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Samsung Galaxy Y

AdvantagesEasy to use and looks the part

DisadvantagesBattery life not great

"...My last phone was a Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 which I owned for approximately 3 months until last weekend. Despite its solid appearance it was really no match for the taxi car door that I slammed into it (the phone fell out of my pocket just as I was closing the door) If Samsung ever need design ideas for a banana shaped phone they should get in touch with me. When I did manage to get the pieces of the phone together, I was hopeful that the shattered ..." Read review

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Great Little Smart Phone

AdvantagesDoes just what I want it to do


"...had bought. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Y and it is just perfect for me. The phone is a nice size, it is about the same size as my last phone, it has a three inch touch screen which is a nice size. The phone uses the Google Android system which seems to run really well and is easy to use. I had to join up to Google Mail (cant remember what for now, might have been to use the market) but that was not a problem and I don't need to use it as my email. The ..." Read review

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Samsung Young is for everyone

AdvantagesEasy to use, neat looking phone

DisadvantagesNot always able to end calls when the call icon button disappears (but could be user error!)

"...changed my mobile to a Samsung Galaxy Y with Tesco Mobile and love it! I am quite a dinosaur when it comes to technology, the last phone I had was a Noxia X2 which was part touch screen and part keypad but the touch screen part was only very limited. I have been with the 3 Network for over 6 years and have always been pleased with the service and tariffs, but when I called to upgrade got so annoyed with different people telling me what I needed ..." Read review

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Good starter smartphone before the smarter ones Review with images

AdvantagesCompact size, touch screen, relatively lower price

Disadvantagesslow boot up, poor samsung kies software

"...entry level smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Y is the baby of the whole Samsung Galaxy range. For a price ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy Y

AdvantagesGood battery life

DisadvantagesDifficult to use, slow

"...expensive’ – bring on the Samsung Galaxy Y. At £110 (now £95) it wasn’t the bargain I went in for but I was convinced I had brought myself a great alternative. I was wrong! The phone is small and compact – dimensions are 104 x 58 x 11.5 with a three inch screen and it weighs in at 97g. It looks nice and feels comfortable in my hand. The battery life is fairly good, apparently with 5 hours of talk time. Calls – The phone is easy to add contacts ..." Read review

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Good Phone for Casual Users

AdvantagesGood Camera, Wide Range of Apps, Good Signal

DisadvantagesInsensitive Touch Screen, Slow Running Of Apps

"The Samsung Galaxy Y is designed for younger users. It provides a fun and easy-to use experience for younger phone users. But along with being good for younger users it is also good for older users who are not very experienced with current technology. It is an all-round decent phone with a lot of good features, but it doesn’t provide a lot for more serious phone users, and there are a lot of small problems with this phone. ==Design== The Samsung ..." Read review

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An Entry Level Smart Phone

AdvantagesCheap, easy to use, different backs included

DisadvantagesBasic, very small

"I am a Samsung girl when it comes to phones and smartphones. I have, until fairly recently, had a Samsung Galaxy 1 which I loved very much. However like all good things it came to an end and I found myself with a contract and no phone. I also have an iPad which I love very much (although not enough to make me want an iPhone) and use it for all my ap and internet activity. So it was that I decided a basic phone was all I needed to replace mine and ..." Read review

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Y, indeed?

AdvantagesLooks good, all the basic features.

DisadvantagesSmall screen.

"...the higher-level models in the Samsung Galaxy series, this certainly ticks the visual boxes - it's neat, functional, sleek - so good first impressions are made. A quick play around with the Y, however, shows up its deficiencies. Of course, it's worth qualifying this - you pay proportionately for what you're (not) getting. I - like most of the phone's owners, I imagine - got the handset free with a pretty modest contract, so expectations were hardly ..." Read review

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Cheap, easy to use android phone

Advantagescheap, easy to use, durable, lightweight,

DisadvantagesBattery life only lasts around a day, but charging overnight takes little time

"I was very impressed even by the specification of the phone for the price I bought it for, not least when I opened the box. From my point of view, the look of the phone is fantastic: a perfect size and weight with the look of a smaller iPhone. When showing my friends, many commented how that that is the sort of phone they wanted, many having a blackberry, and when I stated the cost, they could not believe that I had got so much for my money. This ..." Read review

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I wouldn't choose a glitchy Samsung Galaxy Y again.

AdvantagesSmall so easy to store in your pocket / bag

DisadvantagesSlow response time, poor battery life, "glitchy", apps close down, apparent memory issues

"I chose the Galaxy Y as part of a contract deal. I was new to Android yet pretty tech savvy and at first was really pleased with the phone. Unfortunately it very quickly became what I call "glitchy". Apps closed down all of the time, it seems to take forever to do a media scan when I first put the phone on too. The phone had an unfortunate accident as I dropped it in the sink and my insurance meant I was sent another one out. The same happened again. ..." Read review

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value for money

AdvantagesAffordable price

Disadvantagesweak battery

"...should be more low because Samsung is giving too much to its customers in cheaper prices.People who want to have advanced features in their handset in less money, should buy it for sure. Overall, from my point of view, if anyone wants to buy a mobile handset with bulk of features in it and not wants to spend much money on this, he/she should definitely buy this because it worth it. ..." Read review

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Excellent Budget Phone

Advantagescheap, reliable, strong reception, many features, strong

Disadvantagespoor touchscreen quality, poor sensitivity, slow processor

"...and pdf files on your Samsung Galaxy Y. I've not used this feature more than once but it definitely works. There may be some things missed out, please feel free to comment and I can give my opinion on a specific aspect of this product. A list of apps I did not mention as I do not use them or feel they are quite useless - Gmail, FM Radio, social hub, talk, local, voice search, new & weather, samsung apps, and play books. ..." Read review

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I love my phone Samsung galaxy Y 35360

AdvantagesSimple to use, good size great for communicating everywhere i go

DisadvantagesLimited battery

"My previous experiences with phones have been a disaster. But then i got given this phone and its been brilliant. Its simple and easy to use the touch screen is responsive and the images clear. I can text quickly with it and read back over my hole history with the contact using the conversation setting similar to a internet chat window. Really useful. I do not like that their is no resend button in messaging so if a message does not send you must ..." Read review

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Samsung Galaxy

AdvantagesStylish, easy to use, lots of cool apps

DisadvantagesSometimes freezes, turns off, and works extra slow

"My contract was due for renewal and I wanted a new phone with an incentive. I always get my contracts from mobiles.co.uk - its a great site that allows you to get cashback, laptops, t.v, xboxs etc when you take out a mobile contract. Yes you may pay slightly more for the contract but at the time 400.00 quid or a laptop doesn't seem to bad - especially when you can knock your contract down after 6 months! Any way.... I've had the phone now for about ..." Read review

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A very low budget phone with excellent features

AdvantagesEasy to use with lots of features and very cheap

DisadvantagesScreen is a bit small so it's difficult to use some apps

"This is the first Samsung Android device I have used and it runs with the Gingerbread operating system. I have been using this phone for about one year and haven't had any problems with it. The battery still lasts several days and doesn't seem to have degraded with time. Even if playing games, browsing online or making long phone calls the battery life is impressive. The phone is compact and very easy to use, however, due to its small size, some features ..." Read review

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