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READ the small print re delivery.......!

AdvantagesGood choice, good service in store, reasonable prices (compared with others)

DisadvantagesHidden delivery times - why? Lack of contact AFTER the sale.

"...on our initial wander into ScS they did have quite a number of non reclining chairs / settees; the salespeople, whilst obviously wanting to sell (that's their job), seemed more interested in what we wanted and didn't hassle us and a couple of them demonstrated good product knowledge. So after our meandering, we went back there and to our surprise, actually found what we wanted. == The store == The one we went to is at Birstall, south of Leeds, just ..." Read review

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Bad all round

AdvantagesPolite staff in store

DisadvantagesEverything - see review

"I bought a sofa from SCS quite a long time ago now (about 4 years) but judging from comments on other reviews things don't seem to have changed much!! I thought I would share my views and also my experience so that others can be warned by it! The store and ordering: This was probably the best part of the service I had with SCS! The store in question the one in Manchester at White city retail park. Upon entering the store was empty so we were ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Zedex


Shoddy customer Service

AdvantagesYou get a new sofa. Eventually.

DisadvantagesBad customer service; long wait for delayed delivery; difficulty in booking repairer if anything wrong with item; overbearing sales techniques

"I've worked out what ScS stands for: Shoddy customer Service. How could I have been so stupid as to not realize this and actually spend a lot of money on a sofa from them? Silly me. Seriously, I would like to warn you to be wary of buying from ScS (at least in Stevenage, which is where I draw my experience from). Here's my analysis: IN-STORE Spacious store on a retail park (Roaring Meg, Stevenage), decked out like many different little living ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rktnv


Didn't start well but ended perfectly!!

AdvantagesGreat delivery service, fantastic sofas

DisadvantagesSome of the salespeople are too pushy

"...SEARCH CONTINUES After our trip to SCS we visited many other stores and sat on many many sofas - many of which were lovely but simply did not match up to the one we first saw in SCS. I have to say that we were definitely put off going back to the store because we didn't want to bump in to the stalker again and we assumed that the other sales staff would be the same. THE RETURN In the end we felt that the sofa we liked so much was worth ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Finefine


Terrible standard of customer care, they only want your money

AdvantagesPrices are comparibly cheap but that's because the quality is poor

DisadvantagesBe careful: Overambitious sales reps may be telling porkies!

"...this sales man told us SCS prided itself of being the only large sofa company using UK manufacturers and he said the delivery time would be 8 weeks. Back home we got suspicious, as the paperwork read delivery time of 12 weeks and there was no mention of UK manufacture, neither on their website nor in the paperwork. We send an enquiry via the SCS website and asked for confirmation, got no reply. We rang the sales guy who said he would try and bring ..." Read review

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Community Level 1clairerodney





"...deep scratch. I imediately phoned scs who told me to lump it basically. They did offer me a replacement but obviously that wasn't an option as i needed the sofa right away, i had all my family coming round on xmas day and was heavily pregnant. I asked for compensation by way of a discount and after much haggling they offered me a bottle of champaign...i was 6 months pregnant! I told the guy where to stick it, he knew he had me backed into a corner. ..." Read review

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Do not go here - 12 months later still have wrong products

Advantagesnice sofa designs

Disadvantagesno customer service, no knowledge, no compassion, no empathy, poor product, poor quality

"We ordered our sofas in Oct 2012. They were delivered 6 weeks later, and instantly we were unhappy. We had a 2 seater and a 3 seater chase. The chase part, when you sat in it you fell back and couldn't get out because the separate footstool that made the chase was slightly higher than the frame of the sofa. Also, the cushions (fibre filled) went all limp and tatty after about a week of having them. We were advised when it was delivered to plump them ..." Read review

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Community Level 2skipper6


SCS Sofa's

AdvantagesNice Sofa's

DisadvantagesAwful After Sales Service

"...will never be purchasing from SCS again and I'd recommend anybody who is thinking of buying from them to look elsewhere. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sunny077


Faulty Products


DisadvantagesFaulty products, poor & aggressive cust service

"...have had x3 orders from SCS all have been faulty, one order had a 3inch rip in it and the Sheffield Mgr accused that we had did it, the other orders included broken hinges, wrong density form cushions and scruff marks. Our first order was in Nov 2006 and we still have no joy, no satisfactory factory goods. Along, with this the mgrs from both shops have been rude & aggressive and I have reported this to their H/Office, one mgr stating 'that we are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lauraspenc...


Carpets - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE after they have your money

AdvantagesHelpful until aftercare needed

DisadvantagesNo customer service after problems encountered

"...already exist). Had call from ScS on the Wed before to confirm my carpet fitting for the Sat- great. On the Sat had not heard by lunch time so phoned the store (Stockport). They informed me I was on the list and could be contacted any point up until 6pm. Not heard by 3pm, so phoned again, receptionist said she would check and get back to me. She did not. Called a 3rd time at 5:15pm, was abruptly put through to the carpet department and told that, ..." Read review

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Be Aware of the 'Hidden' extras

Advantagesreasonable product at a reasonable price

DisadvantagesYou may end up paying more than you had originally planned

"...supplier. We had dealt with SCS previously to buy a leather suite and had no problems and we were aware that SCS had recently started selling carpets so we called in at the store in Stockport. There was a reasonable choice of carpet designs and qualities and we found one that we thought would be suitable. From the approximate dimensions of our bedroom we got a quote for the carpet and the underlay. We later noticed, when we got home, a delivery charge ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wolfburgman


scs-structurally chronic sofas. please don,t buy.

Advantagesnone really, suites look good but that proves deceptive

Disadvantageshopeless and frustrating after care. they will fight you up to the court then give in

"...hard earned money here. scs are a company soley interested in taking your money then doing their utmost to make sure you will never forget them.....and for all the wrong reasons. our suite arrived damaged. we complained, they responded with a repair man and the wrong parts. then he returned with the right parts, job done, hurrah!. weeks later one of the arms collapsed in the middle. we complained, then started the spanish inquisition, did anyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TONY156


Still waiting!


DisadvantagesPoor customer service

"Totally frustrated! We have been waiting 14 weeks for delivery when we were told 4-6 weeks. Finally a delivery date was given after several phone calls chasing a date. They then changed the date without telling us so a day was wasted waiting for the sofa. They then gave us another new date and the sofa arrived at 7pm after another days wait. Guess what it was the wrong colour! The delivery drivers were very apologetic. Back on the phone to the ..." Read review

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Awful product, even worse customer service!


DisadvantagesSofa poor quality, no help from customer services or store

"...sofa and twister chair from SCS in January, after a few weeks the cushions of the chair were about 2 inches lower than the chaise unit. When an upholsterer was sent the report we received says it's supposed to be like that!! We complained again, they sent another upholsterer, apparently it's the manufacturer's fault and they will try and get an answer from them (manufacturers were on holiday and reply took a number of months!). In meantime seams came ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ladywizz



Advantagesnone what so ever

Disadvantagesu bought from them!!

"was supposed t be with us in 4 weeks... turned out t be 4 months wait!! when it arrived there was loose cotton here there and everywhere and the bloke who delivered said "its cos its new just cut em off as u see em!" Then we discovered all one side of a cushion was terribly frayed. that took them 4 months again to make a new cover! Had a problem with sofa 2 days after warranty ran out, was told by "customer servises" we had to write a letter to out ..." Read review

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