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The best of times the worst of times

AdvantagesYou can see the ratings others have given

DisadvantagesYou dont necessarily know that the trademan will give you that level of service

"...husband found a website called Rated People where the premise was, you sign up to the site, become a member, put in whatever quotes that you require and wait for local tradesmen to contact you. Functionality of the site *************** 1. For the consumer The home page has several pieces of information on it. The main box explains how to use the site bearing the title 'Better people faster' here it has a drop down box of trades that you can ..." Read review

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RP profiting from ripping professionals and promoting cowboys. Review with images

AdvantagesNONE ! ITS good for RatedPeople

DisadvantagesHelps put professionals out of work and promote Cowboys and decline quality of the service market

"I have an electrical business which is not doing so well and We decide to make an experience of 2-3 months on RP to get new customers for our domestic electrical services. So for the last 3 months we worked with RatedPeople. Initially we were willing to offer jobs for good prices so we could build up good rates and eventually we could start pricing on regular SUSTAINABLE prices. We try to control our cash flow, income and costs. It seems to me that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MMMC01


Rated People Tradesman's view

AdvantagesEase of use for the customer

DisadvantagesCosts, unreliable and costly leads, arbitrary costs for the leads

"...a signed up tradesman to rated people I have to say that my view of this web service is becoming more dim by the day. The service that rated people offer to the customer is non verified or validated. Any tradesman can get his or her friend to post a job and then get the friend to rate them. Rated people have never asked to see evidence of my insurances or qualifications. Unlike the German web service "My Hammer" I pay £40 per quarter for the ..." Read review

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Rated People - A good idea cynically exploited

AdvantagesAllows homeowner to post review of tradesmans work

DisadvantagesNo interest in improving the experience for homeowner or tradesman

"...1 fully positive review for Rated People......There are other organisations that provide similar services all of whom had generally negative feedback from tradesman. A real shame as run correctly the model could work well for tradesman and householders.......I don't want to come across as some bitter tradesman who wanted jobs laid out on a plate. I am honest and hard working but can tell when something is not right......It wouldappear this organisation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GeaVox


May as well use the Yellow pages!

AdvantagesNone I can see!

DisadvantagesNo verifiication, just a money-making website

"My partner and I advertised some jobs on RatedPeople, having read some good reviews online. We registered and immediately got their acknowledgements (one for each job we posted) by email: "From: automated@ratedpeople.com Subject: Thanks for posting your job, now sit back and relax!" "All you have to do now is relax and we'll do the searching. Thanks for submitting the following job:" ... and each email duly listed the job details, as we had entered ..." Read review

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Community Level 1timlaz100


Complete scam

Advantagesease of use website

Disadvantagesmoney up front, no refunds, hard sell from some girl from rated people, no business address.

"I signed up for rated people approx a month ago for the £10.00 starter fee which takes me up to August. Yes I've had a ton of possible leads, I've bought four at an extra cost to me of £43.10 non of the customers allowed me to quote. In summary 1 decided to cancel his job altogether, 1 used someone local, and two used other people outside of rated people. I asked for a refund but all they do is give you a new free quote to replace the one taht you ..." Read review

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Rated People very suspect in my opinion

AdvantagesQuick response and quote

DisadvantagesOnly good reviews shown, this is not helpful to customers

"We have used rated people twice for quotes, and each time we have encountered tradesmen who cannot provide written references or show past work. Not one person could show insurance details, and most wanted cash, this leads us to believe cowboys are probably trading from Rated People, and we have declined using anyone who has contacted us through this site. Most tradesmen had 5* reviews, virtually not one negative comment. This seems hard to believe, ..." Read review

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In my opinion Should be called RATED RIPP OFF

Advantagessome genuine customer but very hard to find them

DisadvantagesWASTE OF MONEY

"...have been a member of Rated People for about 5 years and I have cancelled 3 times due to not being able to get hold of customers. . Each time I re-join they give me free leads and if I am unable to get hold of the customers they reimburse you in terms of another lead. Recently though they have changed the rules and now if you cannot quote a job it is tough luck. They also keep the money you have paid for the lead, don't offer a further lead and advise ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nickbabs1969

Quick review of Rated People

"i have been a rated person now for 2 days. what a load of cobblers. i have had 55 texts messages(which i payed for in £10 blocks) telling me people need my services. then, wait for it, i log in to their site and have to pay between £12 - 18 to quote the job i have nt even got. tried £50 worth yesterday and have not had a single call. whats great about rated people is that the customers dont even answer the phone or return your messages. PANTS thats what it is !

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Community Level 1rhodrid


The site is designed to protect tradespeople and not the customer

AdvantagesCan't really think of anything positive seeing as they don't protect the customer.

DisadvantagesComplicit in not allowing true feedback of tradespeople on their site

"...another project. After all that, Rated People didn't allow me to post poor feedback as they stated it was subsequent work! I replied to them pointing out that "I would assume that potential customers would want to know if their tradesperson is less than trustworthy, whether it's their first job or not. " In summary, Rated People are designed to protect the tradesperson, and I'm sure they have been complicit in duping many unsuspecting customers ..." Read review

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Rated People is a total scam Review with images


DisadvantagesTOO MANY TO LIST!

"...my £50. I was foolish. Rated People don't make it at all clear of the financial commitment that tradesmen have to make for the leads. If customers knew how much hope & sometimes desperation we have when trying to find work in this way , they wouldn't post 3/4 of the jobs in the 1st place. Customers think its a quick, safe and free way way of connecting tradesmen to customers - its far from it. Rated People should be subject to a 'WatchDog' investigation. ..." Read review

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Don't bother. As a tramesman, it costs too much.


DisadvantagesWill cost you lots of money to buy leads and many people do not respond. Rated People make the mon

"I have been on Rated People for a couple of months and from my experience its not good at all. I got the texts at first, then when they had run out, lots of emails with job postings. The people put a budget on the jobs they want carried out. These start at £100, £250, £500, £1000, £2000 and £4000. There might be more budgets, but these are the ones I received. Now a £4000 job costs just over £65 and a £2000 job, about half that and so forth. Most ..." Read review

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Tradesmans point of view


Disadvantagesvery expensive, poor service

"...years experience. We started using Rated People when they first started. As you may or may not be aware the contractor has to pay for the leads (customer contact details). At first the cost of the leads was quite reasonable. This soon changed when they started their TV campaign. The costs went through the roof and soon became our most expensive way of getting work. It certainly doesn't help when customers for example put a value on a job of 8K. When ..." Read review

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Community Level 1citizen1980


I'm an Electrical Contractor

Advantagesthey find you work

Disadvantagesvery expensive and a very poor system

"I joined RatedPeople.com recently. They are more interested in taking the contractors money than offering a good service in my opinion and offer very little the consumer. They charge the contractor just under £20.00 for jobs valued at £500. They sell the contact details of consumers to 3 contractors so two will loose out. Ratedpeople.com never refund charges to the contractor. They just give a credit for the next job. So, if you buy a job ..." Read review

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glorified online 'word of mouth' service

Advantagesconvenience of the internet

Disadvantagesmisleading name, they don't rate anything

"...When getting in touch with Rated People, I was hoping that they would stick to the promise on their website, i.e. "we have a very low level of complaints but when they happen, we take them very seriously. Serious disputes are referred to our Performance Audit Team (PAT) who conduct a thorough investigation and mediate between the parties." When getting in touch with them, we found out that they weren't interested in helping or investigating and actually ..." Read review

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