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AdvantagesIt certainly dished up some surprises! Enjoyable travels.

DisadvantagesAn extremely stressful roller-coaster year professionally.

"...Valentine’s Day, I published my review of 2009, in many ways not the most upbeat of my writings here, although 2009 on closer examination had turned out to have at least a few highlights. Maybe it is because I am not the most optimistic of individuals generally, but my overall perception of any bad year – 2009 or, as it was to turn out 2010, can be lightened by closer examination, these annual reviews helping me indeed to do just that…… 2010 actually ..." Read review

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A Year of Transition

AdvantagesThe changes I have craved have come to fruition

DisadvantagesI will miss those fireworks on Edinburgh Castle as the bells ring!

"...and hard about writing my review of 2010. This year has been one of change for me and my daughter, and that is something I have been yearning for over the past couple of years since my husband died in March 2008. Last year came to an end with probate finally being granted on my husband’s estate. Due to bad legal advice (or should that be non-existent legal advice) we received when we purchased our last home in 2006, I wasn’t able to sell the house ..." Read review

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30 Days In Spring



"I once wrote that some years are defined by a colour. I remember a yellow year: a year of a profusion of sunlight and buttercups, of ripe wheat and golden candles. I remember a deep purple year of depression and window-seat nights and teenage angst, clad in dark velvet and red wine. Some years are defined by other things. A moment, an event, a single afternoon that lives on. Once upon a time my mother told me fairy tales. Then I grew up, and ..." Read review

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Reflecting on 2010: Visiting a Past & Creating a Future

AdvantagesReturning to Russia & Armenia. New job. New friends. Lots to celebrate.

DisadvantagesLosing an old friend.

"...can’t let a year in review go by without mentioning that I turned forty this year – its meant to be a big milestone – the halfway point in your life, but for some reason, it passed my by a little bit. Maybe its because its not the numbers that define who you are, but how old you feel in your heart. I am incredibly blessed to have two (soon to be three) lovely children and a patient, understanding and beautiful wife who puts up with me and keeps me ..." Read review

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I've got a feeling I've been here before . . . Review with images

Advantagesit never hurts to look back, I did new things and met new relations

Disadvantagesvarious ones, including losing two pets

"...happened to see my first review of 2010) on the worst possible note when we had our thirteen year old cat Blue put to sleep on 2nd January. I actually collected her ashes because my parents spent almost all of the first five weeks of the year in Spain and when the vet phoned to say they were ready and - as stupid as it might sound - I didn’t like to leave her waiting in the vet’s until Mum and Dad came home. When our last cat Honey died in the late ..." Read review

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A monumentally bad year with some comic moments! Review with images

AdvantagesMy friends have got me through it.

DisadvantagesMy life being turned upside down in so many ways.

"...the year. I could continue this review and talk through every day of the year, but that would be far too long. Instead I will talk you through the main events, mainly from referring to my Outlook Calendar from work. Highlights: * Started seeing my counsellor, and as we reach the end of 2010 I feel that we’ve made a lot of progress. * A colleague bought me some beautiful yellow roses to cheer me up. * A weekend with a friend near Liverpool ..." Read review

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Pretty Good Except For The End Review with images

AdvantagesLots of travel with my family.

DisadvantagesDad being ill.

"The end of 2009 bought the burial of a friend of mine, she was a wonderful lady who had battled MS for years without complaint but who was then viciously struck down by an incurable cancer and she died leaving two young sons. My husband and I have lost several friends over the years to illness and I think it has changed our attitude to how we now live our lives. We have to accept that none of us know what is around the corner and although we plan ..." Read review

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2010 - Another Case of Itchy Feet for Fizzytom Review with images

