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Community Level 3Bevdav


The ice has not melted on my mortgage application

AdvantagesStill one of the few banks that have local branches. Also long established staff. Good choice of mortages etc.


"...are currently re-mortgaging with the Royal Bank of Scotland. This situation arose because of the lack of customer management at the Halifax. To cut a long story short, we were with the Halifax, and thanks to their mortgage review, they have just lost our business, because they couldn’t explain why with their lower interest rates, we would be paying £15 a month more than we do now. I didn’t understand it either. We knew something ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nikmacve


Re-mortgaging with the Royal Bank of Scotland

AdvantagesFriendly personal service.

DisadvantagesNone that I know of!

"...to do. I have banked with Royal Bank of Scotland ever since they took over Williams & Glynn's Bank nearly 20 years ago and while I've had other bank accounts as well, both personal and treasurers' accounts for some clubs I've been involved in, as well as building society accounts, RBS have always won hands down when it comes to customer service and helpfulness. Also, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, you can phone your branch up and speak to a real person ..." Read review

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Community Level 4kano


100 percent morgages can be had

Advantages100%, reasonable rates, MIG(MAP) can be added to loan

Disadvantagesfees, long time to do valuation

"...legal and other fees. This is Royal Bank of Scotland WAS helpful. They offer 100% fixed rate or discounted rate mortgages, and consider quite adverse circumstances (higher multiples and slight adverse credit history). We ended up going for a 3-year fixed at 6.45, so that we can get a better rate at the end, and also we expect to move in say 5 years. There are no overhanging redemption charges, so you can settle or change mortgages any time after ..." Read review

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Community Level 2caileag


My Flexible Friend

AdvantagesFriendly, accomodating, flexible

DisadvantagesNot necessarily the best rates

"My circumstances were not quite average, so I found that my best option for a mortgage was Bank of Scotland. I wanted to borrow a highish income multiple but, given that I had a good deposit, they were able accept my application. The mortgage I chose (Personal Choice) is flexible, though not nearly as versatile as the newer current account mortgages. Still, I can over or underpay, make partial repayments or write cheques to borrow more money. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Elnoj


Re-mortgage a breeze-ish

AdvantagesFast, effective and friendly service - mostly

DisadvantagesNone detected

"Frankly I wasn't too pleased with the fact that my former employer dumped us out of the existing company mortgage scheme into the Skipton (who?) BS when we were outsourced to a large service company. It had been at he back of my mind for some time just to switch to a mortgage provider of my choice as opposed to theirs, who had a Scottish presence and who were competitive as regards rates and type of service. We decided to switch to the RBoS flexible ..." Read review

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Community Level 1OhBrother


Unadvertised Products - Special rate

AdvantagesBetter deals available

DisadvantagesNone, I really like it!

"...mortgage has been with the Royal Bank of Scotland since we bought the house, about 4 years ago. It occurred to me, after watching Working Lunch (BBC2) to check that the rates available were the best I could get. (Our situation is fortunate in that we have a small mortgage in relation to the value of the property). I wasn’t really interested in the paperwork to completely re-mortgage either. After a couple of pleasant conversations with the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4HellyBelly


Really friendly helpful staff

AdvantagesTakes the strain out of getting a Mortgage

DisadvantagesIntrest rates but all banks have them

"...your life and at the Royal Bank of Scotland they were brilliant. The customer adviser that we saw told us that he got paid to sort out our finances so there was no point in me worrying about it, he really put me at ease and things went really smoothly from there on in. Make an appointment with the mortgage adviser and he/she will tell you everything that you need to know, things from which solicitor is recommended, to how much money you can get, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1aidan1



Advantagesuncomplicated ,very informative with every step of the way with my mortage

Disadvantagesnone so far

"I live in a rented 3 bedroomed semi- detatched from the council , I work 18 hours a week and wanted to purchase my house the Bank Of Scotland had no problem as long as I could prove I could afford the mortage most other leanders wouldnt touch me not even my own bank ,so if it wasnt for The Bank Of Scotland I wouldnt be buying my house and joing the house ladder. As with most people I dont know much about mortages but with this bank they were patient ..." Read review

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