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Variety of music
Facilities (campsite, toilets, creche, etc.)
Sound quality/rigging of stages

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Get ready to rock! - It'sthe Sonisphere Festival

AdvantagesLarge amount of bands in one place, fun weekend away

Disadvantagesthe usual toilets, rain=mud

"Knebworth House in Hertfordshire is a gothic mansion of the Lytton family once lived in by Edward Bulwar Lytton who wrote “the pen is mightier than the sword”. The house along with it’s gardens is open to the general public for most of the year and frequently holds events such as wood carving exhibitions, car shows and fairs. Courtesy of www.knebworthhouse.comThis all may seem very usual of some larger stately homes now but may surprise you is that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1banksy800


Sonisphere - A few bands before the big review!

AdvantagesGreat site. Great atmosphere. Stage staggering works brilliantly. Well organised.

DisadvantagesPoor sound on second stage. Food still over priced as with all festivals.

"...heightened by today’s appearance at Sonisphere, the large crowd gathered to see Benji and co on stage just shows how popular the band are slowly but surely becoming. Bouncing is the main priority today, and the crowd obey orders, bouncing along with the reggae metal beats, singing along every word. A sparkling set from a band with much promise. Taking Back Sunday I need to stop going to Taking Back Sunday gigs expecting to enjoy it, because every ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sandman605


Sonisphere pulls it out the bag for the greatest weekend ever!

Advantagesamazing bands, lots of booze, a fantastic atmosphere

DisadvantagesIt had to end, Expensive, The Fab four (beatles tribute)

"Where do I start ? well i can only really begin by telling you that for any rock/ metal fan who went this was possible the best weekend ever. between the amazing bands playing, the constant flow of booze and the sense that evreyone was there for the same sole reason just made it fantastic. Early bird ticket and Thursdays frolics: Buying the early bird ticket gave me the oppurtunity to arrive first, a day before any band started to play. Evreyone ..." Read review

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