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Solph addict - My story

AdvantagesDefinatly cures pains


"...this sound familiar?  I take Solpadeine daily, every 4 to 6 hours.  I always have some pills with me, just incase I feel a headache coming on.  If I don't take Solpadeine in the morning then I will get a headache.  I prefer the soluble form of Solpadeine, it works better for me.  I buy Solpadeine on a regular basis, and have to go to different Chemists so they don't get suspicious.  I try ..." Read review

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Headache?If no massage available..try Solpadeine! Review with images

AdvantagesStrong over the counter pain relief

DisadvantagesCan be addictive... Taste Bleurghh!

"...and have just taken 2 Solpadeine Max* Many years ago I discovered Sophadeine Soluble. Made by GlaxoSmithKline, It was given to me on prescription after I had decided to pass out right next a large bike complete with cross bar. I woke straddled across it, and had broken and crossed 2 ribs. The hospital had prescribed it along with a jovial quip of "God you don't do things by halves do you?" Its pain relief was really effective and I managed to nurse ..." Read review

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Potent pain relief

AdvantagesEffective and fast pain relief, available from pharmacists

DisadvantagesVile taste, potential dangers of overdose or addiction

"I only came across Solpadeine about eight months ago, when my husband's dentist recommended it to him after a wisdom tooth extraction. As it turned out, although we bought a pack, my husband didn't need to use it. However a week or so later I developed a stinker of a migraine which refused to respond to my more normal remedies. I had run out of Migraleve, my previous 'last resort', and had a busy, somewhat stressful day ahead which I knew would make ..." Read review

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A Solpadeine Addict's Tale and how I got cured

AdvantagesVery effective pain relief

DisadvantagesHighly addictive, use with caution

"...the habit of taking 6-8 Solpadeine every day of my life, plus Syndol at night for sleep (which also contains codeine). For those unfamiliar with Solpadeine, they are an over the counter pain remedy whose active ingredients per tablet are: 500mg Paracetamol, Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate 8mg and Caffeine 30mg. I should know, I took them for nearly 25 years, and couldn’t stop. Of course the headaches I kept getting were ‘rebound headaches’, but as long ..." Read review

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Quick review of Solpadeine

"Hello, I am writing this note as i know that my partner cannot do without taking Solpadeine regularly on a daily basis. It is really upsetting me and i have spoken to him about it. He said that he will stop taking them because i told him how concerned i am. However, i know that he hasnt stopped and is taking them in work or when i'm not around. I found a box of 24 with 2 left in it. I asked him was he addicted to them and he said 'yes, i suppose i am'. I am well up on the very harmful effects they cause in excess. He also smokes quite heavily and likes alcohol too. It worries me the concoction of all of these together. Can someone please give me advise...

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Community Level 2Rushworth


These are highly addictive

AdvantagesExcellent Painkillers, easy to take

DisadvantagesAddictive - HIGHLY

"Solpadeine are sold over the counter in all chemists. They come in a red and white box and contain the active ingredients paracetamol (Ph Eur 500 mg), caffeine (30 mg) and codeine (8mg). There is now a Solpadeine max, which has 12.8 mg of Codeine in. They come in a caplet form, which you swallow - or you can buy them in a fizzy base, which you add to water and drink. The boxes come in 12, 24 or 60 sizes. These are the price for the soluable, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2genn133423


Great if you hate swallowing tablets!

AdvantagesThe best painkiller available over the counter

Disadvantagescan be slightly addictive, unpleasant taste

"...of choking-so when I discovered Solpadeine in a soluable tablet form-I was pretty pleased. I I always buy a pack of 16 tablets from my local Sainsburys for £2-99-not too high a price, in my book, as these really do clear a headache in about half an hour. Solpadeine can be used to treat a wide range of painful ailments-headache, migraine(only ok if you take before it really sets in),period pain, flu symptoms(they will reduce a high temperature ..." Read review

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