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Impatience Is A Virtue… So Buy This Phone Pronto!

AdvantagesEasy to use, lots of features

DisadvantagesDisappointing camera, no GPS

"...always been a fan of Samsung mobile phones, having had and liked several in the past therefore after a brief hiatus from Samsung where I owned an HTC Touch HD phone I thought it was time for a change therefore my first thought inevitably was going to be to go for a much trusted Samsung phone. After doing a lot of research into new phones on the market I was briefly interested in the Nokia 5800 Xpress phone however after having a play around with ..." Read review

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Looks The Part, But You Won't Respect It In The morning

AdvantagesGreat camera and media centre

DisadvantagesDiabolical GPS, Text, and use of internet due to sensitivity, and like a Mogwi never get it damp.

"...moves on and for the Samsung Jet maybe time has moved on a little too quickly. PATIENCE!!! PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!! Remember those adverts for the Samsung Jet phone? If you believed the advertising the Jet would make you totally desirable, and lead you into a hedonistic lifestyle of orgies and wild parties. Feeling a little amiss on these things I felt it was only right to invest in a Jet and watch my sexual status climb to the levels where I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jackheavey


Buy the Samsung Jet - It's awesome Review with images

Advantages5mp camera, superfast, great touchscreen, aesthetics and functionality

DisadvantagesNo GPS (but does have google maps) and microSD slot is under back cover

"== SAMSUNG JET == === INTRO === I am fan of Samsungs. I have had several Nokias in the past but I've found they tend to be lacking in terms of functionality and features. I used to have the Samsung d900 and now I have the Jet and from playing around with other people's phone, I've discovered that Samsungs are layered; for those who want a simple phone, they work very well, however for those who want a phone with a little extra, it can cope with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bobinder


Samsung Jet: a reasonable alternative to the smartphones

AdvantagesAttractive, powerful processor, sensitive touchscreen, and a number of useful applications

DisadvantagesA few issues with the software

"I have now owned the samsung jet for over 6 months and have generally been impressed. The samsung jet is not a smart phone, but looks very stylish and does have a number of useful functions. === Appearance: === Samsung are generally vey good at producing fashionable phones, with the slide phones D500, D900 and G600 all being extremely desirable for their time. The samsung jet is no different. The phone is wonderfully curved, appropriately thin ..." Read review

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Samsung Jet

Advantageseasy to use, stylish phone


"I have owned a Samsung Jet now for 9 months, it came free from Orange as part of my regular 18 month contact upgrade. I have owned Samsung phones for approximately 8 years now and have always been pretty happy with them. When it came to choosing my new phone I knew exactly what I wanted, something fairly small and more feminine, easy to use, stylish, touch screen and either pink or black. The Samsung Jet fitted my needs exactly, its much smaller ..." Read review

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The Screen is a bit of an Issue!

AdvantagesA Great Modern Phone with Rich Features

DisadvantagesMy Screen is Bleeding :(

"I'm stuck with this phone for 2 years after taking out a contract but that's not such a bad thing. Je t'aime mon mobile phone. It's a decent product and it performs all the tasks I need it to and some that I don't. The Jet is marketed to be for those who need speed in their lives with no time for app shopping and generally stopping. This is a good thing because there is little to customise on the jet that's necessary to it's functions. If you do ..." Read review

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Community Level 1habinbobin


Owned this phone for 18 months, time to share my thoughts I think Review with images

AdvantagesFantastic screen colour range, good camera.

DisadvantagesPoor battery life, some buttons not working after long period of time.

"I bought this phone on Vodafone contract 18 months ago, with high expectations and a lot of anticipation. I feel I probably have more experience with this phone than others who have had it for 2 weeks and decide to do a review. To start with it is an excellent phone. The camera quality didn't leave me wanting and the fantastic colours and vibrancy of the screen was what attracted me in the first place. The shiny, but rather plastic-y feel of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mogette999


Very disappointed and such a frustrating phone

Advantagesstylish and lots of good features

Disadvantagesannoying flicking to qwerty keyboard when typing at slightest movement

"I was really looking forward to using this phone but I have found this really frustrating. If you like texting like I do it probably isnt the phone for you. It flicks between texting up right to the sidewards qwerty keyboard with the slightest movement and if you do not have a stylelet it is very difficult to hit the right key so it is difficult to use on the move and soooo frustrating. On the plus side it is a very stylish phone with lots of intresting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stuartheaton


Decent phone. Does the job.

