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Smirnoff original vodka.

AdvantagesReliable brand, easy to drink and available in most stores.

DisadvantagesPossibly a pricey vodka.

"...is continuing traditions of P.A Smirnoff and that the vodka is triple distilled and also filtered ten times, these factors showing the vodka is of very high quality. Smirnoff vodka is a very large brand now and in fact is distributed in 130 countries. It is also produced in several countries such as the UK, United States, Italy, Ireland and also India therefore this showing how big a brand Smirnoff has become. Where can I buy Smirnoff and how much ..." Read review

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avoid those headaches !

Advantagesa versatile drink


"...and that has to be Smirnoff Vodka. The Smirnoff that I regularly drink is the Smirnoff premium vodka, although Smirnoff have now come out with a lot of other vodkas, there are Export strength which is known for its blue label, Nordic Berries, Green Apple, Lime, Blueberry and Raspberry. All these flavours go really well with lemonade and are really refreshing in the summer with some ice. Now for the science, Smirnoff starts with the best grain ..." Read review

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~Large One Please!~ Review with images

Advantagestastes smooth

Disadvantagesmore money

"...Morrinoff will surfice (Morrisons own). Smirnoff is relatively expensive compared to this make but of course you really can taste the different (...hang on a minut, that Sainsbury's!). Anyway I find that although vodka in general is pretty tasteless, opting for the Smirnoff brand over cheaper alternative does have some advantages. The cheaper brands of vodka are more often than not made with less alcohol per drink. They will have a 35 percentage ..." Read review

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Let me Introduce You to my Friend Vladimir

Advantagesgreat with almost anything and better than some of the paint stripper alternatives you can buy

DisadvantagesNone this is a great spirit...accept nothing less

"...on in I became a Smirnoff drinker! ==What is it?== Smirnoff is a brand of vodka with an ABV of 37.5%, despite its name, and it's history it is owned and produced by the British drinks company Diageo. As of 2006 it was the best selling distilled spirit brand in the world, being distributed to over 130 countries. There are so many different brands under the Smirnoff label, including Smirnoff Silver, Black, Blue and Red labels and also Smirnoff Ice; ..." Read review

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Community Level 5FORCE6


Another reason to increase your alcohol budget! Review with images

AdvantagesHigh alcoholic content

DisadvantagesVery mild taste

"== Another reason to increase your alcohol budget! == This is my very first alcohol review, so I hope it is up to scratch! (I would like to write more Vodka reviews in the future also!) === >> Taste, Smell… Well, it’s Vodka? It’s “the usual” ..." Read review

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My all time favourite vodka

AdvantagesClear, crisp vodka taste

DisadvantagesMore expensive than other vodkas

"...my vodka of choice is Smirnoff red label. This vodka is triple distilled and 37.5% ABV. Smirnoff red label is available in 50cl, 70cl and 1 litre bottles. The price for 1 litre ranges usually from around £16-21 depending on where you buy it. Most supermarkets will have it on offer in the run up to Christmas. During my student days, I experimented with cheaper vodkas, trying most brands that were available in my local supermarket, but I have always ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MoonMeeko


Smirnoff Vodka Everytime!

AdvantagesVery versatile

DisadvantagesExpensive in clubs, not nice on its own.

"Smirnoff Vodka is probably the meat and gravy of my night out when ever alcohol is involved, be it in a pub or house party then Smirnoff Vodka is normally what I end up drinking for the majority of the night! Smirnoff seems to be percieved as a top notch Vodka brand. If I had the option I would choose this brand everytime just because its one I'm very familiar with and its a brand I trust. Drinking Smirnoff Vodka on its own isn't particulary enjoyable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1G.A.A.C


Smirnoff- the much loved vodka!

AdvantagesAffordable, versatile, good flavour

DisadvantagesNot as smooth as the more expensive brands

"...just say a lot of Smirnoff Vodka was consumed! It has taken me a week to write about this delight spirit without feel nauseous!! I would say that Smirnoff is the most popular and affordable type of Vodka. If I had the money or inclination, I would probably consume a much more sophisticated type of Vodka. Smirnoff is now owned by Diageo (head quarters in London) who are the worlds largest producers of alcoholic beverages. Although Smirnoff is now ..." Read review

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Smirnoff Red Label Vodka

Advantagesdoes the job right!

Disadvantagesto much can make you too sick

"Smirnoff is owned and produced by a British company but did start off in Moscow, Russia and is the best selling distilled spirit in the world today. This is 47.5% alcohol and triple filtered to get the best taste it can, so this will certainly do the job you're hoping for. Although I am not a student myself I am 19 and of course you all know what that means, party! and I certainly do. I have very particular with certain alcoholic beverages I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2luisa.kear...


smooth, refreshing, vesatile blend

Advantagesdelicious smooth blend that can be mixed with anything

Disadvantagesthe price can sometimes be expensive

"...MONEY I personally think that although Smirnoff can be pricey in some stores, it is worth the money. Because vodka, especially plain vodka is so versatile, you can do so much with it and mix it with a range of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, that I think it is well worth the money! The packaging is very nice, as I like to see plain vodka in clear bottles with red labels, which for me makes it easier to refer to the flavour of vodka, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2carriebrad...


Smirnoff vodka, need I say more?!

AdvantagesGreat taste, vodka makes you feel warm inside, lovely kick without feeling overpowering.

Disadvantagesa bit more expensive in the shops, but it's worth it.

"...I'm a huge fan of Smirnoff vodka, in fact I cant abide any other brand. When you get used to the taste, it's difficult to shake. And all the other vodka leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Vodka is my drink. I drink it generally with diet coke (attempts to avoid calories, though vodka is fattening in itself lol), lemonade, occassionally juice. Vodka is difficult in that it has to have a mixer though. I wouldnt ideally choose to drink fizzy ..." Read review

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