddling up to him in ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AmyAMG


The Ragdoll cat

AdvantagesBeautiful, blue eyed, smart, fun, ragdoll-like, large, fluffy and loyal

DisadvantagesRequire regular grooming

"Ragdoll cats originated from America. They are fast becoming a popular breed of cat throught many countries. You can't go wrong with becoming the proud owner of a Ragdoll as they are incredibly smart and infact trainable. They have striking blue eyes surrounded by a mask. I have got two Ragdolls myself and they follow me around like a dog would do. They have to be in on everything and know what you are doing all the time, this does however become ..." Read review

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