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Community Level 5gabrielang...


Ageless Empires Part V, This Time We Get Nukes !!

AdvantagesMassive Playability, Low PC Specs

DisadvantagesI had to edit out a third of this op as Ciao! did not allow for the space I required !!

"...the beginning of this op Rise of Nations is from Microsoft Game Studios and Big Huge Games but the important part here is the Microsoft Game Studios part. It’s been quite a while since I last looked at Age of Empires I and II or Age of Mythology so I am unsure about Big Huge Games but Microsoft Game Studios certainly had a hand in these other 3 I have just mentioned. So why am I telling you this ?? Well, quite simply anyone with eyes will immediately ..." Read review

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We are at War

Advantagesgameplay, playability

Disadvantagesvery simple

"Rise of nations is the kind of classic rts game which is very simple to play yet you somehow never tire of playing the enthralling game. Whether it be for its rather good graphics or it's great style of brutality crushing the enemy nation you are at war with, this game is one of my favourites. You at war! the world is your enemy and you are there to crush each opposing nation and conform it into your empire. The Game - When playing the game for ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Karnage


From Cavemen to Cruise Missiles in 8 Easy Steps

AdvantagesCompelling gameplay, excellent visual and sound effects

DisadvantagesMay not be for everyone

"...stumbled across a copy of Rise of Nations in GAME. Being a fan of both the Age of Empires and Civilization series of games, and not having played a decent real time strategy game in some time, I decided to pick it up. =GAME REQUIREMENTS= 500Mhz processor or higher 128MB RAM or higher 16MB Video card with 3D acceleration (complete list of compatible cards at www.riseofnations.com) 800MB Hard Disk space Windows 98/ME/2000/XP 56k modem or ..." Read review

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Community Level 2oasiskp


most addictive RTS of all time

Advantagesgreat combat / logistics, 18 very different nations and an infinite number of strategies

Disadvantagesmisses option to build defensive walls and transport systems

"...can remember. The beauty of Rise of Nations is that it perfectly balances the role between the logistics of building cities and the combat aspect. Nations Players can start the game as one of 18 nations, including the British, French, German, Roman, Mayan, Greek, egyptian and Japanese - and must guide them through the ages. Each nation has various unique units and a special nation power, which can range from the Egyptians having the option to ..." Read review

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Rise of Nations: Real-Time Strategy at Its Very Best

Advantagesgame modes, different empires/eras, player's own decisions count


"...old, I still enjoy playing Rise of Nations (from here onwards ‘RoN’) from time to time. That’s because it’s challenging yet fun, where victory can only be achieved with tactics and foresight. RoN is one of many strategy games available – it is in the same high tier as Civilization and Age of Empires. If you asked me to compare them, then I’d say that RoN is very similar – certainly visually – to Age of Empires. However, the options you have available ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ecolier


Rise of Nations

AdvantagesNation boundaries, All ages from prehistoric to modern


"Rise of Nations is a real time strategy combined with a turn based tactical game. It was released in May 2003. --- the BASICS --- In RoN, the player is challenged to take over the world following individual battles. In addition to the campaign, gamers can also choose to play maps against AI or online opponents. In this game, the player have to gather resources (food, wood, coin and metal; oil later in the game) and amass knowledge in order to build ..." Read review

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Community Level 5DavidJWest


They do RON, RON, RON

AdvantagesPlenty of scope

DisadvantagesA few minor niggles

"Rise of Nations (or RON as it shall from hereon in be known as) is a Real Time Strategy game, written by Big Huge Games with support from Microsoft. This explains the idea for the rather obscure title for this review. As you probably expect from this type of game, the aim is world domination, with the full scale conquest game starting in the year 4000BC and progressing to modern times with the advance of technologies which that encompasses. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sharpe106


