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Community Level 5GraingerN


Ladies fashion at low prices

Advantagesexcellent quality fashion

Disadvantagesshop layout needs attention

"...correct me if I’m wrong) Select don’t seem to cater for the 27” leg lengths needed by myself and alike. This is highly disappointing, as on my recent visits I have found some lovely trousers (made even lovelier by the sale price!) only to discover they were 31” leg. Now I fully understand that a visit to the dry cleaners to have them taken up would be a fairly painful solution but this defeats the object of purchasing a sales ..." Read review

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Lovely clothes - terrible service

Advantageslovely clothes, affordable, good quality

Disadvantagespoor customer service, slow delivery

"..."Cheap and affordable clothes" and Select Fashion came up.WEBSITETheir website is very easy to use. It used to be a sleek black look but they have now updated it to look more bright and colourful and it is a lot easier to find things now. SELECTIONThey have a good selection of clothes. Their stock is always up to date from what I can see. They offer lots of sizes from a size 6 - 18 ..." Read review

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Community Level 4jenny_carr


Select your favourite clothes at a low price

AdvantagesGood clothes for the prices

DisadvantagesThe rails and the changing rooms

"...the busy highstreet of Weston-super-Mare, Select cathes my eye with the big sale signs in the window. I instantly think ahhh plenty of bargins so I find myself trying to weave myself though the crowds and eventually I have reached the shop. I'm standing in the doorway of Select scanning the shop with my eyes deciding in which direction to head. The shop looks crammed with people and the clothes rails look quite close together so the layout to me ..." Read review

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Community Level 4vonney1967


Select a bargain

AdvantagesCheap good qualtiy clothing

DisadvantagesCould do with bigger stores

"...think the thing that makes Select so amazing is that the items that they sell are often a little bit more eye catching and original than similar items which are available from other highstreet stores, for example i bought a dress ther last time i was in the store which has beautiful hand stiched beading detail to the front, this makes the dress feel and look quite luxurious which is amazing considering how little i paid for it. Another thing i love ..." Read review

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Community Level 4rachpauljack


shopping at select

Advantagesvalue for money

Disadvantagesgets a bit crowded

"...and of course it was select , i was so excited i love to shop and it was local what more could i ask for. Opening day of select we dived in to the shop and i had gone to heaven not only were the clothes execellent value for money , they were execellent quality too,and they had a openning day sale( bliss ) The overall layout of the shop was good but a little bit crowded,as i had my son in his pushchair i found he grabbed quite a few clothes from ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rachelm74


Cheap and Nasty

AdvantagesCheap if you want something to wear once

Disadvantagesuntidy, dirty, no quality in the clothes, rude assistants

"...but otherwise count me out. When Select first came to the town near where I live I popped in to see what sort of shop it was and whether I would be visiting it frequently. As soon as I stepped through the door the smell was horrid, a bit like a damp sort of smell but mixed with air freshener to disguise it. The floor was mucky and hadn't been washed for a while. The clothes also looked damp and some of the rails were a bit tatty. I carried on ..." Read review

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Community Level 2littlemiss...


my refund experience

Advantagesgreat affordable clothes

Disadvantagessee opinion

"...where I live called select. Select is a young ladies fashion shop that is very affordable in price, it also sells make up, jewellery, and hair stuff.They had some really good bargins on when I went but I didn't have time to try the jumper on. It was one size so I thought it'll fit, anyway I get home and tried on the jumper to find out it didn't fit at all. I checked the reciept and it said I could have a refund within 7 days of purchase, so 6 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mandy_John...

Quick review of Select (Shop)

"Advantages: Cheap and cheerful clothes Disadvantages: Staff not helpful or friendly Their "customer service" could do with improving. The Eastbourne branch has got a very un-helpful man working there. I asked if I could return an item for which I didn't have the receipt. I appreciate that a lot of shops now do not always do refunds/returns without a receipt, so I wasn't surprised when he said no. However, the manner in which he did so and the way I was given the "once over" and the eye-rolling to his colleague, made me feel like a criminal and like i'd just picked something off the rail and had tried to return it. I won't be visiting that particular branch again.

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Community Level 1Debs


Cheap clothes, not great quality

AdvantagesCheap clothes

DisadvantagesPoor quality, cramped shops

"Select is a fairly good shop. It usually has a wide range of goods avaliable in a variety of sizes. Select has many cheap accessories which provide good value for money. They also have a lot of cheap make up which is quite good for what you pay. I would critisize the layout of the shop. The shops are very crowded and no more than one person can easily stand in the asiles. The dressing rooms are also very poor. The curtains don't fully close and ..." Read review

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Appalling Lack of Communcation At SelectFashion

Advantagesprices are reasonable

Disadvantagesnot recieving my item

"...pair of jeans from the Select Fashion website and pay £30 for them. The estimated delivery time was hugely exceeded, upon which I rang Select fashion to be answered with an automated service, which told me that Select Fashion would cotact me to resolve my issue shortly, I stated my order number and questionned the whereabouts of my "missing item". I waited two days and heard nothing. This had been 9 days since I ordered my jeans. So I thought the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1skj123


Select Fashion store in Romford Liberty Shopping Centre

Advantagesnice clothes

Disadvantagesat the romford store they dont respect customers and someone is pocketing money from customers

"Went there today and the woman that was serving me was busy chatting away with the manager about the music, I was buying a cardigan which was £7, I gave them a £20 note, however I was given only £3 in change so I told them what had just happened. The woman who was serving me said she was distracted so didnít realise, however the manger then started counting all the money in the till, after 10 mins she told me that she had added up the money in the ..." Read review

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