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Community Level 2Slug


I'm singin' in the reeds rains!

AdvantagesExcellent professional service, and good sales technique

DisadvantagesNot the cheapest in the market

"...of selling my house through Reeds Rains. I've been a mystery shopper for about 15 years; giving organisations feedback on the customer experience by making appointments to discuss imaginary mortgage and loan applications, eating horrible burgers, and asking the counter staff at Sainsburys how I can cook black pudding. I used some of these mystery-shopping skills to select an estate agent as just before Christmas, we decided it was time to put ..." Read review

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Community Level 1housemove


Beware of Reeds Rains Lettings



"Reeds Rains Lettings. My wife and I have been renting a house Ferryhill now for five months and all we can say is when the 6 months contract is over we cannot wait to leave the property and we never want to hear the name Reeds Rains ever again. I have never known anything like it in my life. They have not fulfilled any of there resposabilities and as for the contract, that is a complete joke. I seems that the people renting are responsable for everything ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Carlos_SC


Probably the worst company I've ever dealt with

AdvantagesI'm no longer got any connection with them!

DisadvantagesToo many to list, mainly unhelpful and often rude staff and general uselessness.

"...detail of my experience with Reeds Rains, there are just too many faults to even remember. I used Reeds Rains to rent a property in Stone, Staffordshire and it was a shambles from the start. The main issue from the word go was that half the staff in the branch were part timers, and only the lettings person there could deal with any lettings enquiries. My application wasn't the most simple, but it dragged on and on, with me doing the chasing. I'm not ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Beware the Grim Reaper

AdvantagesGood professional outfit, with national coverage

DisadvantagesThey're estate agents, goddammit

"...of them actually any good? Well, Reeds Rains have pretty much national coverage and come across at least fairly professional. They don't get up your nose too much and are quite effective at their jobs. Having said that, you can't guarantee that you won't get someone who is having trouble finishing his homework, but make sure you stick to your guns and don't let them patronise you and RR will do you an okay job. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sqwiggs


Like many my experiance with reeds rains was less than satisfying



"...partner rented a property from reeds rains, our tenancy was for 6 months (we only did a short tenancy as we had problems with our last landlord) we thought if we go with a major letting company we wouldn't have any problems but oh were we mistaken. we got forced into signing our contract 2 weeks early, they told us they'd give the house to someone else if we didnt, they then gave us only one front door key, no garage key or window keys though they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nathanjohn...


Reeds Rain - Awful service and will NEVER use again!


DisadvantagesEvery single thing they do!

"...on making a complaint to Reeds Rain. I would rather find another property than use them again, I thought they were hard to deal with during my tenancy (Couple of issues reported and no action taken) but they are terrible when moving out - They really do just care about the landlord. You have been warned! Look elsewhere and save the headache! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BevDC



AdvantagesI cannot think of one

DisadvantagesThe list is too long

"...steer clear. I contracted Reeds Rains to undertake full management of my property. The first tenancy seemed to go quite well, I virtually did not hear from them, but had to push for an inspection. Upon leaving I finally managed to speak with my tenants (they wrote me a very polite letter telling me all of their requests had been ignored and they were extremely fed up - I didn't get to hear any of this). As a landlord I want my property to be upkept ..." Read review

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Community Level 2annhunter


doing their job

Advantageswell i eventually have a house

Disadvantagesdoes the word eventually give you an idea?

"...if you do go to Reeds Rains, who for all I know may be better than average, I would strongly advise that you ask them for a list of what happens in what order and who is responsible for each communication. Happy moving! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rich_bitch


My poor experience of this company

Advantages Nationwide

DisadvantagesPoor customer service. Useless at repairing faults

"...I have been renting from reeds rains for a year now and luckily I leave the property in a week and will be much happier paying a mortgage than relying on reeds rains. We have had various problems with the property the main one being in October the loft fell in. This was caused by the doorway to te hloft only being secured by glue not nails or pins and so the glue dried up and the loft fell in nearly killing my partner. We had no 24 hour number to ..." Read review

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Reeds Rains



"...sold 1 house using the Reeds Rains Estate Agent. I have always found them to be very helpful and always willing to spend time explaining the buying/selling procedures. They also help you to organise your mortgage, although I have found that this advise is not always the best, and you are probably better to shop around yourself for the best deal. When selling a house I found that we had to continually ring the estate agent in order to be kept upto ..." Read review

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Durham branch cost me time and money



"...original asking price. When I instructed Reeds Rains to market the property for me, I said that I wanted to sell the property quickly. The asking price they suggested was £140-£150k, and I chose £143k as the lower end of that range - expecting someone might make an offer of, say, £139k. I waited 8 months for my first offer. This was after me taking the initiative to reduce the price after 4 months, and again after another 4 months. When I visited ..." Read review

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Community Level 1liz2271


reeds rains

Advantagesgood marketing, professional national company

Disadvantagesnone i can think of

"...now bought two houses with reeds rains and sold one. I found the staff to be friendly, helpful, courteous and (remember they're estate agents) honest. The experience I had yielded plenty of viewings, good marketing and was always handled with speed and efficiency. After using less admirable estate agents (read my Your Move review) I can honestly say that reeds rains have been reliable and trustworthy withiut being totally over priced with their fees. Their ..." Read review

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Community Level 1musky555


Don't go near Reeds Rains if your a landlord! You've been warned!



"...duty after my experience with Reeds Rains to warn all landlords to keep at least one country mile away from this company! I can honestly say without fear of saying something that is wrong that this company is the most unprofessional and self righteous set I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I need to take this company to court for professional misconduct after a catalog of problems from not letting me have any input into my own business ..." Read review

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DisadvantagesToo many to list

"...charge us for. Overall, Reeds Rains are trying to take £492 from our deposit, the majority of which is for costs that our not the tenants responsibility. I have repeatedly asked for an itemised bill so that we can discuss individual costs and whether they are ours or the landlords responsibility. Our intention was to discuss the matter and find a reasonable compromise. My emails and calls are repeatedly and routinely ignored. I am now ..." Read review

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Community Level 1neilreid


Don't rent of the useless incapable morons


Disadvantageswhere do i start! no maintance of anything broken

"My parter with 2 small children rented a house of them after problems with our last land lords and all was going well a few defects needed rectifying on the house witch where outlined as she moved in and the were ment to get fixed to cut a very long story short 7 months later nothing has been done aprt from one plumber who made our leaking toilet worse not better The faults no lights in the fron't room (from day one poor wireinng) oven stopped ..." Read review

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