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Resident Evil is reborn, smarter, sexier, and scarier than ever!

AdvantagesTotal re-imagination of the Resident Evil franchise, Genuinely tense and scary, Awesome combat

DisadvantagesNo Wii-specific content, No multi-player component (a co-operative mode would've been sublime)

"...has already been said about Resident Evil 4, so I’ll cut to the chase. This is not a revolution in gaming. What it is, is a revolution for the Resident Evil series, and as such, a revolution in the survival horror genre. So what has changed? Well, this is Resident Evil for a new generation. It is slick, fast-paced, addictive and less restrictive. You still follow a set path, but progression feels less forced and convoluted. There’s very little backtracking ..." Read review

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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (wii) Sealed Pal

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (wii) Sealed Pal

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Resident Evil 4: Limited Edition (PS2) - PlayStation2

Resident Evil 4: Limited Edition (PS2) - PlayStation2

In a nutshell: Welcome back to the world of survival horror as youve never seen it before. ... more

Probably the most ambitious revamp of a series
ever seen this neither looks nor plays like any
Resident Evil game before it. Gone are in dodgy
camera angles of yore and in comes all action
third person adventure action with stunning
graphics and set pieces. The lowdown: Charged with
rescuing the presidents daughter from a mysterious
Spanish cult, you control Leon S. Kennedy from
Resident Evil 2. Although series regulars like the
green health herbs and rubbish dialogue are
present almost everything else has changed:
there's a completely new 3D environment, few
puzzles, no magic chests and not a single repeated
monster from the old games. Instead you face a
series of supremely cinematic set pieces and boss
battles, including an escape from a village filled
with Texas Chainsaw Massacre extras. As the Black
Eyed Peas once remarked, "pick up your range of
deeply unpleasant biological weapons and let's get
retarded." Most exciting moment: The frantic siege
from the villagers in the abandoned cottage has
got Evil Dead beat easy. Since you ask: Resident
Evil 4 won four awards at this years Golden
Joysticks event, including Editors Game of the
Year. The bottom line: The best game of the year
and one of the best action games of all time.
Harrison Dent Leon's girlfriend was not impressed
with her Christmas bondage gear Is it just us, or
is there the face of an old man (God?!) hidden in
the rocks? Survival horror faux pas no.256:
wearing leather in a hardcore vegan community.
Would look cooler if he held the gun at a 90
degree angle, like Ice Cube in Friday

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Limited Edition Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller & Re4 Gamemint/unused- Ps2

Limited Edition Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller & Re4 Gamemint/unused- Ps2

capcom limited edition chainsaw controller in mint unused condition never been out of the ... more

box also included is the resident evil 4 game
limited edition tin

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