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Galaxy SII - Stunning phone for a reasonable price

AdvantagesLarge Screen, Processor, app market, price

DisadvantagesPoor materials in some places

"...decision. -> Conclusion: In all the Samsung is on par with the iPhone 4, each has its own merits. ---- Screen ---- Large (4.3"), very crisp and sharp display, great colors (better then the iPhone4 Retina display in this regard but also a bit darker). The screen (using an enhanced AMOLED technology which Samsung coined "Super AMOLED Plus" is probably the best stand-out feature of the Samsung and puts it over the top of all current smartphones. -> ..." Read review

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The Samsung SII- A Quality Android Product

AdvantagesThe camera, the operating system, the layout, the messaging input, picture editing tools

DisadvantagesThe battery cover, the battery life, the front facing camera

"I purchased the Samsung SII because Samsung is known as a top competitor and is definitely making an impression in the market. Presentation The SII has a clean presentation, I purchased my phone in white but there are other colours available. It is quite a thin phone- 8.49 mm so the weight of the phone is quite balanced and it doesn't feel very weighty. The screen is really strong, using AMOLED to protect against scratches and falls. So the phone ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy S2: still a class performer

AdvantagesClear large screen; quality camera; robust; reliable; huge number of useful apps

DisadvantagesReflective screen annoyance in sun; battery life not great

"I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S2 last summer and I still remember quite clearly all my friends studiously putting it through it's paces in the pub. Even the Iphone owners - clearly this is designed to be a direct competitor - had to concede the large and clear SUPER AMOLED screen was a design coup. As this was my first proper smart phone it took me several weeks to unlock all the functions at its disposal. This may be a small drawback for the non ..." Read review

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The Samsung Galaxy SII: A lasting experience

AdvantagesDisplay still looks fresh and innovative, phone can be purchased for a generous price.

DisadvantagesFlimsy back cover may put off some, phone is beaten on the specs market by successors.

"The Samsung Galaxy SII may have been surpassed in terms of mobile innovation, but is still a perfectly viable option for those looking to buy a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy SII has been in my possession for 24 months, and to give it much credit, I have not sought an early upgrade. The phone has a plethora of features for those breaking onto the smartphone scene, who are put off by the more advanced features of the Galaxy's successors. The phone ..." Read review

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Best phone I've ever had

AdvantagesCamera quality is amazing, nearly all apps are compatible, front-facing camera.

DisadvantagesBattery lifespan.

"...it. My mother bought me a Samsung Galaxy Ace (I wrote a review on that too) but when it started to get old and everyone was buying iPhones I started to get angry that I couldn't have cool Apps or a good quality camera, etc. So I asked my mother to get me some kind of a different, newer phone, and so she did (thank you mommy) This phone has been by far the best phone I have ever had and I thinkg there is only one thing I don't like about it: Battery ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy s 2 pros & cons Review with images

AdvantagesThis phone is amazing. Android gingerbread OS is great and doesn't freeze that much.

DisadvantagesBattery life sucks. If you run multiple applications you better close them.

"This a great phone. Samsung did good job for this. From it's latest Operating Sytem, downloads from the Google Play is amazing and faster than I thought. If you have bad connection with your data services provided by your carrier, WIFI capability/ option will be a great help. The graphics are better than the Samsung Epic. Speaking of battery life, ugh! It's just that the battery drains faster. If you always stream music and videos via ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fionamac123


Very smart phone

AdvantagesLight, sleek and easy to use

DisadvantagesBattery life could be better

"...I was attracted to the Samsung Galaxy as it promised the same features for a fraction of the cost. The phone itself is very sleak and much lighter than the newest iphone weighing only 116 grammes despite being bigger in dimension. The screen is large and fills almost the whole front of the phone, which is great for web surfing etc. It is a touch screen system with a few additional to support commonest functions, such as get you back to the home page, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SeanR82


Iphone Beater!

