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Community Level 5peppermint


Learn how to be a good little boy

Advantagesdead easy to learn and lots of fun

Disadvantagesmuch harder to bash children with lots of moral overtones in the modern versions!

"...Now play that game of Snakes and Ladders and learn how to be a good child for mummy and daddy! So was the intention behind Snakes and Ladders, as a Victorian game to develop good morals in young children. Snakes and Ladders was one of my favourite games as a child, and is still popular today. It's a simple game which children can pick up very easily, and seem to be drawn towards. Basically, you have a board of 100 squares, in a 10 by 10 formation. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jimbuck


The Ups And Downs Of Life

AdvantagesEasy fun game to play


"...should update this opinion on Snakes and Ladders to show what a clever smart arse I am. Known as Heaven and Hell in India, Snakes and Ladders is probably one of the oldest board games to grace our tables and keep the younger children amused. It can be played by anyone who can count and throw a die. (Dice is plural of die) The board about 18 inches square is divided up into 100 squares and numbered thus starting at the bottom left hand corner ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Dawson


You just need to know when to lay off

AdvantagesSimple, fun

DisadvantagesToo Simple

"...it's Good Well, if there weren't snakes and ladders it would be a bit crap wouldn't it? Its good because if you get some guy who can throw sixes constantly, he can get himself a snake and lose to you. Or you could get a sneaky ladder and whoop him. Why It's Not lets face it - its extremely limited, Five year olds play this game - and are bored by it. Maybe its because it so good they play it a lot - or maybe not. So - Which? I like ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Robertpowles


A game of good and evil

AdvantagesFun for kids

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...ladders represented good, and the snakes represented various forms of evil. It is a Hindu game used to teach children about religion in that the good squares allowed the player to rise higher in life, whereas evil will send a player back down. The 100th square presumably represents Nirvana. The Victorians took to the game when it was published here in Britain in 1892. THE GAME ~~~~~~~ Well, now you've had your history lesson, I'll tell you ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Old fave

AdvantagesCan't think of any

DisadvantagesDULL, DULL, DULL

"...moving pictures. In the current climate, Snakes and Ladders has been sadly relegated to the subs' bench by such bizarrely named beasts as Banjo Kazooiee (apparently named after something George Formby mumbmled incoherently when he broke a string on his ukelele). Snakes and Ladders is an astoundingly simple board game and it can be played by any number of contestants. The idea is that each player takes it in turns to roll the dice to determine ..." Read review

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Community Level 7wampyrii


A classic



"...has heard of or played snakes and ladders at least once in their life? Oh well for those who haven't here are the basics. You have a board with a hundred squares on it, a counter for each player and a pair of dice. At various places throughout the board there are ladders, which lead up to a square higher up the board and snakes, which lead down to a square lower down the board. Players roll the dice and move the counter the number of squares they ..." Read review

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Community Level 4SecretForm...


take the ups with the downs!



"Well snakes and ladders must have been one of the first games that i can ever remember playing. Didn't you just cringe when you opened that board and you saw the longest snake on the board - oh no!! but then eyes lit when you saw the longest ladder!!! It has to be the best of classic board games. You could have been 2 squares from winning and then you ended up about 3/4 rows further down!!!! The game kept you hooked right up till the end because it ..." Read review

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Community Level 3scoobyman


Opinion from a confused guy

AdvantagesHas the mystery appeal for children

DisadvantagesThe magic kinda fades as you grow up

"...mysteries I guess. Not snakes and ladders, but why on earth I am sitting here close on midnight, writing an opinion on snakes and ladders. Somethings not right - but bear with me. I have an opinion on the game, therefore I'm entitled to write about it. The game itself is really quite complex. You roll a die. You move that number of spaces. If you finish on a ladder, you go to the top of the ladder. If you finish on a snakes head - you go down to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2KatieB



AdvantagesGood all round fun

Disadvantagescan get boring for grownups

"Snakes and Ladders, this is the classic family game!! suitable for every age range, particularly young children. The kids will love the bright colors and pictures on the board and although it may seem a little tedious for parents and adults, it is very exciting for kids to play a few games. The classic game, it will provide everybody with entertainment other than PC's, consoles or television. Games like these are classic and are good value and great ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Outspoken1


Good, educational fun for young children

AdvantagesTeaches your children to count and maybe be artistic

DisadvantagesPlay it too much and you'll have nightmares

"Good fun for young kids, teaching them to count and to obey rules - Why not take it one stage further and allow them to draw their own boards and number them? The rules of this game are very simple. You throw a die and count your way up the board - If you land at the foot of a ladder you climb it and if you land on the head of a snake you slide down it. If your child masters counting up to six you could always play it with two dice. Please remember ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kitkat


number fun



"...Anyone can have fun playing snakes and ladders but especially kids. The aim is to get to square 100 starting at square 1. You go up the ladders if they are on your square and you go down the snakes if they are on the square. The winner is the one that reaches square 100 first. This game always manages to keep a young kid amused for at least 30 minutes which is quite a length of time for someone that age. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ergot


Great for kids.

AdvantagesGreat for all ages to play.

DisadvantagesCan get boring quickly

"Snakes and ladders is a great game for children and can keep them occupied for hours. However older people might not find it such fun, but it is still a good way for families of all ages to sit down and play a game togther as the rules are very simple and there is little intense thought needed (except when trying to work out if your uncle or brother really has cheated and moved his counter on). Gets a bit boring if played over and over with no ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Nuttytart_...


snakes and ladders

Advantagescheap to buy, fun

Disadvantagescan get boring

"Snakes and ladders, the two objects don't really go together do they so why create a game involving them? I first played this game when i was about 8 years old. its fairly simple game to learn how to play and is suitable for all ages. The idea of the game is some what simple. There is a board consisting of 100 squares, set out in rows and columns of 10. The idea of the game is to get from one to 100, using the dice. However there are certain obstacle ..." Read review

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Community Level 2robjlawler





"Ok so there is not much skill involved in this game at all, it is just the luck you have when you throw the dice, but the game does have its advantages. Firstly the game is often played by small children who are yet to or in the process of learning to count and seeing anll the numbers laid out in order on a board could help many people learn to count. The game also has a lighter and fun element to it with the fact that it is the first person to reach ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jimstrong


A game of life

AdvantagesGreat fun classic

DisadvantagesGets tedious

"Snakes and ladders is a true classic, possiby the best childrens game ever. It is great fun and is very visual for kids to understand. This said it can be immensley annoying and when you are so close to the top and slide down the biggest snake there is.! Its just like real life.! My goodness, is it really a psychological toy that teaches us from an early age to deal with disappointment.? Possibly. The only thing i know is that it is great for keeping ..." Read review

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