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Community Level 6littlexen


Please allow me to snoop

Advantagessimple installation, easy to use, detects all speed cameras up to 2 miles away

Disadvantagesbleeps an clicks are annoying

"...I bought a second hand Snooper S5-R from my brother in law, a device he had used without issue for 3 years. When originally purchased it cost £199.99, yet I managed with a sweet smile and much begging to get it for £50. The Snooper is a small black box powered from the cigarette lighter of the car and sits on the dashboard alerting the driver to static speed cameras (GATSO) and mobile laser speed cameras. When I say that the box is small I mean ..." Read review

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Community Level 6angeelu


It's Ok To Snoop...

AdvantagesA great gadget that can alert you to accident blackspots, Can help you not to get points on your licence, Fascinating to see how many cameras aren't active

DisadvantagesExpensive, Prone to false alarms (though these still make you keep an eye on your speed!)

"Snooper make products that detect radars... now, before you all start thinking they are illegal toys for boy racers, think again. Snooper products are perfectly legal in the UK and it's apparantly statistically proven that drivers who use these sorts of products are less likely to be involved in an accident - a UK survey was conducted in March 2001 by MORI that concluded radar detector users had 24% fewer accidents than none radar detector users. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mstocker


Complete waste of money


DisadvantagesCheap build, doesn't do the job, very annoying!

"...detectors, I opted for the Snooper S5-R which is made by Performance Products of Runcorn - a device which is supposedly the culmination of years of research and development. I had my doubts about its likely performance, as the few internet reviews etc that I could find seemed to rate it highly, but on digging a bit further, often seemed to come from sites that were affiliated/sponsored by the manufacturer. However, I decided to give it a shot, as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1danjo1974


excellent value for the money and easy to install

Advantagesalerts you to speed cameras from a good distance, easily fitted, hardly any false alerts

Disadvantagescan pick up signals from traffic lights, and a few roadside fixtures

"i bought this snooper s5r as i was reccomended it by a well known vehicle spares store. i did originally purchase another brand which was £400 but that one was based on the public entering details to download onto the actual unit so not actuall alerting you to all speed cameras. so i decided to take it back as i was having problems with it powering up anyway. i talked to the salesman and he reccomended the snooper s5r as it was new on the market and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tentonne


Brake.....it's okay, it's only an Esso Garage

AdvantagesEasy to install

DisadvantagesMistakes petrol stations for Gatsos

"...have been given a new Snooper rather than having had to fork out nearly £200. However, I found it to be incredibly frustrating because although it did forewarn of both gatso and mobile speed cameras it also mistook petrol stations for cameras as well. I nearly became a paranoid, gibbering wreck, on any journey lasting more than 10 minutes when I could have thought that the whole of the Hampshire Constabulary traffic division were hunting me. Please ..." Read review

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Community Level 1phil2006


dont waste your money



"I heard the hype and thought it must be somthing, after parting with £199.00 I could not wait to try it. I drive a route to work passing six gatso cameras and detected none.I borrowed a friends bel 550 it found them all I have been in touch with the supplier and performance products who have been as useless as the sr5 itself . I have since trawled the internet and found many negative reveiws on this product,my advice would be think long and hard ..." Read review

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