Rise of Nations

AdvantagesPlenty of game play and options

DisadvantagesMultiplayer a bit slow

"Rise of Nations is a strategy game similar to the Age of Empire and Civilisation games. Game play As in similar games you have to take command of a nation, you get a choice of 18 each one having special units and bonus to help you along. You have to start of by exploring the world and building your cities in your territory, and invent new technology, build armies to help conquer and protect your lands, you can only build a limited amount ..." Read review

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Community Level 3mr.stubbs


Bored already, Bored already, ooo this ones good Review with images

Advantagesvery long shelf life

Disadvantagestakes a while to get used to

"...it to me... this is Rise of Nations. ·General information I really enjoyed this game all the diffrent weapons, buildings and stuff make it feel so real and it's almost like a mini world. Well let’s get down to the crux of the matter, because that's what you're here for. Rise of Nations exceeds any expectations that you would usually bring to a strategy game. It is a benchmark in strategy creation, truly wonderful, and if it were a mess-creating ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wearingpants


I am the king of Korea!

AdvantagesTake over the world ! Bawhahah!

DisadvantagesCant take over the whole universe :(

"...as a commander. This is Rise of Nations, a truly superb piece of work from Microsoft. It has all the usual spit and polish that we have come to expect from a Microsoft game, all the tweaks and all the accuracy. It supports multiplayer and solo play, in the solo play its a "Take over the world" campaign but theres no real plot. The game begins at a world map with your nation in their starting country (the koreans start in korea, the english start in ..." Read review

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One of the best RTS games ever made

Advantagesgreat visuals, highly polished, superb highly varied gameplay, loads of units and civilisations


"Released in 2003, Rise of Nations is a real-time-strategy game that takes its cue from the likes of Age of Empires and Civilisation. As in Age of Empires, you must pick a civilisation to play as, with different civilisations having their own unique architecture, special units, strengths and weaknesses, advancing up through the ages from classical times to dark age and medieval times up through the napoleonic era to the World War 2 epoch and finally ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xbeanx3000


Rise of Civilizations

AdvantagesDepth. Tons of depth...

DisadvantagesMay be too advanced for some.

"Slight Overview: Now this is a real strategy game. What we have here is 'Civilization' that drops turn-based combat in place of real-time, and gets rid of the floor tiles. Everything has so been taken out of the old Sid Meier's classic that I'm surprised the developers haven't been sued! There're Wonders to build, Ages to progress through and many things to research using your library, The library is actually the most important building in the game ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jahanzeb


Rise Of Nations - Good Game

AdvantagesGraphics , Strategic ,Enjoyable

DisadvantagesOnly works On New PCs's

"where i Buy It: I love to play strategic games.Thats why i buy this too from me local shop for only 15 pounds. Installation: I have two pcs on is pentium three and other one is four.when i install in on pentuim three it doesnet work and generates error""getting exceptional Data"" i try to remove it by installing patches from its site but it didnt work then i try to install it on pentium 4 and it installs easliy and also run withou any error. Graphics: The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Cobes


How to loose 2 weeks of your Life.

AdvantagesAbsorbing and hugely addictive game, good graphics and user friendly interface

DisadvantagesTpp easy once you reach a certain level

"In a very strong and rapidly expanding genre this game holds its own very well. The main reason for this being is that it does the basics very well. Solid graphics, good animation quick and easy to use interface and a range of options to take and choices to make. In this game you will take a young nation and attempt to build and conquer your way to becoming one of the great civilizations on the globe. To do this you will have to harvest natural resources, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ian_alexan...


problems with rise of nations

Advantagesinteresting units, good graphics

Disadvantageslimited turns on campaigns, most missions the same

"Rise of nations has been deemed a great game and won many awards, but personally i dont feel it deserves them. The campaigns limit turns so where as you may have 30 coutnries to take over with 1 atatck a turn and 12 turn camapigns you have to limit you movement and this can make the game seem boring and pointless. the other problem is apart from a few individual scenerios most missions are take the enemy capital in 90 minutes which can be very boring. ..." Read review

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