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Community Level 2flufftier


The Real World? Review with images

AdvantagesCovers all aspects of women's lives

DisadvantagesSome articles are a bit deep

"Real magazine is aimed at the "stylish, thinking woman," so when seeing it in the supermarket I thought I'd give it a try (well who wouldn't want to be considered a "stylish, thinking woman", I thought I might get a few tips!) Real comes out fortnightly and costs £1, which I didn't think was bad. Other reviews have stated that this was pricy but when you work it out it's still cheaper than fashion mags such as vogue or cosmopolitan even when you ..." Read review

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Community Level 7offy


I've discovered the Real me

AdvantagesEnjoyable articles, quality writing and photos

DisadvantagesQuite expensive and only fortnightly

"...picked up a copy of Real and I really (sorry, pun not intended) enjoyed it. Rather than being full of sex, articles about children/families, soaps or soppy romance short stories, here was a magazine that actually interested me! The next time I travelled to London, I actively looked out for it. Eventually I subscribed to it, and it has kept my interest ever since. •• So what is it? •• Real is a fortnightly glossy womans’ magazine, published by ..." Read review

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Real-ly Good or Real-ly Not

AdvantagesInteresting read, nice paper :)

DisadvantagesA little old + middle aged for me at times :(

"...appropriate for the target readership. Real is aimed, so far as I can make out, at professional middle aged women. I match one of these in that, until someone tells me otherwise, I’ll believe I am female, but that’s about it. ** Content ** Each issue differs slightly, but we usually have  Problem pages - “Do I have to admit I’ve been cheating” one reader asks this week. Better than the “am ..." Read review

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Community Level 5PERFIDIOUS


Get Real!

AdvantagesCheap and Cheerful

DisadvantagesNews of the World articles

"...cover. The magazine is called Real and its logo is an italic R in various colours depending on the mood of the editor situated in the top lefy hand corner. The usual waif like models in floaty dresses adorn the front cover and catchy titles promising to bring you the latest in celeb style and must have autumn accessories plus Real Life Stories. Placing a pound on the counter I mooched out of the newsagents and went to get a latte. I intepret ..." Read review

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Community Level 5debbie_mar...


Is it Real for Real Women?

Advantagesnot too expensive

Disadvantagesneeds more competitions, only available fortnightly

"...that cover a huge spectrum. The real life stories are quite thought provoking. For example in issue 8 there is a story about surrogacy. This is quite a tearjerker, not in that it had a bad ending, quite the opposite infact. Both “mothers” became very good friends at the end of the pregnancies and the surrogate mother visit’s the children on regular basis. The children (yes she did it twice for the family) look uncannily like the surrogate mother ..." Read review

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Solutions (Real Simple) - Real Simple Magazine

Solutions (Real Simple) - Real Simple Magazine

Resolves life's little complexities - and allays the stress that accompanies them. This ... more

book features ways to elevate the ordinary or
unexpected, from dinnertime meals to bedroom
decor; uses for everyday items, such as emery
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Real Simple Annual Magazine Subscription.

Real Simple Annual Magazine Subscription.

Special Offer Details:Publisher Information:Real Simple was founded in 2000 by Time Inc. ... more

Time is also the publisher of People, InStyle and
Sports Illustrated. Each issue includes methods
and approaches to making life easier. The authors
of the magazine strive to get their readers to do
what needs to be done, so that they have time to
do what they enjoy. Each issue includes solutions
for improvements inside and outside of the home,
healthy habits that will promote a better
lifestyle, useful recipes and ideas for
entertaining. You'll find product reviews on
everything from food items to cleaning products
and clothing. Readers enjoy regular columns such
as "New Uses for Old Things", "Real Simple to Go",
as well as inspirational stories and advice on
personal finance. Order your copy today.

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Magazine : Real Life + 4 Cd (2007)

Magazine : Real Life + 4 Cd (2007)

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