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Community Level 5Redhead


How Smile Can Make You Smile Too

AdvantagesLow interest, cashback, easy website

DisadvantagesThey can take ages!

"...think I’ll start with my Smile credit card, one of many in my lovely little black purse! First off it is a very attractive light musky pink metallic card – very attractive indeed! They also offer a gold card for you snobs out there! The reason I applied for this card was due to me growing up and finally taking control of my finances. I realised I was paying far to much interest 18.9% to be precise, this was with HSBC – I know it’s ..." Read review

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Community Level 1a_marshall...


A good option

AdvantagesGood interest rate, cashback

DisadvantagesNot the greatest statements

"I've had a Smile credit for almost 2 years. The intest rate is very good (around 10.5%), although this is still higher than Cahoot, at 7% - which I would recommend over this. There is no annual fee, and interest rates differ dependent on whether it is a regular, gold or platinum card - check the website for the latest rates. 0.5% cashback may not seem a lot, but it's half a percent more than you had before, eh? It is paid monthly. The Smile ..." Read review

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Cash back, top security, with an 'ethical' bank.

AdvantagesCashback, top security, easy online payment

DisadvantagesOnly available online - might be a disadvantage to some.

"...and Leicester Cashback card to Smile 6 months ago, after a payment to A & L was delayed while I was on holiday and I got stung with an 'overdue payment' charge. REASONS FOR CHOOSING SMILE THE ETHICAL BANK. I always look for 'cashback' cards and pay the balance at the end of the month, so was drawn to Smile because of the Cooperative Bank's ethical stance. You can find out more about that online, but basically, The Co-op Bank are not involved ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jackg


My Latest Addition to collection of cards

AdvantagesGood APR - including introductory 0%

DisadvantagesNo Frills/No Points Scheme - but cash back available

"...(pre-filled) through the post. Once smile get it back you application is complete. TIME FROM APPLICATION TO RECEIPT OF CARD 7 days ! Excellent compared to some other card providers CREDIT LIMIT AGREED A generous limit provided at the outside for myself (£5000) which when you consider I was unknown to smile (or Coop bank whom smile are part of) I consider pretty good. CARD FEATURES Intro APR 0% Standard APR 9.9% - very competitive. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mark_mat80


Smile Gold Card

Advantageseasy statements viewing,rate can be lowered with other products

Disadvantagesonline bank so no branches to make payments in..

"...pleasure of taking out a smile gold card, noticing I can get a rate of 9.9% if I take a current account out, I did exactly that. It was exceptionally easy to get my cards and I found smile a really friendly and reasonably efficient provider. The fact they are ethical did also make me feel slightly better about my contribution to a better tomorrow for some. I have found the card very good, I have other credit cards such as an MBNA plat plus, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lemonhead125


Good, solid plastic

AdvantagesGood permanent rate

DisadvantagesOnly available on line

"...month from money in the Smile account. Another bonus is that Smile are part of the Co-op and not some large multinational corp, so their policies and investments are more ethical If you like managing your money on-line, this is a good and easy site to use ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jmcbo


Good value credit card easy to apply and maintain

AdvantagesSix months interest free. Easy to apply on line.

DisadvantagesNeed a PC for ease of account servicing.

"In my search for an interest free balance transfer from my current credit card I found Smile: The card offers 6 months interest free on balance transfers and purchases. After the initial 6 months the APR is 10.5% (9.9% if you have a current account with Smile) which is pretty competitive if you decide to stick with them. In addition a 0.5% cash back is paid on new purchases, this is deducted from the outstanding statement balance monthly in ..." Read review

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Community Level 2philgee


My New Smile Card

AdvantagesEasy to use Website, Good Interest Rate

DisadvantagesOnly online statement provided

"Applied for my new smile visa card shortly after moving my banking to smile from zurichbank.co.uk . Smile processed the application VERY quickly, in fact I had the card in my hands within a week. At the time, an interest free period of 6m was applicable to any balance transfer you made from other credit cards, however I think this offer has now expired. In order to take full advantage of the interest free period I requested an immediate increase ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mozip78


Cashback makes me smile

AdvantagesCash bank, good ethical company.

DisadvantagesSlightly confusing website

"I started out as a Smile bank account holder, which made it easier to apply for the account, plus I get better rates than I would have otherwise. For example with a current account I get a rate of 9.9% APR, without it's 10.5% (you can check comparisons with other credit card companies on the Smile website). If you're just na occasional user, and just use it as a stop gap to payday, you get 46 days interest free, as long as you pay the outstanding ..." Read review

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Community Level 1springer71


Cash back, competitive interest, no fee

AdvantagesCash back, competitive interest, no fee

Disadvantageskeep getting account blocked

"Smile credit card has no annual fee, is competitive with interest, it is part of Cooperative Banking and it is at least 2.5% cheaper than the Coop. It also gives cash back - if you buy most items by credit card and then pay it off at the end of the month, cash back is quite good. Cash back is added on a monthly basis directly to your card. The site is easy to use, a number of passwords are created at the beginning and then they ask you them on a random ..." Read review

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