AdvantagesSeeing new places, living in Slovenia, meeting new people

DisadvantagesHaving to come back to Newcastle

"Sorry you can't see the pics - hopefully Ciao will resolve this soon. Early on in 2010 I was checking some dates in the diary that sits on the corner of the computer desk in our spare room, which, until the recent purchase of a lovely netbook, was the nerve centre of the fizzytom travel agency. “Did you realise” I asked Himself who was carefully inserting precious business cards from Indian restaurants into the special business card holder I artistically ..." Read review

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All we need is......Lady Gaga....Lady Gaga! Review with images

AdvantagesIts over

DisadvantagesThe World Cup

"... I tried to write a review on Wikkileaks on dooyoo but the text editor wouldn't let me, a failsafe to keep the hackers away from here I presume. His website has caused chaos around the world's commercial server traffic as the CIA tried to jam it and the revelations clearly exposed the Americans as the duplicitous sods we always knew they were but fun all the same. Interesting the information dried up once Assange was bailed from prison. He is not the ..." Read review

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A year in view

AdvantagesA child was born

DisadvantagesCar accident

"This time last year was fairly bleak. I had managed to get very overworked, then in the last few months of 2009 my partner (more baggage than Heathrow) decided to have massive fallings out with all of his family, and dragged me into it, culminating in his moving out and spending his Christmas alone in a seedy bedsit as he needed to hide away from the world. Not a season to be jolly in the slightest. So my new year of 2010 started as a mournfull ..." Read review

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I'd laugh if I wasn't crying so much! Review with images



"2010 was a very dramatic year for me and my family and looking back over the year it is hard to believe that certain things happened to us as a lot of the year was spent somewhat detached from reality in my opinion, we seemed to leap from one dramatic or life changing event to the other, so mostly I am glad to see that back of 2010 and hope for a really quiet and relaxing year in 2011. ==My Year== ===School days=== On the 2nd January ..." Read review

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The Zen of 2010 Review with images

AdvantagesM, some lovely memories

Disadvantageslosing my nana

" ''' “It was the best of time, it was the worst of times” '''. Like most years 2010 was a mixed bag for me. I have some precious memories of 2010 with lots of gigs, weekends away and celebrations but on the other hand there have been sad and bad times too. ===JANUARY “A Winter's Wedding=== January started off uneventfully with me working New Year's Day. I had spent that New Year's Eve at a friend's house eating pizza and chocolate fondue with good ..." Read review

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'Let's use this dynamite, we're only making noises' Review with images

AdvantagesGraduated from university, great UK mini breaks with friends, great boyfriend, Xmas and Music!

DisadvantagesLosing my gran, government cuts, still working at Tesco.

"...only drive down consumer spending. My review on the whole must have come across as very serious, lacking in lightheardness. Well, I assure you, my humour hasn't gone and I haven't suddenly gone all serious on you know. For a start, I would like to voice my criticisms of Lady Gaga. What was with that meat dress?! Throw her to the lions at London Zoo already. ===Here's to a fantastic 2011, one where we are ready for the challenges ahead and one that ..." Read review

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Review of the year

Advantagesnot many

Disadvantagesmost of the year

"...the time I write a review of 2011 it will be a lot happier! January~ After a quiet and quite sad Christmas (the first one without my Gran), January kicked off with the invasion of the snow. School was constantly shut and the weather played havoc with day to day routines and the most worrying of all was my dad's 6 month cancer check up had to be postponed until early February.. February~ The snow was still lingering and quite frankly was becoming ..." Read review

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Community Level 5shoppingpe...


Finding the silver linings Review with images

AdvantagesMy year was overall pretty good

Disadvantagesone minor mishap

"...matters. It is, just a review site after all. I guess I’d like to close this, perhaps appropriately, with Christmas. For the first time in ages, we didn’t have our Christmas dinner at our restaurant (where we can cook seafood and large roasts easily). Instead, we opted to do it at home... 28 people at home is quite a tight fit. We had roast beef, lamb, chicken casserole, meatballs (oddly), and my gammon and coke. It was just like our typical Sunday ..." Read review

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