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Community Level 4bandoo


How To Use Your Money Wisely

AdvantagesVery detailed site on most things to do with money

DisadvantagesPossibly too detailed with some areas that I wouldn't have expected

"...Each category has the word Simply at the beginning of its title such as Simply News or Simply Pensions, I’m sure you get the picture. Hence, I will leave the SIMPLY bit out of each title. Categories are : This covers current financial events such as the farming crisis, share watch and the deal of the day. In order to view the deal of the day you have to join the Deal Club by entering name and e-mail address. There are also video streams ..." Read review

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Community Level 1judgejules


The TV Version

AdvantagesPlain Language, Width of Subjects Covered

DisadvantagesNeed to be on Sky!

"...public. Against this background, I like Simply Money. The presenters appear to have a vested interest in cutting through the jargon and are not afraid to ask searching questions on behalf of viewers. The beauty of TV as a medium is that if a guest doesn't know an answer or appears to be ducking an issue it's there for all to see! The programme covers a wide range of topics and offers follow-up contact numbers and addresses where questions cannot ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Debtadviso...

Quick review of Simply Money

"I made the mistake of setting up a debt management plan with a "debt advisor" company. Because I still had significant disposable income their primary concern was to extract their first payment from me in the full knowledge none of this payment was going to creditors. There was no justification for this charge (£1000) for setting up the plan. In addition I obtained some of the information for them to expedite the process and , after talking to Payplan, I realise they were shoddy and unprofessional in their preparation of my plan. If you are in serious debt please talk to the CCCS, Payplan or Debt Advice Trust because "you should not have to pay a shekel to deal with your creditors"

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Community Level 2aakcat


The Great Debt Management Plot

AdvantagesPlenty if you own shares in the company

DisadvantagesDebts go on an on and on and on.....ad infinitum

"Are you so deeply in debt that the bills dropping through your door have been responsible for depletion of the ozone layer due to deforestation? Are your monthly outgoings not just more than your monthly income but next month's too? Don't worry because we can help. We can renegotiate with your creditors and reduce your monthly payments from 50 squillion pounds to just £155! Are we nice or what? We've all seen the adverts by now. The sincere chap ..." Read review

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Community Level 0srdruida


Money money money

Advantagesgain easy


"What is 12daily Pro? 12daily Pro is a revolution in internet marketing. Our program was specifically designed with the professional online entrepreneur in mind. Let's face it; time is money. 12daily wants to help you maximize your online earnings while minimizing your efforts. This program is designed for people who call web promotion and investment their primary source of income and more importantly, for those people who would like to. If this ..." Read review

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