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Community Level 2IndiePrinc...


Not your average seaweed dish!

AdvantagesNatural remedy for a varity of ailments inc. weak hair & brittle nails

Disadvantages3-a day dose may cause certain people to develop spots, taste of tablets

"...experiences of "Natures Aid Norwegian Sea Kelp." Frustrated of thin hair that dwindled down to my shoulders and broke whenever I brushed it and flaky nails, I sought a natural product which would help me to grow healthy long locks. I was recommended sea kelp due to the fact it is rich in minerals and elements such as iodine which, amongst other things, promotes healthy hair growth. Sea kelp also helps to regulate the production of thyroid hormones ..." Read review

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Sea Kelp Is Amazing Definitely A Product I Would Recommend

AdvantagesBoosts Metabolism Hair growth & There are many health benifits!!

DisadvantagesDoesn't smell or taste very nice.

"Now I have been using sea kelp for about 2months and I have already noticed differences there are many health benefits to the product. I bought Sea Kelp from Holland and Barrett now I got mine for a penny as my boyfriend bought something at £14.99 I got mine for a penny as we went in the penny sale which is a very good buy! The normal price of this product is: £16.49 for 1000 tablets £9.79 for 500 tablets £4.99 for 250 tablets At the moment the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2elleandbo


The power of seaweed is unleashed?

AdvantagesNatural, inexpensive, variety of benefits

DisadvantagesNot amazing results or suitable for quick fix

"...website had advised me that sea kelp is supposed to stimulate hair and nail growth and improve their general condition. They were on offer (£2.99 for 500 tablets down from £5.99, available in smaller numbers by the way) and me being a terrible nail biter too, I reasoned I wouldn't be too upset at the loss of three quid if they did nothing, unlike the twenty-five I could lose on the internet. The packaging was perfectly functional and easy to use, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3carolynla


my experience taking some sea kelp vitamins over a few months

Advantagessupposed to be beneficial, natural product

Disadvantagesno changes in hair growth

"...been taking Holland & Barrett Sea Kelp 30 mg on and off for a while now. It states on the bottle that you can take up to 3 and I've always been taking the maximum amount I can and haven't really noticed any changes. ==My reasons for buying== After reading online into hair growth (I want mine to growth to the length it was before i cut it to my chest last year and regretted it) I found that some people had recommended it for this so decided to try ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Faitho


Sea Kelp

AdvantagesBoosts energy, good value for money, natural

DisadvantagesHorrible taste if you let it dissolve in your mouth.

"I first heard about Sea Kelp after enquiring what the many supplements my friend was taking daily were. I had heard of all of them before, except kelp and wanted to know more about it. Basically, it is sea weed and it's supposed to be very good for you. It gives you more energy which boosts your metabolism and aids cell growth, so you nails and hair should grow faster among other things. It is also a natural source of iodine, although this is not ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chriswildish


Hair not growing after children

Advantagescheap to buy, works very well, increased energy

Disadvantagesonly the taste if you dont swallow it quick enough

"...I have now been taking Sea Kelp for four months, and the difference is amazing. my hair is growing really well, is in very good condition, (I work in a school kitchen, and having to keep it tied up under a hat in the heat does not normally do it any favours), My nails are growing better than they have ever done, and are so strong now. With the price of all the special shampoos and conditioners on the market, which only coat your hair in junk, to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1uoor

Quick review of Sea Kelp

"I have taken Kelp from about age 16 whenever I've decided I want to grow my hair. These tablets are a god send for speeding up hair growth, although it does mean you have to shave legs and armpits more often!! I'm not sure if they've had any effect on weight loss, I've been the same weight since being 15 (now 24) so maybe the Kelp is the reason. No negative side effects, no nasty breakouts at all... although they are known to make you a little more, erm... regular!

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Community Level 1raider1795

Quick review of Sea Kelp

"I just buy sea kelp from my local Chinese grocery. It comes dried and tightly packed in large packets. Each packet costs 35p. Each day at work my lunch consists of a packet of Chinese / Thai noodles soaked in boiling water with a handful of sea kelp and an egg. Great nutrition at a cost of approx 40p per day. I buy the noodles in boxes of 30 at a rate of 25p per bag, a helping of kelp equates to 5p and an egg 10p. Great value, tastes great and nutiritious!

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Community Level 1T-Doss



AdvantagesMetabolism a go, go!

DisadvantagesDon't use if you already have a hyperactive thyroid!

"...gave me a tub of sea kelp tablets (Holland and Barrett) after she mistakenly bought them to help her put on weight (which they don't do!). So I had a tub of the stuff and although wasn't looking for them, they had arrived in to my life. 'What the heck, i'll take 'em', I thought. Well, I can tell you that I noticed the difference almost instantly. For quite a few years now, i've actually been having a lot of dietry problems and suffer from constipation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nadineallen


sea, kelp does do the trick! PART 2

AdvantagesIncreases metablolism


"Sea kelp is in the form of tablets, they are easy to swollw and should be taken with food. Emily, my friend who told me about sea kelp said the tablets worked pretty much as soon as she started taking them. her hair grew a lot more easier and she also found that her hair looked more healthy. With me i took 2-3 a day and i found that after 3 weeks after starting to take the product i felt i looked a lot more fitter , remember i did have to excersice ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bethlouise


SEA KELP- noticed an improvement

Advantagessmall pills, noticed change in hair and nail condition

Disadvantagesthey smell bad and taste horrid if you don't swallow them quickly

"I bought some sea kelp 30mg tablets from Holland and Barrets, (good 'n natural select herbals is the brand). I have been taking them for 2 months (2 a day) and i have noticed that my nails are stronger and grow extremely fast, my hair which was in quite bad condition seems thicker and shinier with much less breakage (i blow dry and straighten it daily). I would like to point out i have also been taking sea kelp with a skin hair and nails multivitamin ..." Read review

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Community Level 1whizzsib


sea kelp

Advantagesfaster metabolism and hair growth

Disadvantagestaste is not so good

"I decided to buy sea kelp tablets due to having hypothyroidism. With the nature of it's iodine properties I must say it helped very much. I purchased mine from Holland and Barrett, at an absolutely reasonable price. I started noticing the changes within two weeks. My metabolism sped up, which was such a relief as i had been searching for something like this for quite a while. It was also helpful for the use of other essentials, in the sense that it ..." Read review

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Community Level 0RedHead7415

Quick review of Sea Kelp

"Great review. For those out there that do end up with a lower sex drive take DAMIANA herbal remedy, it boosts your energy levels and sex drive.

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Community Level 0froggie1

Quick review of Sea Kelp

"I go to a class on a tues and a thurs a nd the teacher that teaches us is into homeopathic remodies and she told me taht kelp is good for joint and back problems as well

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addition to their diet.  The Benefits Of Sea Kelp
Are Sea kelp is a great source of organic iodine.
Iodine stimulates the thyroid which regulates
metabolism.  Sea kelp is an excellent source of
amino acids, which are the building blocks of the
body.  Sea kelp contains a full compliment of
naturally digestible minerals, trace minerals,
vitamins, and amino acids  Sea kelp contains gold,
iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper and more than 100
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