AdvantagesTouch screen interface is as good as the best out there.

DisadvantagesTakes a few seconds to hook onto home WiFi

"...looked around a lot, the Samsung Jet caught my eye. It had great features and fit the budget well. It does most of the things that the smart phones of the day do (I already own an iPhone and a N97). The camera is pretty good. At 5MP it has a lot more mega pixels than the iPhone camera. The picture quality is good but not brilliant. The inbuilt GPS with google maps works well. However you would not bet on using that while driving as it does tend ..." Read review

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Community Level 1skater94


Great Phone but way too over priced

AdvantagesLooks great and has a good battery time.

Disadvantagesnot good value for money

"Don't get me wrong the samsung jet is a fantastic phone and after dropping my first one in the bath I still went back and bought a second, but is the large price tag really appropriate for a phone thats good but not amazing? The main features of the phone are the touch screen and the fast internet connection. However the 3G is quite poor and the best connection is recieved when i connect through my own wi fi. However the phone has a quick sensor touch ..." Read review

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Community Level 1minimannu


Great Phone

AdvantagesFast, Looks good, Nice graphics

DisadvantagesFew Apps

"I got this phone a few months back and apart from a small original hitch where the phone crashed, i have not had any more problems. It is, like it says, a very fast phone, switching between apps is quick and easy. I have dropped it a few times on hard surfaces but apart from a few general scratches there is no obvious signs of wear. I love the feel of it, it's slim and sleek and the screen is a really nice size to watch movies or music videos if you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Adamblog


Samsung Jet S8000

AdvantagesEasy to use--Modern


"This phone is an amazing buy, my self i ahve it on contract and abs love this phone. It is very reliable but i have found it does not like being dropped ( what phone does), it has it's moments when it plays up for only about 2 times a year. The touch screen is very responsive and brilliant if you want a phone wich is up todate but reliable. It's battery will last for abou 2 days but i my self like to have more than that incase you go out for a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1helbells1986


Samsung Jet does Samsung proud

AdvantagesColour, Size, Screen Size, Weight, Touch Screen, Camera

DisadvantagesInternet being quite slow

"...decided to try out the Samsung Jet. The touch screen was off putting at first as I thought I wouldnt be able to get along with it. However it proved to be responsive and I managed to handle it well. The screen is of a decent size. The two tone colour on the back of the phone makes the phone more attractive and appealing. The camera is of extremely good quality (5.0 MP) and is one of the phones best features. There is a built in flash so even ..." Read review

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Samsung s8000 jet mobile phone

Advantagesamazing display, perfect camera, loud speaker

Disadvantagesscreen problems, battery life

"...it looks great too. the samsung jet has a remarkably amazing look. On the back of the phone is some great light reflecting red lines that catches alot of peoples attention. The jet also uses "widgets" which are easy to access hyperlinks, they are accessible from the main screen and you can drag them where ever suits you best or if you dont want them showing just stick them in the side bar :) There is one slight problem i have found with the phone, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bealie


Samsung jét - the latest and fastest Samsung phone yet

Advantagessuper-fast, email, interent, memory card slot, mp3 player, games, pc synchronisation, 5 megapixels

Disadvantageslarge 'cube' main button (doesn't look as attractive as some of samsung's previous phones)

"...however this is the first samsung i have ever owned. The Samsung Jét is super-fast, with a touch-screen screen which reacts quickly to either the warmth of your hand or a cold, solid object such as your finger nail. The phone has a 5.0 megapixel camera and built in GPS navigation as well as wifi and many more orginal features. The texting feature is easy to use compared to other touch-screen phones (such as the LG cookie) and texts can be either ..." Read review

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