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Community Level 2mazhariqbal



AdvantagesAble to offer cheap quotes

DisadvantagesSee op

"...are all paid commission by Royal & Sun alliance. (they have also recently launched there new service known as More than offering slightly cheaper quotes.) My Experience. -------------- I took out an insurance policy with them through AA & Swinton not knowing that my house was insured by Royal & Sunalliance for both contents & buildings rather than AA or Swinton. Which realised when I made a claim later that year. When my household insurance ..." Read review

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Community Level 4gollygumdr...


When you need to claim . . .

AdvantagesEasy, fuss free claims

DisadvantagesNeed to use their recommended suppliers to get the best deals

"...months, I'm glad 'm with Royal & SunAlliance (RSA). I didn't select them myself, I'd gone through brokers chasing the best deal. Cheap doesn't always equal good, but RSA were very competitive for the cover I wanted. Back in the spring my garage was broken into and my bikes stolen. One phone call to RSA to register the claim and one to the police to register the theft. Within 24 hours RSA had arranged for Halfords to call me to value my bikes. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CeramicsQu...


Royal Sun Alliance really earned their premium

AdvantagesVery friendly and organised claims advisor

DisadvantagesToo many menu options when phoning the claims centre

"Call me lucky or jammy or whatever, but before last year I had never made a claim on any type of insurance. Unfortunately, we had a MAJOR flood in our house last year when the mains feed into our header tank suddenly burst without warning. My husband and I were both out of work at the time and I was the first one home...... It was like a scene out of some nightmare film! There was water coming out of the windows, the front door, back door.....I ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Vicky28Ver...


HSBC insurance provided by Royal & Sun Alliance

AdvantagesReasonably priced premiums

DisadvantagesLong time to settle claim

"...several. We were told that Royal & Sun Alliance were the providers and the premium was £28 pcm, having recently shopped around for quotes we knew that this was a competitive quote and our bank set everything up for us. In October 2002 I went on a trip to Belgium with my family. I returned home five days later and went out for the day with a friend. When I returned to the house later that night the house was full of steam and the temperature was ..." Read review

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Community Level 5daseaford


Pain to pay in 6 days.

AdvantagesVery quick service.


"...House and Contents insurance with Royal and Sun Alliance for some years now (originally with The Insurance Service). During this time all the paperwork has always been correct and arrived on time and the staff have always been very polite and helpful when we have spoke to any of them on the telephone. The real test for any insurance company is when a claim is made. We were recently unfortunate enough to have our youngest son’s BMX bike stolen ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Angelclo


Insurance rip-off

AdvantagesPlenty as long as you don't actually want to claim

DisadvantagesVery difficult to actually get what you need if you need it

"I took out my buildings insurance with my mortgage some 10 years ago, kept up regular payments and didn't really give it a second thought as I was happy we were insured should we ever need it. Then two years ago we had some storm damage to the roof which caused flooding into the house, pulling down the ceilings in my sons bedroom and the living room directly beneath it. I called the insurers who told us to get a quote for the damage. When I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Fad0917


Royal and sun Alliance-Iogue insurers



"I have recently had a misfortune when part of my kitchen floor collapsed. This was due to a leak in the washing machine waste pipe. I called the insurance company RSA and was told to get a builder out for a quote and call them back. When i did call back they informed me that an assessor has to come out before going ahead with the claim. I have never claimed before so i was under the impression that this was a basic procedure. When the assessor came ..." Read review

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Community Level 1seanp


Royal Sun Alliance are probably the worst

AdvantagesEasy to buy. Well distributed.


"...the property to be uninhabitable. Royal Sun Alliance accepted that the claim was covered by our policy, and we started repairs. From the commencement of repairs they denied liability for our alternative accommodation costs. We protested that we were covered for this, but they steadfastly denied this. Furthermore the repairs that they eventualy sanctioned, necessitated that the property was vacated. An alternative solution could possibly have been ..." Read review

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Leisuredays - Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance plc broker

AdvantagesVery easy to apply, friendly and efficient staff

DisadvantagesNone so far

"...caravan holiday insurance cover from Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance plc. The company provides extensive cover for all sorts of holiday homes and personal needs. I first heard of this company when the insurance on my caravan was due for renewal. When I first purchased my caravan, the site owners had recommended a company and we had taken out insurance with them the previous year for £213.96. This company had sent us a renewal quote of £254.16. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1david-bowie


Royal and Sun Alliance no good if you claim.


DisadvantagesLots, see above

"Dear all, We changed our buildings (and contents) insurance to these 2 years ago via AA Insurance. Soon after, we had some storm damage to the roof. R&SA invesigated, employed a contracter and repaired it. This year, the decorating repairs showed problems and similar problems were recurring with the roof. This time, they employed a loss adjuster. They wasted 5 weeks in sending our details to the wrong office - later denying any problems with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ollew


Birmingham Midshire - home insurance

AdvantagesGood sales without 'pushiness' more advice really!

DisadvantagesA deatiled application form to go through

"From experience, l rang Birmingham Midshires for a quote on our home insurance. The sales advisor was excellent. She made sure she went through every detail with me and the policy would meet our requirements. There are various discounts they offer with policy and they can tailor it towards your needs - in other words you tell them how much contents cover you require, what possessions you wish to cover outside the home. And if you have any outstanding ..." Read review

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Community Level 1slowslowslow


RSA are a pathetic excuse for an insurance company

Advantagesthey eventually did pay, even though they tried to mislead me with a lower offer

Disadvantagesthey are dead slow and stop. sometimes they might even go into reverse!

"...home insurance after a breakin. Royal Sun Alliance, who also operate under the name More Than, took 8 weeks to process my claim, coming back to me every few weeks for more information. Why did they not just get everything they needed at the start? One would have thought that mine was the first claim they ever processed! In their initial offer of settlement, they deducted 20-30% off my claim amount, saying it was for 'wear and tear' - even though my ..." Read review

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