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This Phone is Ace! Review with images

AdvantagesVersatile phone offering a responsive screen, excellent sound quality, good internet browsing

DisadvantagesBattery life, clunky Kies software

"...She had been using the Samsung Jet but her love of Twitter revealed the Jet to be lacking somewhat when it came to surfing the internet. My daughter rarely uses her phone to make calls, preferring to text or surf the web with it. It therefore made sense to get her a 3G phone so internet surfing was easier. There were other issues with the Jet, including a touchscreen which was notoriously non-responsive and a memory card slot which wasn't particularly ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Not So Ace! Review with images

AdvantagesWorks for calls & texts. Wifi. Looks good.

DisadvantagesCrashes. Small internal memory.

"...phone in question was my Samsung Tocco Lite, I had had the phone for around 2 and a half years and up until the day the touch screen stopped working I had had no problems and because of this I decided to have a Samsung phone again. As my phone broke two days before I was due to fly home to Birmingham for my mums wedding I decided to wait and buy one while I was back over as at least I would be able to ask any questions and read any information I ..." Read review

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The Galaxy Ace - Great For Saving Face & Making Calls!

AdvantagesEasy to use, compact enough size as a smart phone, good quality & features, keen prices.

DisadvantagesCan be slow, constant WIFI reminder & battery life.

"...read Blissman70ís review of his Samsung Galaxy Ace on Ciao UK and decided to look at the Samsung brand once and for all. Between that and some pretty disappointing reviews concerning the Nokia Lumia handsets, it seems that my attention to Samsung couldnít have arrived at a better time. As a brand though, Iíve noticed that Samsung have been rather busy this year. Across the board, their cameras, household appliances and mobile telephone ranges have ..." Read review

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Yes, it is ACE!!

AdvantagesEasy to use, does lots


"...phones, I went with the Samsung Galaxy Ace, which seemed to do everything that I wanted. As I am on a contract, I didnít buy the phone outright but it does cost me £35 a month which includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. The Phone After signing my new contract agreement and getting the phone home, it was time to open the box. Inside the small box you get: the phone, a charger, USB cable to use ..." Read review

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Less calories than the chocolate bar and a lot more useful

AdvantagesEasy to use, great features, lots of apps on offer, great battery life and low cost unit

Disadvantagescan lag at times, low internal memory and maybe not that in vogue at the moment.

"...phones, in this case the Samsung Galaxy Ace. '''So what does this phone look like..?''' Itís a mere 60mm by 112mm in size and a slim line 11.5mm thick, weighing in at just over 110gram Looking at the front of it, where the screen is, just below the screen there is are three hard key, from left to right, the menu key, home key and then the back key. The microphone, or more the mouthpiece, is located on the underside. Then, above the screen there is ..." Read review

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Purple Galaxy

AdvantagesAttractive, easy to use, no upfront cost on contract, purple

DisadvantagesProblems hanging up calls, camera resolution, music player

"...that I would choose the Samsung Galaxy Ace, but wanted to see the phone first. As it turned out, there were no other smartphones I liked, so I was very quickly the proud owner of a Galaxy Ace with a nice cheap monthly contract of £15.50 plus data cost. Call me fickle, but the first thing which I liked about the Samsung Galaxy Ace was its colour - O2 offered it in black or purple. My favourite colour is purple. I also liked the shape - it is not ..." Read review

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A Smartphone Smooth Like Galaxy Caramel

AdvantagesUser friendly, responsive & good size touch screen, lots of features, smooth to run

DisadvantagesPoor battery life when using apps

"...ZTE San Fran, and the Samsung Galaxy Ace far exceeded my expectations, so I'm really happy with it. Samsung as a whole is a well-renowned company and one which I tend to admire and trust they will provide effective products. They're quickening their pace within the mobile market more recently in terms of mobiles and tablets, and the Galaxy Ace is an entry to the more 'affordable' side of smartphones. ... What's In The Box? ... This comes packaged ..." Read review

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The best phone for the price, let down only by hardware restrictions

AdvantagesYet to drop connection, runs Android, pretty cheap, nice screen

DisadvantagesBuilt in 'Touchwiz' theme causes phone to be slow, only 256mb RAM

"...Phone The Samsung Galaxy Ace has an 800MHz single core processor, which is a little bit tame considering a lot of the higher end phones actually have dual and quad cores as of recent. The phone also has 256MB of RAM, which again may be considered tame by the hierarchy of extortionately expensive communication devices, but you never really see any disadvantges of this when using the phone. Using the default 'launcher' ..." Read review

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A great priced phone, with a decent camera!

AdvantagesIt calls and texts! Decent camera, great price.

DisadvantagesA bit slow compared to other smartphones, case damages easily.

