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Seeing Red

AdvantagesThe graphics are decent, multiple ending, multiplayer?

DisadvantagesLinearity, lack of interactivity, poor characters, retreat and recover antics, limited GM

"...single-player experience of the FPS, Red Faction II.* The nanotechnology created by Capek on Mars had been brought to Earth where it would again be stolen. And then stolen again and again. But Alias would take the technology for the Republic of the Commonwealth. With the nanotechnology Chancellor Sopot transformed Alias, as well as an army of soldiers, into super-soldiers whom were superior in all aspects. Sopot feared these fighters and so ordered ..." Read review

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BOOM BOOM Try And Shake This Room

AdvantagesStylish Graphics, Lots of Weapons that do Damage

DisadvantagesToo Fast, Enimies Appear Next to you, Hud Looks Cheap

"The original Red Faction was amazingly graphicly, had great playability and at the time was the best first person shooter i had ever played. So there was a lot to live up to and a lot of people to please even more with this second offering however in my opinion it failed rather dramatically. There are only two real modes of play, the story mode where you battle your way through the game doing chapters and subchapters every now and then and the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4smooth_cri...


Red faction 2

AdvantagesImmersive and fast paced gameplay

DisadvantagesFar too short

"Red faction 2, was it what we wanted? Well it certainly wasn’t what we expected. We were all looking forward to another groundbreaking plot from volition. That, however, is not what we got. Instead, we got a poorly put together and very predictable storyline. The gameplay is top notch and the graphics are pristine but I was personally looking forward to a fantastic conspiracy, similar to the first game. Red Faction 2 is set on Earth instead ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jebus


Great all round game

AdvantagesMore weps

DisadvantagesLess "Blow up" walls

"...off i have the 1st red faction and thought it was a great buy, so when i saw red faction 2 out in the shops i had to go and buy it. The red faction games have it better then other "shoot em ups" due to the Geo mod technology used. This is where the game is made so most any enviroment can be "blown up." You can blow full hole in any walls for cover or just to make a short cut. Me and a friend of mine decided to see how far we could push the games.... Bridges ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ShadowCrea...


Lame, stupid, and hardly fun.

AdvantagesBot match

DisadvantagesEverything else

"...is quite a terrible game. Red faction 1 was actually fun, and captured the futuristic war feel pretty damn well. This game, however, fails in every one of those areas, and more. Let me explain. First, let's take the gameplay. I rate this a 4/10 because with better weapons the shooting can be quite fun, especially in bot match. However, in game, it's usually quite lame, especially with the lower level weapons. The pistols are fine, but the assault ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wrighty


Short but sweet

AdvantagesNew bigger guns, exceptional multiplayer.

DisadvantagesMore levels please!!

"I think that this was a wasted opportunity. RF1 was certainly one of the best 1st person shoot-em-ups around at the time, and I had high expectations for RF2. The trouble is that with lots of other strong contenders in the genre like 007 Nightfire and Quake, I think that the manufacturers were banking on the success of RF1 to bring in the customers. The story is not particularly original, putting you in the role of a genetically modified super-soldier ..." Read review

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Community Level 4superfrenc...


Red Faction 2, bigger and better!

Advantagesgreat destructible scenery, and good range of weapons

Disadvantagescontrols take a while to get used to

"This is a good first person shooter. There are three difficulty levels, three possible endings, a huge range of weapons, and lots of unlockables. The best part of the game has to be the destructible scenery. neraly all the levels can be destroyed using all manner of grenades and explosives. You play the part of six elite supersoldiers, who have been outlawed, and are now being hunted by everyone. The story is told to you in a series of atmospheric ..." Read review

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Community Level 3f18nfz


Send the red faction back to the pc

Advantagescamera angle, its red faction!

Disadvantagesbelongs to the pc annoying to control with ps2 joypad

"...game FOR PC. i have red faction 2 on ps2 and i can tell you its not amazing. you want to play a good shooting game like red faction then get it on pc, the aiming with the mouse is ideal to try and aim with the ps2 joysticks is rediculous the game seems alright as you start, a bit like quake and probably takes a bit of patience but i dont have any and didnt like the game at all. The graphics and gameplay camera angle is good but thats about it. i ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hazbar



Advantagesgood graphics

Disadvantageslow price

"...of them, even the first Red Faction, were without some fairly significant flaws. The eighteen months it's spent in the shop have been very kind to Volition's graphics engine, however, and there's been time to improve the level design and multiplayer game besides. Red Faction II is a better single-player game than its predecessor, and quite respectable in its four-player mode as well -- not bad, considering the original offered almost nothing as ..." Read review

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Community Level 0greeneyed342


red faction 2

Advantagesshoot game


"This was one of the first games I got with my PS2...and I used to play it solidly. Some of the weapons are amazing, some can splatter an enemy into oblivion with one little tap on the controller. But even with a pistol you still can't stop playing...the attention to detail is excellent, for example, this is simple but affective - when you shoot, you leave a bullet hole somewhere in the wall, and it stays there. Another great feature is that you ..." Read review

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