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Bit of a SAGA . .


DisadvantagesNone found yet, watch this space.

"...a competitive price, and although Saga was not the cheapest, it seemed a lot cheaper than most. The cover was just what I wanted, so I went for it. As yet I have not had to claim so can not give feedback on the service. My policy covers social domestic & pleasure, with full no claims bonus, (protected) and legal protection. The legal protection cost an extra £20 which I thought was a little on the expensive side. New for Old??? Surely not! Oh ..." Read review

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Community Level 2adele240859


Saga the company not to go to


Disadvantagesexpensive if they will deal with you

"You have all seen the saga adverts you know the one with the older lady on holiday being driven around in a classic american car, the implication is that if you buy thier car insurance you will be able to afford a better holiday. WELL DON'T BELEIVE IT Even though I am not over 50 my husband is so when we saw this advert we thought great there is a main stream company that will insure our cars we own a 1977 Chevrolet Blazer and a 1981 Ford F250 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MeredithJa...


Saga Insurance - think twice before insuring here


DisadvantagesAwful claims experience and rubbish customer service

"...the service she received from Saga was appalling. They are making her pay her policy excess even though it wasn't her fault and are being very slow sorting things out to the point that they act like they don't care. My Mum is on a very limited income and having to pay the excess to them has caused her monetary problems and she also has no faith in Saga that they will even get her excess back for her. They are causing her endless worry at a time of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lybster

Quick review of SAGA

"I have been trying for eight months to have a simple home insurance claim settled.I have met with nothing but prevarication and incompetence and in spite of Saga Insurance admitting their poor service I have received neither the offered compensation (which is quite derisory), nor had the work done. My letters are either ignored or take weeks to be answered and all phone calls from them are sent "number withheld" I am 74 years of age, live alone on a pension and find the whole experience quite stressful.I have had to involve the Financial Ombudsman in an attempt to get things resolved, and would advise anyone to avoid SAGA Insurance.

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"...broken laptop, was informed by Saga you are not covered as portable electricals notr covered! Then in March this year lost my watch on holiday, told yet again you are not insured as only jewellery at home covered. when i took out policy i specifically referred to jewellery abroad as i travel a lot, and this was my main reason for taking out insurance cover.. They said they listened to the recording and I didnt mention this, THEY LIED! I had phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pitcorthie


Good value car insurance

AdvantagesGood value car insurance

DisadvantagesOver 50 only

"...In the end plumped for Saga which gave me the lowest premium but did advertise the largest discount! Website easy to use .. entered all my details on one page and got a premium. It didn't ask a lot of unnecessary questions unlike some insurance comapnies I could mention. The cover also looked really good especially if you live near the coast like I do, offering free cover for driving in the EU for an unlimited period. Definitely worth considering ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ziaxnet




DisadvantagesButton pushers for staff - No idea about the business they are involved in.

"When the SAGA car insurance department decides it wants it to be. Scenario: You reach a certain age and buy a car for the first time in a few years after having driven for 10 years on a company car without incident, claims or convictions. When you get your car insurance quote you are subjected to a ridiculous premium because you are unable to provide "adequate proof of claim free driving". After a period of wrangling with your preferred insurance ..." Read review

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