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Take note of this Samsung Galaxy

AdvantagesLarge screen combines tablet and phone features

DisadvantagesLarge screen drains battery, wifi reception sufficient but not as good as expected

"The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android smartphone/tablet computer hybrid first introduced in October 2011.I I have part ownership of The Samsung Galaxy Note with my Husband been using the Note ‘phablet’ for just over a month. You will hear people say that it is stupidly large; doesn’t fit your pocket and similar things. After nearly 5 weeks of using it, I now look at most other phones and I think that they look fiddly and awkward. For one thing on ..." Read review

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Samsung have broken the mould with this device

AdvantagesA phone and a tablet


"...wife, at Christmas, was the Samsung Galaxy Note also known as the GT-N7000. As my wife bought this for me, I don’t know the exact price of it, but it retails for about £500-600. It can be found on amazon for £519.99 at the moment if you are after a good deal. This phone is marked by Samsung as a hybrid of a phone and tablet, benefiting from the best qualities of each, utilizing a touch sensitive screen. Technical Details ..." Read review

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Samsung Note-An Bridge between Human and future technology.

AdvantagesBattery life, Clarity , Voice response, Speed , Packed atom bomb for fun

DisadvantagesCamera Features but with the help of an android we can add many more features to it

"Samsung Products have always facinated me with the newer Smartphones, tabs and Laptops they release in the Market. This is an phone if you posses from my point of view, you wont need an laptop anymore. The features in the phone are so stunning with an internet connection with it can create magic in your life as it did for me. From my morning alarm to late night sleep inducing music, it works as my secretary. The Battery life is so amazing after getting ..." Read review

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Some Notes on a great phone

AdvantagesBig screen, Great Camera, Looks great

DisadvantagesNeed a new sound dock

"...impressed and happy with the Samsung Galaxy Note - which my husband "strongly" suggested I got (although I was pretty unconvinced - being an Apple girl). It's a kind of cross between a tablet and a phone and this fits my bill exactly. The screen is superb and together with giffgaff card the phone is very cheap to run. I don't use it for games but it's absolutely perfect for Facebook/Twitter etc, especially when connected to the home BT Infinity ..." Read review

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Great Phone !!

AdvantagesEverything !!!

DisadvantagesThe price

"...very pleased with it. The samsung galxay note has loads of features for you to play around with such as the s pen and the drawing fasility. The battary life is amazing it last a very long time. If find the screen to be very high quality and always get a good result when playing apps. The camera is also very high quality, i love the outcome I get when I take pictures and enjoy looking back through them as the quality is so good. Overall the phone is ..." Read review

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Note 2 is amazing! What a screen and the battery life is great!

AdvantagesHuge screen, amazing battery life


"...I started looking into the Samsung Galaxy Note. I have to admit that at first the size of the screen, which is 5.5" put me off. As a woman, my hands aren't that big and I thought it would be uncomfortable and difficult to hold. I couldn't of been more wrong. It is so easy to hold! The 5.5" screen has a picture that is amazing. If you like a phone that is fast, and who doesn't, then the Note 2 is the phone for you. This phone has a processor in it ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Note Review (AMAZING PHONE) Review with images

Advantages5.3" HD Super AMOLED display, S-Pen ease of use, Facial recognition , Fast, strong and reliable.

DisadvantagesThe only disadvantage I can think of is the price, although it is a costly £500+ it is wealth wort

"My personal experience with the phone: The Galaxy Note is just the perfect business phone for me. I have had it for almost a year from its release and I absolutely love it! There are so many good features such as; being able to run two apps at once. What do you mean by this you may ask? So, your watching a video and don't have a notepad and pen but want to take notes, simply select the Multi window tab in the easy access bar and then re-open the video ..." Read review

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Overall this phone is superb

AdvantagesGreat camera ,uses android OS , High quality screen

Disadvantagesthe phone is larger than avarage

"I have been using the Samsung galaxy note (white) for a few weeks now and I feel an urge to share my experience with all of you. For starters I will discuss the aesthetics of the phone.The Samsung Galaxy note is fairly large compared to your average mobile phone.so if you are not willing to carry around a brick I would advice you not to buy this phone.However despite its size the Galaxy notes impressive 5.3 inch screen more than makes up for the ..." Read review

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very excellent phone !

Advantagesfairly simple, very strong (doesnt break easily), and really adorable !

Disadvantagesreception was terrible for internet, touch screen sometimes malfunctioned, hard to control

"i believe that this phone is incredible in most cases! It is very pretty and i just love it. it is a very strong phone and i enjoyed using it so much. the people at the store where i got it form were so nice as well and when they recommended this phone i just had to try it ! When i first saw it, i noticed it was a rather skinny phone compared to ones ive used in the future. I decided to give it a try and take it home with me and i absolutely love ..." Read review

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Community Level 1waak


Prepare to be absorbed

AdvantagesExcellent features, easy to use, very handy

DisadvantagesNetwork recognition poor at times

"...it. The app store that Samsung is developing is excellent, with a very high range of FREE apps! Need I say that whoever sees you with this phone will feel the urge to tell you how big it is! ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSize Capabilities


"My God mother bought this phone a couple of days after it first came out and she loves it! It's a very large phone but the things that you can do on it are endless! It has lots of features and you will never get bored with it. It is used just like an android phone despite it's tablet capabilities. If you don't want to walk around holding a huge tablet sized phone in your hand I would advise you to buy yourself a pair of headphones with the mic to ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Is One Amazing Device !

Advantagesbig phone yet very light and long battery life

Disadvantagesnone what so ever

"...runs on is flawless and samsung and touchwiz have done well to create such a fluid and stable device. the actual hardware of the phone is amazing too with a 2.4ghz dual core processor and a massive 1gb or ram this phone make small laptops irrelevant as this phone is more compact and faster than a small netbookand with its 11gb of internal storage its also perfect for holding a full music library and countless stunning pictures created with its 12mp ..." Read review

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What a phone.

AdvantagesVery good phone, large screen which makes it easy for searching.

DisadvantagesBit large.

"Hi, I just thought I would write a review to let other buyers of this mobile know how good this mobile acctualy is. I recently bought this mobile phone and am extremely impressed. It has a 5.3 " screen with a stylus which makes it good for games and searching on the WWW. To be fair this phone is a one of a kind and I would recommend this to any person, young or old. Also, it is quite a light phone weighing in at only 178 grams. You can use this phone ..." Read review

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