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Samsung Galaxy's Slow pACE

AdvantagesPrice. Has camera. Wifi.

DisadvantagesSlow to run.

"I myself own a Samsung Galaxy S2 but my partner had my old HTC Wildfire S which was almost a snail with the battery capacity to possibly just hold a ten minute conversation; this was just beyond inconvenient and not suitable when travelling to and from work is needed. I began hunting high and low for a phone, as a student this christmas I couldn't even afford the S2 second hand so this phone was out of the question. Then I saw the Ace, after reading ..." Read review

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Galaxy Ace - The Little Phone That For The Money Really Is ACE

AdvantagesFunctionality of the Samsung Galaxy SII at a fraction of the price. Great for normal users

DisadvantagesLimited storage for applications, no zoom on camera and not suitable for intense games

"...expect to own the phone. The Samsung Galaxy ACE is an adroid phone which has an internal memory of 250 Mb which is where ALL apllications are stored and data on an external microSD card (supplied by Tesco). Full specifications can be viewed on the following link: http://shop.tescomobile.com/mobile-phones/pay-as-you-go/samsung/galaxy+ace?deal=3411 Apart from new games, the Galaxy ACE can use the same applications as the SII so at a fraction of the ..." Read review

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Smartphone at a smart price

AdvantagesFull Android implementation

DisadvantagesNo iPlayer, fairly basic specification device

"Hard as it may be to believe, having worked in IT for very nearly 30 years I’ve finally gone and bought my first mobile phone – that isn’t to say I’ve managed to avoid mobile telephony for most of my adult life, but my previous employers supplied me with a (very) basic handset and I was happy enough to do the odd bit of unpaid overtime to cover the cost of my personal calls. Having decided to ‘move on’ an pick up a ‘package’ I needed ..." Read review

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Good value and stylish smartphone but with small internal storage

AdvantagesLooks, battery life, Samsung app store, Lightweight.

DisadvantagesSmall storage space means deleting apps after awhile. Can get 'sluggish' quickly.

"...on. I stumbled across the Samsung Galaxy Ace retailing at £79.99 and decided to go for it. The phone itself was an upgrade from an old broken iphone 3G. When took the galaxy ace from the box I noticed how lightweight it was. I went through the initial charging process and started up the phone for the first time. For me, Samsung just seems to 'click' I feel it is easy to find my way around the menu system, going through the settings and accessing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1willeaston


Samsung Galaxy Ace: Smart Phone, Smart Price

AdvantagesGreat price, easy to use, good looking phone

DisadvantagesDoesn't run smoothly all the time, Battery life leaves a lot to be desired.

"When I was looking for a new smartphone, I browsed the internet as you would, and found most of the top end phones to be around £400. I was astounded to find the Galaxy Ace for only £200, half the price of most others. And it really packs a punch considering it is classed as a mid range smartphone. In terms of hardware, the phone is more than capable of performing most tasks, and multi tasking only effects the performance of the ..." Read review

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My first smartphone

AdvantagesGreat value for money, Android smart phone

DisadvantagesLow battery life, average camera quality

"I bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace from Tesco as my first smartphone on a budget of £15 a month. I thought the phone is very good for the money I am paying, but there are better phones out there depending on what you want. The phone looks very good and fits well into my bags and pockets. I like the layout of the phone's menus. They are very easily accesible and I make use of the shorcuts menu by putting on family contacts such as my two sons. This allows ..." Read review

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Good budgetphone for normal smartphone users Review with images

Advantageslook, price, camera, gingerbread

Disadvantagessometimes slow, no flash support, amount of ram

"...successor of the "high end" Samsung Galaxy meant for people with a smaller budget and a less intensive use. The ace works well with 2d games. if you want to play 3D games you need a better smartphone. In my opinion the ace slows down at certain times, then it is not usable for 1-5 minutes, sometimes you will have to do a reboot. I think the appearance of the ace is very good. The price-quality ratio is now reasonable, I bought it when it was still ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kermit13


Samsung Galaxy Ace, not bad for a budget smartphone.

AdvantagesNice looking, easy to use and a reasonable price.

