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Plus points for high mileage drivers

AdvantagesLots of Shell garages to use the card

DisadvantagesNot high rewards

"...offered Airmiles. There is a Shell garage very very close to my house and visions of me sitting on an exotic beach for doing nothing more exhausting than buying petrol did appeal. My husband's remarks that it would probably cost thousands of pounds for a flight to Paris did nothing to deter me. I would show him…and show him I did. Unfortunately that he was right. So…the scheme, how it works and what you get. APPLICATION FORM Are you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gray


Lower fuel economy - less airmiles to the gallon

AdvantagesRewarded for essential purchases

DisadvantagesA bit mean

"Having been a Shell Smart card user since its launch in 1994, I thought it would be worth considering how the new "Pluspoints" scheme compared in terms of what you got for your money. In 1994, each £6 spent earned you 1 airmile. If you spent £11.99, you still got 1 airmile. In 1998 the scheme was changed to reward you for each pound spent, but, quite fairly I thought, the exchange rate went down to 1 airmile for every £8 spent. The Pluspoints ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MarcoMarve...


Ferrari key-ring, anyone?

AdvantagesMost people should find something they want in the rewards.

DisadvantagesNo point if you drive 300 miles a week or less.

"...filled up at the local Shell garage - in round figures, £48 for 50 litres. I used the Shell pluspoints card I've had for some years, and today I decided to find out how many points I had accumulated and what I could do with them. So I headed over to www.shellpluspoints.com to see what I could find out. It's easy to log on, you just enter your date of birth and the number from the front of the card (all 19 digits). The statements lag behind ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Welsman


If it isn't broke why try and fix it


DisadvantagesOnce you're off the database you've had it and you get no vouchers

"...I had one of the Shell Visa cards. AS I was spending about £150 per week on fuel and about £2000 a month on the card the shell £10 vouchers came rolling in most months - great! You did it all via the website and everything was perfect. Then Shell ditched the Visa card and I was given a Citi card - after that disaster. The Plus points didn't come as part of the Citi Mastercard and were replaced by a small rebate on Shell fuel spending. Also most garages ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bigstu25


Shell Pluspoints

Advantagescan get vouchers

Disadvantagesyou need to spend on average £35 a 1/4 or you lose points

"...to enjoy purchasing fuel from Shell I had reverted back to BP for a while but because of BP usually being 1 p a litre more than most garages, I decided to revert back to shell I have been purchasing fuel for the last 6 months as I had 450 points stored in card I thought it would be a good idea to revert back to shell How wrong I was after purchasing £300 of fuel I have just found out I am entitled to 0 points as you need to purchase 400 litres of ..." Read review

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