"...the ace, I had the samsung galaxy (first edition) and I loved that phone and I had it for over a year! I tried the HTC sensation which I wasnít impressed with, then I had the HTC one X for 10 days before it broke! So I decided to go with the galaxy ace as I was impressed by its price and I was hoping it would be something similar to the samsung galaxy I had before. ---Price--- When I got the Ace not long ago, it cost me £150. It has recently ..." Read review

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Good Cheaper End Smartphone

AdvantagesDoes what it is supposed to do, easy to get used to

DisadvantagesBattery runs out quicker when on the internet

"...Christmas and they both got Samsung Galaxy Aces. I am always using their phones for one thing or another so I reckon I am able to give a good review of what they are like. The phones are really nice looking, a bit like my Galaxy Y but a bit bigger all round. The phone comes with an extra back so you can change the appearance of the phone. My daughter changed her back to the white colour with black on the front where as my Other Half kept his black ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy's Slow pACE

AdvantagesPrice. Has camera. Wifi.

DisadvantagesSlow to run.

"I myself own a Samsung Galaxy S2 but my partner had my old HTC Wildfire S which was almost a snail with the battery capacity to possibly just hold a ten minute conversation; this was just beyond inconvenient and not suitable when travelling to and from work is needed. I began hunting high and low for a phone, as a student this christmas I couldn't even afford the S2 second hand so this phone was out of the question. Then I saw the Ace, after reading ..." Read review

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Galaxy Ace - The Little Phone That For The Money Really Is ACE

AdvantagesFunctionality of the Samsung Galaxy SII at a fraction of the price. Great for normal users

DisadvantagesLimited storage for applications, no zoom on camera and not suitable for intense games

"...expect to own the phone. The Samsung Galaxy ACE is an adroid phone which has an internal memory of 250 Mb which is where ALL apllications are stored and data on an external microSD card (supplied by Tesco). Full specifications can be viewed on the following link: http://shop.tescomobile.com/mobile-phones/pay-as-you-go/samsung/galaxy+ace?deal=3411 Apart from new games, the Galaxy ACE can use the same applications as the SII so at a fraction of the ..." Read review

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Smartphone at a smart price

AdvantagesFull Android implementation

DisadvantagesNo iPlayer, fairly basic specification device

"Hard as it may be to believe, having worked in IT for very nearly 30 years Iíve finally gone and bought my first mobile phone Ė that isnít to say Iíve managed to avoid mobile telephony for most of my adult life, but my previous employers supplied me with a (very) basic handset and I was happy enough to do the odd bit of unpaid overtime to cover the cost of my personal calls. Having decided to Ďmove oní an pick up a Ďpackageí I needed ..." Read review

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Good value and stylish smartphone but with small internal storage

AdvantagesLooks, battery life, Samsung app store, Lightweight.

DisadvantagesSmall storage space means deleting apps after awhile. Can get 'sluggish' quickly.

"...on. I stumbled across the Samsung Galaxy Ace retailing at £79.99 and decided to go for it. The phone itself was an upgrade from an old broken iphone 3G. When took the galaxy ace from the box I noticed how lightweight it was. I went through the initial charging process and started up the phone for the first time. For me, Samsung just seems to 'click' I feel it is easy to find my way around the menu system, going through the settings and accessing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1willeaston


Samsung Galaxy Ace: Smart Phone, Smart Price

AdvantagesGreat price, easy to use, good looking phone

DisadvantagesDoesn't run smoothly all the time, Battery life leaves a lot to be desired.

"When I was looking for a new smartphone, I browsed the internet as you would, and found most of the top end phones to be around £400. I was astounded to find the Galaxy Ace for only £200, half the price of most others. And it really packs a punch considering it is classed as a mid range smartphone. In terms of hardware, the phone is more than capable of performing most tasks, and multi tasking only effects the performance of the ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android SIM Free Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android SIM Free Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxyace Gt-S5830 Has Everything You Could Want In A Smartphone, Includinga ... more

Touch-Sensitive Screen, An Android Operating
System And 3G & Wireless802.11 B/G/N Capabilities.
Social Hub Cleverly Bringstogether Social
Networking, E-Mail And In...

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Samsung GALAXY Ace SIM Free Unlocked

Samsung GALAXY Ace SIM Free Unlocked

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is the perfect device for trendy and sociable young professionals. ... more

Boasting a sophisticated design, it is simple yet
elegant, and offers a premium experience that is
both compact and comfortable with its 3.5-inch
HVGA display. Re...

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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Sim Free Android Smartphone - White

Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Sim Free Android Smartphone - White

Samsung GALAXY Ace - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS - 3G - 3.5" - TFT - pure white

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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Black Sim Free Mobile Phone

Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Black Sim Free Mobile Phone


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