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Simply Great Soap

Advantagesnon drying, natural ingredient based soap

Disadvantagesnot moisturising though non drying, stings if gets in eyes so careful use is advised

"...street shops that sell soap, Simple is available in single packs, two packs, and packs of 4. A single pack can be purchased for under 75 pence , a two pack is about £1.02 (as I paid in Asda recently), and a four pack runs about £3. Not too bad, and you actually do save more money by buying the larger packages. ~~~My verdict~~~ This is a great soap free of crud designed to make you think its doing a better job than it is. Gentle on the skin, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mi_ke


Simply too simple for me!

AdvantagesGreat for sensitive skin

DisadvantagesRather boring

"...and now includes the new Simple logo. It can be bought singularly, in packs of 2 or in large supermarkets in packs of four. Obviously, if you are to buy it in Tesco or Sainsbury's it is going to be cheaper than say Boots. Cost of a four bar pack: Boots: £2.89 Sainsbury's: £2.39 Waitrose: £3.09 So Waitrose is more expensive than boots which seems to break the habit there! Simple soap is available anywhere. ~The Promise~ SIMPLE products ..." Read review

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A simple soap that does the job

AdvantagesCleans skin effectively, vegan, unperfumed, gentle

DisadvantagesIs not scented but that is the point of the product

"...has introduced me to, but Simple Soap is one of them. The brand was recommended to him by a nurse when he was having a medical treatment that required him to use products without added perfume. With the treatment over for the time being, he didn't want to see another bar of Simple again, nice as he found it. Remembering that it was suitable for vegetarians, he offered his unopened bars to me. I had been meaning to try the soap for some time in any ..." Read review

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Simply fine!

AdvantagesIt's perfectly fine

Disadvantagesnothing special

"...it does fine for me! The Simple range offer health and beauty products which are not full of promises and overly dressed to look like something special. Instead they remain 'simple' which is what I like as you get the impression you know where you stand with them. I like to keep a bar of soap beside the sinks in my house so that people can wash their hands properly if they so wish. I don't like to have a fancy bar which is overly fragranced or an ..." Read review

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Oh so simple

AdvantagesGood for sensitive skin

DisadvantagesWith no fragrance to it I don't feel as clean as usual

"...and I'm told it is Simple Pure Soap For Sensitive Skin and that there are 2 bars in my chosen pack. On the back of the packet I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, contact details for Accantia Health are given (the manufacturer of Simple products) and the recycle symbol and bar-code are shown. Nice enough packaging that tells me all I need to know about the soap. A Bit About The Product According ..." Read review

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Community Level 8dynamicnurse


A simple message to all.

AdvantagesHelps your sensitive skin.


"...- in the form of Simple soap. This soap is non-scented, and so even tough men like me can use it without worrying about getting funny looks about how we smell afterwards. Added to this its plain colour (that is, a creamy one!) it gives you that impression of being down to earth (OK, boring) but at the same time doing its job just so well as the next one. And for all you environmentalists out there, no animals were harmed in the process with ..." Read review

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Community Level 8SusanLesley


If you have sensitive skin UPDATED

AdvantagesNo irritation


"...wrapper of the bar of Simple Soap and the same applies to all the products in the Simple range. They are all 100% perfume and colour free, have been dermatologically tested and do not contain any unnecessary additives. We decided to try Simple Soap as my partner has very sensitive skin, particularly on his face. I always used to buy Imperial Leather soap made especially for sensitive skin for him to use. This was OK but even this still irritated ..." Read review

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Simple Soap - but still contains some dubious (to me) additives

AdvantagesNo perfume or colouring and lathers well

DisadvantagesStill has some additives

"===The Product=== Plain and Simple soap. No perfumes or colouring. Comes in single, double or in four bar packets. Individually wrapped. White/creamy colour bars. Shelf life of 12 months. Pure soap for sensitive skins. Can cleanse and gently purify your face and body and suitable for all the family. Avoid eyes. Dermatologically tested and with no unnecessary ingredients. UK product. ===Cost=== Tesco - 2 bars £1.30 4 bars - currently half ..." Read review

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Simply Cleansed

AdvantagesGood for skin, on offer

Disadvantagesno scent

"...across a four pack of Simple which was available on offer at just £1. I had not used Simple soap before, Usually opting for a one or two bar pack of another soap. I usually use Shower Gel the most but also keep some Soap for a change and to save a bit of Shower Gel to make it last a bit longer. The soap I got was the 4 x 125g which are each in their own packaging and will hopefully last you a good while. There are other products in the range from ..." Read review

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It's simply soap!

AdvantagesDoes not irritate my skin, reasonable price.

DisadvantagesA little bit boring!

"...I will revert back to Simple products if I am having a bad case of eczema. Recently the eczema on my feet has flared up, possibly due to the cold weather, and therefore I have been doing what I can to keep my skin healthy and moisturised without using products that may irritate it.The item that I have purchased is the twin pack of Simple Pure soap. This can be found from numerous places and mine came from Boots a couple ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lorna_call


Simple, that's the way it is.

AdvantagesNot perfumed, kind to sensitive skin


"...it is. I have been using Simple soap for a number of years. It is one of those products that just goes into the shopping trolley without too much thought when I have written soap on my shopping list. I have quite dry skin and it is quite sensitive, I can't do really perfumed soaps, shower gels etc, so Simple was recommended to me a number of years ago by a friend and I have used it since. My husband suffers from eczema on his hands and he will ..." Read review

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Community Level 5vicky27




DisadvantagesVERY PRICEY

"...try. I started with simple soap, only draw back being it is more expensive than most. It is just a plain white bar of soap, and the wrapper is white with simple written across the front. I found it very gentle, and no scent to it what so ever. I used it a few times and I had no side affects,it does the job well, I just missed the fragrance of other soaps but hey, you can't have it all. The soap was £1-50 for a pack of two, but that was a ..." Read review

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Simply not the best!

AdvantagesFor sensitive skin, perfume and colour free

DisadvantagesNo lather!

"...stock so I plumped for Simple and I 'simply' wish that I hadn't!! ~ Price ~ It was dirt cheap at Costco: 6 x 150g pack was £2.29 which works out at approx 38p per bar of soap. Asda as of Jan 2006 prices are as follows: 2 x 150g £1.02 4 x 150g £1.98 Despite the low cost to myself I will not be buying it again, my reasons are listed later in the review. ~ Packaging ~ Very plain and I suppose 'simple' which is the look that the company ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PoshTwat


Smile, it's simple

AdvantagesCheap, cleanses, gentle, smells OK

DisadvantagesIsn't Antibacterial.... didn't moisturise.

"...pure. The packaging is really quite simple and as the name implies, it's a no-nonsense, non-badness company that beleives that harsh chemicals are bad. Which they are.... My Verdict: It's a good soap but, it doesn't come in a liquid and so that will make me cautious as germs can hide there, it doesn't moistuise and isn't antibacterial and so I wouldn't recommend it.. But if you wish to try it..... go ahead ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dizzy_merm...


Simply Soap

Advantageswill not irritate

Disadvantagesbit bland, no fragrance

"I started using Simple soap in the shower whe my legs started to react to the normal soap and shower gel that I normally. Since then, I've not gone back to any other product. The obvious major benefit to using the soap is the fact that it is not perfumed or coloured in any way, so it really is as plain as you can get it. This is great is you find that your skin reacts to perfumed products. Aside from that, the soap is just an average soap. It ..." Read review

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Simple Pure Soap (125 gr bar)

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