DisadvantagesCan be slow and laggy at times.

"I got the Samsung Galaxy Ace a few weeks ago on a contract. I was limited in my choice as I didn't want an expensive monthly bill, but have had Samsung phones in the past and have always been impressed with them. My Ace is white and is a very nice looking phone which feels nice to hold and use, not heavy but feels sturdy and not flimsy like a lot of other budget handsets out at the moment. Also, there are a wide range of protective cases and skins ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy is Ace

AdvantagesPrice, design, screen size, many of androids most popular features, decent camera

Disadvantagesno flash player, battery life a bit dodgy

"The Samsung Galaxy Ace has innumerable positive features - not least amongst these (and the one I want to mention first) is the price. I've owned more expensive phones in the past but decided to purchase a cheaper one this time around as the features included in this generation of entry level smartphone's more than cover my needs. This has proven to be a good decision as the Galaxy Ace really does have everything I need AND, somewhat unusually, I ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - Not my ace of spades.

AdvantagesLooks modern, very hardwearing, easy to use

DisadvantagesPoor memory capacity, requires a lot of updates, battery could be better

"I traded up to this model unseen so on first assessment I was very pleased. I was offered a choice of white or black model, I chose black. It has a good sized, fully touch activated, screen especially for a lower spec model. The Android system is very user friendly and easy for me to set up and operate. I found the interface very easy to personalise, both in content and appearance which I like as I don't tend to change my handset very often and ..." Read review

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Good phone but ready for an upgrade!

AdvantagesGood functionality, cheap(ish)


"I got this phone just over a year ago. One of the reasons I got it was because it looked really sleek and smart - similar to an i-phone, but I could never afford one of those! I managed to get this phone on a contract for £27 a month which includes all calls, texts and internet. Bearing in mind the cheapest iphone was about £40, I thought this wasn't bad! My last phone was a Nokia so it was a bit of a shock to the system to go back to using a Samsung. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1matt1905cfc


Samsung Galaxy Ace - a quality, relatively cheap Android.

AdvantagesGood looking, social network integration, Android Marketplace, very stylish, good camera

DisadvantagesNothing as of yet

"...phones, so at £200 the Samsung Galaxy Ace seemed to be a good compromise between features and price. The phone looks nice, with a smooth front and a grippy black back that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The touch screen responds well to input, and the touch sensitive buttons on the front of the phone are just as responsive. The Android operating system is very stable, and the phone can run applications downloaded form the Android Marketplace, ..." Read review

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An average phone who will suite anyone without sky-high demands

Advantagesgood looks, durability, reasonable price, satisfactory ease of use

Disadvantagesweak battery, poorly handles low temperatures , poor reception quality,

"After receiving Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 as a birthday gift, the first thing that I liked about it were its good looks. It looked, and still does after a year, trendy and stylish. It is comfortable to hold in your hand due to its moderate size, especially in comparison with newer larger models. I was also impressed with the phone's features. In my opinion, the camera takes quite good-quality pictures and the alarm and other sounds are all loud ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Ace...at malfunctioning

AdvantagesLooks good

DisadvantagesFails to perform as a smartphone

"Samsung Galaxy Ace A good little phone if not relied upon too much as a Smartphone which tends to affect the phone's ability to receive calls and messages. More a smart looking phone than a Smartphone, it is great in appearance, somewhat resembling an iphone. It is easy to use and navigate and if used purely for texting calling and surfing the web is a brilliant phone, and one that is relatively durable, able to survive drops even if chipped slightly. However, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gazb0t


Samsung Galaxy Ace - Reliable, does everything it claims

AdvantagesEasy to use, responsive touch screen, good features

DisadvantagesPoor battery life, slows down time to time

"Shortly after i recieved this phone it became one of my favourite possesions, it was fast, the wireless internet was useable and easy to set up and i was able to watch streaming video on you tube, the features were quite good and the ones not included are available (usually for free) from the android market. This has probably been the best phone ive ever owned but there are one or two downsides.... The battery life is very poor but you can turn ..." Read review

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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Sim Free Android Smartphone - White

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