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Its got the Quality, but not the Quanitity

AdvantagesGreat Design, Easy to use, Good Sound Quality and Fantastic Price

DisadvantagesStorage capacity isn't big enough

"I bought a Samsung YPZ5 a few years back after having broken my previous MP3 and seeing this one discounted in an Argos sale booklet. It was a few years back and I’ve lost the receipt so I can’t remember exactly, but it was around £30 and it got great reviews. So, there I was with no MP3 to my name, looking at a £30 MP3 that had pretty good ratings and I thought to myself – why not? ===Features=== The Samsung YPZ5 is an MP3 player that was part of ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ovetta2001


Push my buttons Review with images

Advantages Small, Cuteeeeee, reliable old Samsung

Disadvantages Battery Life, freezing

"...trusted. I have been getting Samsung phones for 7 years now. They are so easy to use and I was hoping the MP3 would be the same. I wasn't disappointed What you get You can purchase this particular model in three colours: Silver, black and pink. All of the colours are good, now you may think that sounds silly but some of you must have seen it when they get pink wrong on one of those small MP3's - Yes that's right, the one that looks like a tampax. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gillsforhu...


My life with the Samsung YP-Z5ZB

Advantagesclear screen, affordable, (mostly) unbreakable, stylish, long lasting

DisadvantagesSubject to wear and tear, as with any product.

"This product has been a part of me for 4 years now ever since it came out, as it is now able to be bought at a low price of around £40 this is a must for anyone looking for a competitive product. I thought that this product would be overtake in technology by now bu it appears not. With its strong aluminum casing, this model will not break in your pocket, even after bieng thrown against a wall this is a safe bet. With a long lifespan (in years) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1WoodyLondon


Samsung YP-Z5



"Samsung YP-Z5 the player has a better sound and battery life, compared to the ipod Nano. I have had my 1GB player for about 4 months now, Don't be put off about the controls, you get used to it pretty quick and wonder what all the fuss was about. But When I first used the controls I was pressing down a little to had on the pad and then it stared to go all funky on me, it would just only go up or down, this problem was resolved by resting the player. Transferring ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sdoogie


Lightweight and easy to use........ never itunes!



"This is so easy to use, lightweight and looks great. Batery life isn't that great and you do have to charge it up through your laptop. But as am always using it, it doesn't bother me. The touchpad is sensative and can become annoying when it just isn't doing what your askind it to do. Somtimes ever just turning it on can take a while but once it's on it's great and so easy to use. Downloading tunes, pictures etc to it can't be simplier and you don't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Katherine17


Careful of the touch pad!

AdvantagesVery easy to transfer music on, good if your not technology savy.

DisadvantagesWouldnt buy if you are heavy handed, touch pad is delicate.

"...I will say about the Samsung YP-Z5 is that it is VERY delicate. To scroll though the music, you use the arrow buttons in the middle which you only have to lightly touch, ( like a touch screen phone). I had, had my Samsung YP-Z5 for a few months when all of a sudden I foudn I couldnt scroll though to choose which song / artist to listen to. It seems that the touch pad had become damaged, seeing as this was a gift I had taken good care of it so was ..." Read review

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