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Ever Watched Paint Dry?

AdvantagesI got mine free

DisadvantagesVile colour, sticky, doesn't come off when you need it to.

"Rimmel Infinite Colour Crystals 10 hour lip colour and gloss I donít know why I have got this. Well, actually, I do: I had bought some bits and pieces of makeup in Boots and lady at the checkout cheerfully pointed out I was entitled to a free Rimmel lip colour. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I grabbed one, mainly because it was glittery and I canít resist glittery. I had thought the colour would be okay for me, out of the colours in the ..." Read review

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Infinite lip colour by Rimmel

Advantagesmakes lips shiny, can be bought cheaply online

Disadvantagesdoesn't last 10 hours as claimed

"...and this is where the Rimmel infinite colour comes in. The product was actually bought for me by a friend for my birthday along with a few other items of make up but for he purpose of this review I looked online and can advise you that the lip colour and gloss can be bought for just a couple of pounds on amazon which I think is a real bargain to be honest. The Rimmel infinite colour lip colour and gloss is different than any other lip product ..." Read review

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Community Level 2twinklestar1


Colour that lasts and lasts and so on!

AdvantagesDoes not budge! Rimmel instore promotions

DisadvantagesDoesn't want to come off at all! A bit pricey . Garish colours

"...I decided to buy a Rimmel eyeliner because I liked a mascara I got from their range. When I purchased the eyeliner there was a promotion on and I got a free Infinite Colour lipgloss with any Rimmel purchase. Bonus, I thought, as I probably would never have purchased the gloss solo at the price of £6 something- available cheaper if you shop around online. I looked at the colours to try and make a choice, ten minutes later I was still looking. They ..." Read review

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Community Level 2alonsofan


Infinite colour...but not everywhere...

AdvantagesKiss-proof, colour stays on

DisadvantagesMisleading colours

"...what drew me to the Rimmel product, but I ended up buying it in 'Fixated', what appears to be a dark, pinkish red colour. - The Packaging - The gloss comes in a slim double-ended tube about 5 inches long. It has the colour at one end, the gloss at the other and the spongey applicators in the middle (which is silver). It is quite attractively packaged and slim enough to shove in a 'going out' handbag (all us ladies know that these are not fit to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2littlebobo


Nice Gloss shame about the colour

AdvantagesStays Put once it has dried

DisadvantagesColour is vile

"...about that new lip-gloss by Rimmel to my other half he lovingly found it upon himself to purchase me some! Obviously I was over the moon as I had thought that this stuff was going to be amazing... Colours avaliable are .. 150 FIXATED 130 DRESSED TO KILL 090 HOLD ON 080 ETERNITY 050 ENDURANCE 100 STAYING POWER 060 KISS N' TELL 030 HERE TO STAY I can not really descibe what colours these are as i had both Kiss and Tell, ..." Read review

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