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Tangy fruit flavours make a nice change from mint

AdvantagesPleasant fruity taste, work quickly, effective


"I have always got some antacid tablets in the house as I am prone to indigestion and heartburn especially after a big meal. My symptoms of heartburn are a burning feeling and then occasionally I get a nasty tasting liquid come up into my throat, and when I have indigestion I have a pain usually around my rib area which is really uncomfortable. I do prefer tablets rather than the liquid variety as I find them usually very chalky in consistency and ..." Read review

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Good relief for my Tum!

Advantagestaste nice, great for indigestion

Disadvantagesnone, just don't take too many!

"A few months ago, I was at work and had a constant, continuous dull tummy ache. It wasn't like period pain or anything I experienced before, I just felt uneasy and uncomfortable and someone at work said maybe I had indigestion. I have never had indigestion or heartburn before so wasn't really sure when I always see those Gaviscon ads on TV etc how people felt but nevertheless I trotted off to Boots around the corner and bought these Tums as my colleague ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jackie1966


Yummy for my Tummy !

AdvantagesCan take whilst pregnant, lovely flavours, not chalky


"When I was expecting my son, once I hit about 6 months, I started to experience the most horrendous heartburn. Never having suffered from it before, once the "my insides are falling out, and I'm going to die!" panic had worn off, I headed off down to my local chemist. Wow - how many of these products are there to choose from ! Believe me, there are loads, and I started with the obvious ones... Best I can say is yuck... I felt like I was ..." Read review

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