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You're Hired! Diamond review

AdvantagesRewarding, stimulating, mentally challenging, and well paid.

DisadvantagesDemoralising and tough industry, requires high amount of sales activities.

"...of the role of a Recruitment Consultant from a man that has been doing this role for years. In virtually all towns in the UK, you will find a recruitment agency. The most common are Reed, Adecco, Manpower, Brook Street and, the one I work for, Randstad. These agencies are populated by Consultants sat behind desks, who are specialists in their marketplace and job groupings. This review will primarily concentrate on how a Recruitment Consultant ..." Read review

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Recruitment Consultancies - Devils or Darlings?

AdvantagesGood money to be made

DisadvantagesYou must have a very thick skin to take the constant rejections from potential clients

"...I've had various dealings with recruitment consultancies/agencies over the years in varying capacities; as a young woman unsure of what career path to take deciding that temping would help make a decision and then several years later actually working as a recruitment consultant. '''IN THE LATE 90s''' My role was made redundant and I registered with several high street agencies including a local agency. They found me some really good temp jobs including ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSee Text

DisadvantagesSee Text

"Recruitment consultancy's more commonly recognised as agencies come in all shapes and guises, big, small, local, national and multi-national. WHAT CAN A RECRUITMENT AGENCY DO FOR YOU? They deal in temporary and permanent vacancies and make their money from the charges they impose on the customer, aka the employer, NOT the employee. PERMANENT Often, within an area, a number of local agencies will advertise the same vacancy, and seek CV's ..." Read review

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These Vultures Make Hannibal Look Vegetarian

AdvantagesSee text of opinion

DisadvantagesSee text of opinion

"...day I wandered into this recruitment agency in Edinburgh called Reed Employment. I had just lost yet another sales job, which wasn’t uncommon in those days as I had a drinking problem the size of the Empire State Building. After fabricating my career details on their application form, I had a sit down with a consultant, and told him I was looking for any well paying job in sales. After a short interval, up he gets, excuses himself, and says ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Packet of three

AdvantagesSometimes they work

DisadvantagesToo many empty promises

"...total law unto themselves, the recruitment consultants... The thing all these three types have got very much in common is their forced, and very feigned, deep sincerity and wish to make life better for you - Oh yeah? Well, I don't buy it, I've been stung too many times. Now, don't get me wrong, recruitment consultants ain't all like that, there are some good ones about here and there, but they are very much the exceptions that prove the rule. Recruitment ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bigkenny


Souless bloodsuckers

Advantagesgood money if you can hack it.

Disadvantagesread the opinion

"...me). I worked as a recruitment consultant. I apologise now and I know that I will need to do a lot of good stuff to stop me from going to hell now. You see the problem with recruitment consultants is as soon as they are given the job they have to legally hand in their soul. Recruitment agencies are not a bad thing. In many ways they do a very good job and they do help people get work. This is why I wanted the job. I had hit a dead end in my ..." Read review

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