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Community Level 2Blackcat01


Living with a sensible car, its so boring.

AdvantagesEasy to live with, controls are light, excellent visbility, good performance when your going for it, excellent handling and road holding.

DisadvantagesFuel consumption, electrical problems with Engine Management system, short gearing.

"...ours was selling his 1998 Renault Megane 1.6 RT for a good price so that how I ended up with mine. Our car had low milage and was well maintained with full services history and all bills and receipts, etc so we brought it. First impressions were a distinct lack of power, I was used to nearly 300 ft lbs of torque where as the Renualt only has around 100 ft lbs so it did feel very slow, however, like all things you soon adapt and I quickly got used ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PKenny01


Put yourself in the driving seat

AdvantagesVery economic and more

Disadvantagescan be dear to insure for young drivers

"...about it? I have had my Renault Megane for 3 years, it's four years old. I have never had any trouble with it, it's great for my family. The car seat for my baby fits snugly in the back and my wife loves it, the reason being - my wife loves shopping, but she's the best woman I've had for shopping, she actually spent £4.80 on a whole outfit!!! But anyway the boot space is perfect for all our shopping. The petrol consumption is fantastic also - it ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MuratM


Another Renault Mystery

AdvantagesSound, sturdy, reliable, sleek looks

DisadvantagesHigh maintenance costs, consumption and depreciation

"...the famous 10 cylinder F-1 Renault engine. I suspect it might' ve been true since the performance was just below shattering. I also bought a 2 liter version to sell away soon for it provided no more performance than the 1.6liter 16V. (Same range of accessories came standard) Oil consumption is neglectable for a multi-valve engine with so much of performance. The engine is reliable. It will not let you down even under the hardest conditions. ..." Read review

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as per advert, things COULD be marvelous

AdvantagesGood Brakes, standard features

Disadvantageslazy performance, handling

"...So why on earth have Renault face lifted the Megane and not played with the suspension? The 1.6 16v Alize is a car for one job – to get you from A to B. That’s it. No mess no fuss just plain old fashioned boring transportation. The cabin has been slightly spiced up, and I do mean slightly. The Alize I have has electric front windows, air con, twin front airbags, remote control RDS radio cassette, electric tilt and slide sun roof, ABS. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Flipper01


Chosen by default

AdvantagesDoes exactly what it says on the tin

DisadvantagesNot really a looker

"...to themselves, the security concious Renault have put a 30 second timer on the immobiliser, which means that you only have 30 seconds after unlocking the car to get the engine started, otherwise you have to get the key back out of the ignition, point it at the sensor, and restart the process again. Constantly irritating and frustrating - but then I do have to say that the car was never stolen, so who knows!!!!) The inside of the car is also very ..." Read review

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Community Level 1suthertm


Not bad overall

AdvantagesGreat Cornering, High Specification, Comfortable

DisadvantagesUnreliable, Desing faults described as features

"...first delivered. I would buy another Renault if I was looking in the same price bracket but I am going to trade up next time, possibly a Volvo S40 or a BMW touring. Although I may be tempted by the Prius. The lease runsout in June 2006 so keep your eyes peeled for a review of the next motor. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2biogenetics


Best company car so far

Advantagesnice looks, extensive extras pack

Disadvantagesnew style ugly on outside, cool on inside

"My dad has had many company cars, but the Megane has to be probably the coolest yet. Its a kind of beigey/silvery pale colour, and is absolutely fully loaded for a Y plate. It has a full electric pack and sunroof, with air con, which is strange as, either a sunroof or air con are fitted, not usually both. A 6 CD changer, rear headrests, and a 1.6 16v engine which roars like a pride of lions. The seats are extremely comfortable, and the car seems ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sinclaie


Love it!

