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Community Level 8tange


Pint Mugs at Three O'clock! Review with images

AdvantagesTasty Kentish beer with a good balanced flavour of hops and malt.

DisadvantagesHas to be kept well to be good. A bit too easy to find.

"After reviewing Shepherd Neame’s wonderful Bishops Finger I was reminded that I really ought to give one of their other famous brews a mention. Here is my opinion on Spitfire, another Premium Ale from the Kent brewer. ~~~THE BREWERY. A long time ago (in 1698 to be exact) brewing started at the Shepherd Neame Brewery. The company was started, in Faversham in Kent, by Captain Richard Marsh (the Mayor of Faversham). Shepherd Neame say they are ..." Read review

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Heir of the dogfight

AdvantagesFull-flavoured and refreshing ale

DisadvantagesNo longer bottle-conditioned

"...literally inside me. Britain's oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, was established in Faversham in 1698. My relationship with it began some 276 years later. Its products fuelled countless - and legless - trawls through pubs in my home town a few miles distant from Faversham, and provided me with the 'beer taxis' which magically transported me from hostelry to home with scarce a memory of the intervening miles. Since then I have left Kent and my beer ..." Read review

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Not a Fighter

AdvantagesComplex yet esay-drinking


"...I never mentioned anything about Shepherd Neame. Not that she cares anyway! Shepherd Neame, founded in 1698, claim to be Britain's oldest brewery, and who am I to dispute that. It's hardly surprisingly really, as Kent is the centre of English hop production and ales have been brewed in the Faversham area for a lot longer than that. Still, not everything improves with age, I'm testament to that, but I dare say their ales are a little fresher ..." Read review

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I'm not a lover of this fighter

AdvantagesIt’s from the Shepherd Neame brewery

DisadvantagesNot one of their best.

"...of the output of the Shepherd Neame brewery for some time. My avowed favourite (and the brew which I compare others against) is their curiously named Bishop’s Finger Strong Kentish Ale. I have been aware of other labels (they have a similar theme – see below) and my mate BigBaz regaled me with his experience of “Spitfire” some months ago. It has taken a while to appear in the hallowed recesses of the CIAO database – but now that it has, perhaps it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2RogerBVH


A fine real ale

AdvantagesTastes gorgeous

Disadvantagescan sit a little heavy on the stomach

"The Shepherd Neame brewery is steeped in history and has been brewing fine tasting ales for many years. One of these that I have had the pleasure of drinking is the Spitfire Ale. This a lovely smooth, dark, malty brew, which unlike some of the other strong real ales does not have a nasty aftertaste. It is not too gassy either and the fact that it has been matured in wood comes out in the rich flavours delivered in this pint. Pints of this stuff ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Martinscho...


Beware of enemy infiltation

AdvantagesTasty beer

DisadvantagesNot always easy to find

"...enjoyed other beers from the Shepherd Neame brewery, so I was keen to try it. From my first pint, I was hooked. The brew was launched ten years ago to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of WW2 and there is a campaign at the moment to use the brew to raise money for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, at present. The beer is a good, robust golden colour (doesn't look ANYTHING like a lager!). It has a satisfying, malty taste to it with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1all5hit4br...


As good as they cum.....

AdvantagesAs good as they cum.....

DisadvantagesAffects my libido

"This is a classy ale- a dark malty brew that is easy on the palatte- smooth, full flavour, not too gassy and, doesnt have the nasty after-taste (frequently associated with many so called 'ales' (it has been matured in wood over a period of time- which gives it its distinct flavour) Unfortunately, it is a bit heavy on the stomach after a quick session- so I wouldnt recommend it as a 'get-pissed-quick' drink. It is really more of a 'food ale'- a drink ..." Read review

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