AdvantagesGood Camera, great screen, fast,

Disadvantagesbattery cover is flimsy,

"I recieved my Samsung Galaxy SII about a week ago and have spent pretty much every second of free time playing with it and getting to grips with its extensive features. here are its main features • Dual core processor for a smoother, faster experience • 4.3" Super AMOLED plus screen • 8 megapixel rear camera and 2.0 megapixel front facing camera • HD video capture and playback • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system • Slim design • Improved battery the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1helpuchoose


Samsung Galaxy SII Excellent, elegant super fast smart phone!!!

AdvantagesSuper fast, slim and easy to use, really good to watch videos and movies

DisadvantagesBit power hungry so battery life is ok but not great!!!

"...using the application given by Samsung and also you have the data cable as well if you prefer to do it that way. I would definitely recommend it to you. But one thing I have to say is that it is power hungry but it has a reasonable battery life. Also you can extend it by reducing the screen brightness and use power saving modes. so overall it's a really good friend to have with you over the other phones in the market. ..." Read review

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A phone with all the features

AdvantagesThe Android OS, Easy to use, good camera

DisadvantagesDoes not get OS updates that fast

"...a launcher named Touchwiz from Samsung and it have some good features and some good apps. Unfortunatly you can't uninstall the ones that you don't use.It is really fast and easy to start using the phone. When you start it for the first time there is a guide which helpes you configuring it. After that you have access to your e-mail, facebook, twitter etc.The worst thing about the phone is in my opinion the PC-connection software ..." Read review

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Too many irritations and issues

Advantagesnice screen, good camera (if it's not buzzing)

Disadvantagesrubbish battery, laggy frozen screen, charging issues, buzzing noise,

"Obviously this review is written many months after this phone was released onto the world at large. I was far from the first wave of people to get this phone and I am almost due an upgrade, so I can say from genuine experience (1 year and 9 months of it to be exact) that it is, or at least has been for me, a pain to own. I loved the phone to begin with and thought it was both the bees knees and the cats pyjamas. I don't recollect exactly how long ..." Read review

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Not quite out of this galaxy, but its pretty darn close

Advantagesprice, call quality

Disadvantagescheap plasticy feel

"...3.2 out of the box), Samsung have skinned android with TouchWiz 3.0 which give you a very different experience to other phones. They have added several features, and one of the first ones you will notice is the picture lock screen which you can customize and simply have to swipe to unlock. Another key feature of TouchWiz is that you can organize the app drawer ie the screen that shows all the apps you have installed. You can add or remove pages to ..." Read review

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Beautiful and smooth - Samsung Galaxy S II

AdvantagesFast and smooth functionality, wide choice of apps, nice design, good camera, loud speakers

DisadvantagesBattery lasting time

"Packaging and equipment In the package I found a presentable headset, data cable, phone charger, and of course, the phone itself. Things included in the package are all you need for this facility with no unnecessary additives. Design Samsung Galaxy S II handset features an ultra-solid design, large screen and ultra slim and eye-catching design. Device dimensions are: 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49 millimeters. As already was possible to predict, this phone ..." Read review

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Samsungs Best Smart Phone

AdvantagesSmart thin, bright amoled screen, great video quality

DisadvantagesToo big if you have small hands

"I've had several of the Samsung models and this is by far my favourite yet. It's sleek it's smart and most importantly extremely thin and lightweight. The screen is bright and video and photos show up very well on this model thanks to it's bright HD 1080p video quality. The phone allows you to open multiple websites AND run several apps at the same time. The phone has alot of memory, personally i've managed to install around ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Socratatus


Impressive mobile... I kid you not!

AdvantagesSilky fast. lovely screen. great background animation. Loves the net.

DisadvantagesShort battery if you play a lot. Feels fragile cos it`s so thin. Voice hole in wrong place?

"...some kind of technology that Samsung somehow nicked from aliens! I gave it 4 stars only because 5 in my view is perfect, and nothing is perfect- Yet! The Samsung Galaxy S 2 comes close though. ..." Read review

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