Advantagesgood value for money


"I bought this car after consistently noticing it drive past me on the road .... and then being pleasantly surprised at its very reasonable price and good safety record - it is the safest car in its class. The sport alize has a fully automated hood, compact disc player and air conditioning. It comes in a select number of colours ..... yellow for the flash and brash, and silver, black, blue etc. for the more conservative amongst us. I love driving ..." Read review

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Community Level 1triplenut3


A great car.......

AdvantagesCompact. Good Specification. Economical

DisadvantagesAesthetically poor.

"...its own good and thankfully, Renault have dropped the troublesome original system for one which operates in common with other vehicles. A straightforward "plip" key, click once to unlock and once to lock. Incidentally, the (standard) system fitted to her first Megane entirely spoilt ownership of the car and she traded it in for a later model within 12 months. You have been warned! Anyhow, we`re now on our third 1.6 RT manual Hatchback, and I can ..." Read review

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If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it!

AdvantagesGreat engine, 40+mpg

DisadvantagesAwful suspension, old man looks

"Every year for the last three years I've told everyone who will listen that I'm getting rid of my car. Every MOT I say this will be the last. And yet I still have this car. Why? The simple answer is that there's nothing wrong with it.  Nothing to justify getting a loan and upgrading. Yes it's ugly, yes it's got an image problem, but it gets me from a to b, never breaks down, and gives me an mpg of over 40 , which for an 11 year old petrol automatic ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Bonetony


Classic not quite but nearly

AdvantagesGood miles to gallon

DisadvantagesGearbox, few electrics

"I have now owned a renault megane 1.6 classic for the past 18 months it is a S reg model made in 1999. I have found the car to be so far very reliable with no real problems at all to report. The only problem with it I have noticed is a gear change problem when changeing into 2nd gear. I also have found it strange the car comes with a Electric sunroof as standard but does not come with electric windows or central locking. The car performs very well ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mikie


Renault Megane 1.6

AdvantagesGreat engine, Nice drive, great electrics pack (on mine)

DisadvantagesInfra red remote (not ultra sonic), over protective immobiliser.

"I've had my Megaine for 3 months now and I've nothing but praise for it. It's 2 years old and had 32,000 miles on the clock, now it's got 38,000 and it's been extremely reliable, always starts first time with a reassuring growl that tells you it will always start first time, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure if all the equipment that came with mine is standard but if it isn't pay the extra to get them; Electric windows, mirrors and sunroof are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Argibbo


Renault Megane 1.6 RT Sport, Garlic on the go

AdvantagesComfort, Economy, Brakes

DisadvantagesGearbox, A few minor niggles, Gearbox

"As a part time (employed) motor mechanic I would never have bought a French car but this Megane 1.6RT Sport came up very cheap on 86000 miles with the clutch shot to bits. (NOT a joy to replace) The car was a genuine one owner with a full service history, from the original main dealer. Overall it has given 14 months (10000 miles) of reliable if uninspiring motoring) ===What's good about the Megane=== Fuel consumption, it seems to go forever on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mrmessy2


Megane SpoRTy Alternative - Road Tiger

AdvantagesSmart, Low Insurance for sports car, steering, brakes

DisadvantagesReliability, suspension

"My girlfriend bought her Renault Megane 1.6 RT (1997 'R' reg) sport 2 years ago, being the most attractive out of the three different vehicles I had recommended in the forecourt. The first thing you notice about the Megane is the sleek curves and sporty look, supplied by the spoiler, alloy wheels, fog lamps and body coloured and attractively moulded bumpers. Inside you'll find that the seats are not covered in crazy coloured stripes or dots, instead ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bensquire


Give it a realiable engine, and its a cracking car

AdvantagesGood for long journeys, looks good, reasonable insurance


"This was my first car, and I was left wishing I had bought something else. On the second day I had it, it ended up at the garage as it repeatedly cut out. It took nearly a year to get this problem sorted out, but thankfully the problem hasn't returned since. Apart from this, the car provides a comfortable drive, (I regularly drive from Sussex to Manchester with no problems) and averages about 42 MPG if driven sensibly. The drivers' seat is a good ..." Read review

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