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Community Level 3Ice_Blaster


A leg and an arm take 2

AdvantagesVery playable, graphics


"...exciting platformer. In this game, Rayman has one simple goal: Defeat the evil pirates from Rayman’s world. Sounds simple enough, but it is one tough challenge and completing the game properly takes time, patience and a host of skills. Let’s have a look at this ace platformer. Evil mechanical pirates led by the maniacal Razorbeard are enslaving the population of Rayman's world. It's up to you, the hero, to collect four magical ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stevetheman



AdvantagesVery original

DisadvantagesQuite unrealistic

"I bought this product about a month ago because I had played the demo on PC, and thought it was good. You start off in a prison ship thinking that all is lost when your friend Globox comes onto the ship and is thrown in the same cell as Rayman. Your aim is to reunite the 1000 lums of power and defeat razorbeard. This game is enjoyable and it takes a long time to complete therefore it is more of an adventure. It is aimed at all ages however I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Yahoo





"The original Rayman featured rich colors and an attention to visual detail that set it apart from its competition in the 2D side-scrolling platform genre. Rayman 2 takes the same lush aesthetic and successfully transforms it into a seamless 3D world. While the game's geometry is not particularly complex, each of its levels is expansive and beautiful thanks to amazing textures and vibrant lighting. You'll travel from verdant forests to the shores of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Yahoo


Good use of graphics



"Rayman 2 is a colorful 3D platform game. It contains no extreme violence, no geysers of blood, no official license from Smith & Wesson, and no foul language - in short, it's not what currently passes for "mature" and "edgy" in interactive entertainment. It could be easily dismissed as a simple game directed at children, except that it also happens to be one of the best games of the year. Rayman 2's concept is not particularly original. The game ..." Read review

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Steve McQueen looks a bit different

AdvantagesFun worlds, lots of levels, likeable character

DisadvantagesFairly easy

"...recall having a go at Rayman on the Playstation and thought the game seemed familiar when I began playing "Rayman 2 - The Great Escape", the main difference being that on the N64 he speaks gibberish and they show subtitles whereas on the Playstation it's English he speaks. Rayman is a likeable chap, you are introduced to his story at the beginning and he escapes with the help of a friend called Globox from the Pirate Ship he is being held on, the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Fory


Good but not entirely original Platformer

AdvantagesGreat Expansion graphics good mix of puzzles and platforming

Disadvantagesno real flaw but there is something missing i don't know exactly what it is

"Rayman 2, it attempts to Banjo:Kazooie's crown but sadly failed. I hated the first one on the PSX but got this over a year ago for £10 off of Gameplay.com after playing the DC demo. It tries it's best to avoid the hub style level play shown on Banjo:Kazooie (the witches castle) and Mario 64 (peaches castle) it does do well by not having a free roaming hub rather an old style map system. The storyline is ok but nothing extremely special. What i like ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Kwame


Why you should buy Rayman 2

AdvantagesEverything you can imagine!

DisadvantagesNone - well kinda short

"Rayman 2 is the best game that has ever hit the N64. The graphics are unparralled even by an unexpanded machine! The game is huuuuuge and the sound is dynamic. It's very difficult to put how good the game is into words, because it's impossible! The cut scenes are sooo funny and are like a Saturday Morning Cartoon. If you see it, buy it now! It is, more or less, the perfect game! In some ways, it's more fun than Donkey Kong 64 or Mario put together ..." Read review

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Rayman 2 - PC

Rayman 2 - PC

Charming, colourful, and suitable for the entire family, UbiSoft's platform action game ... more

Rayman 2: The Great Escape should immediately
remind players of classic console games such as
Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot. Despite its
cartoonish appearance, Rayman 2 isn't simply a
child's game; its addictive, "just one more level"
gameplay should please fans of all ages. Players
assume control of Rayman, a seemingly magical
creature, complete with head, body, arms, and legs
but lacking all the connecting parts in between.
Over the course of 40 levels, Rayman searches for
four masks to help conquer the nefarious Admiral
Razorbeard, who is currently in control of
Rayman's peaceful world. One of Rayman 2's most
endearing qualities is the number of unique (and
extremely humorous) characters you meet during the
adventure; Rayman 2 crafts an engaging story
around its well-designed gameplay and gorgeous 3-D
graphics engine. Gameplay consists of traversing
dozens of diverse locations, including swamps,
temples, pirate ships, and grasslands. Along the
way, Rayman collects brightly coloured "Lums",
which can restore health, replenish air supply
(when underwater), provide access to secret areas,
and save the game position (like most console
games, Rayman 2 only lets you save at certain
points). The dynamic levels consist of standard
running, jumping, and climbing sections, but also
include spectacularly animated action sequences
such as water skiing, rafting, and flying. Rayman
2: The Great Escape is an enthralling adventure
with surprises around each corner; it's certainly
one of the best platform games in recent memory.
--Doug RadcliffePros:Gorgeous 3-D engine brings
the cartoon-like characters to life Simple,
addictive gameplay provides hours of fun A game
the whole family will enjoy Cons:Rigid game-save
feature can create frustrations

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Rayman 2 - PlayStation

Rayman 2 - PlayStation

Transferred from the 2-D platform that we all knew and loved, Rayman 2 has successfully ... more

managed to make the transition to the realms of
3-D. Although offering no great leaps in the
gameplaying world, it's nice to see a fun game
that satisfies the small child in all of us.  The
challenge of the game is your standard 3-D
platform idea. You play the infamous Rayman, who
has been imprisoned by the Robo-Priates who have
captured and enslaved your world. Your task, with
the help of your friends, is to escape and save
the planet through a series of puzzles and levels.
 The feel of this game is strange, as there are no
new elements, and you possess the usual armoury of
weapons. The genre isn't new either and at times
you can see the combined forces of games such as
Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and Mario all at work. But
Rayman 2 manages to pull off the amazing feat of
actually being a great game, and although you've
seen it all before you can't help but play on. 
Everything has a lovely sheen in this game. The
graphics are great, and boast details that Disney
would be proud of. Everybody from Rayman's best
friend Globox to the weird and wonderful Teensies
all have their part to play as you go on your
journey offering plenty of light comedy moments
and you can't help but laugh when they begin to
talk in some nonsense language only for Rayman to
shout "Yahoo" at the end of everything.  We have
already seen games like this many times before,
but this one has such an appealing gloss that you
end up with a game that is better to play and
beats its competitors. If you fancy the idea of
sitting down to some addictive innocent fun then
Rayman 2 is perfect for both children and adults
alike.--Stuart Miles

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Rayman 2 / Game - Sega Dreamcast

Rayman 2 / Game - Sega Dreamcast

Platforms: Sega Dreamcast, ESRB Rating: Everyone

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