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Community Level 6angeelu


High Hopes, But Let Down...

Advantages3G, Lots of features, Looks different, Easy to use

DisadvantagesDisappointing, Poor signal quality, Poor camera, Themes/Ringtones don't show off the phone's capabilities

"...- I love new toys! My Sony Ericsson k600i arrived and, patiently for me I let it fully charge before playing with it! I'd done some research on the internet and was looking forward to the change from my very reliable Nokia 7610 which I really liked. I was impressed with the way you could 'try' the phone virtually at www.sonyericsson.co.uk and the phone seemed what I was after. I knew it would take a bit of getting used to changing brands from Nokia, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4grovej


How small can they go Review with images

AdvantagesSize, this is a little fella for a 3G phone

DisadvantagesEdge by ear piece is uncomfortable, no memory expansion

"So my Nokia 6630 was getting on my nerves due to it's size and weight but before the release of the K600i there was not much choice in relation to small and light 3G phones. So SonyEricsson do it again and release a phone that redefines the boundaries of size and functionality. -------------Look and Feel------------- The K600i comes is a small package 104.3 x 45 x 19.2 mm this is just slightly larger than the SonyEricsson T610 which in my eyes ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Lynnie27


The 3G phone just got sexy! Review with images

AdvantagesClear screen, great looks, 3G

Disadvantages3G not available in some areas

"...especially as I have owned Sony Ericsson phones in the past, but even for a new user, it's not a difficult phone to master. The joystick under the screen feels very solid and is easy to press, yet comfortable to work with, I found this better than most others I had used. One press took me to the main menu but I also found that there was a button on the left hand side of the screen which lists any new events (messages etc.), shortcuts (you can set ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Blackcat01


Sony Ericsson K608i

AdvantagesReletively light, easily readable screen, MP3 player to upload your own music for ringtones, etc, good quality video camera when set on small mode

DisadvantagesBad signal strength, very poor static camera, battery life is poor and phone gives no warning when its about to die.

"I got this phone free with 3 when I changed over from Orange. Initially all was well but I soon found the battery life poor, the phone does not tell you when the battery is about to die and if you have around 75 % of life left, it will die during a 30 min conversation. You can fully charge it in two hours, but having no low battery warning option is rather strange in this day and age. Other problems have been cutting out during calls, ( evidently ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pink_bear_...


A Sex and The City style phone!

AdvantagesLooks good, good battery life, lots of features

DisadvantagesMemory could be a bit larger

"...I knew I wanted a Sony Ericsson phone. I'm not the kind of person that wants what everyone else has, I want something a little different. I was originally going to have either the k750i or the w800i...yet everywhere I looked, people had these phones! I was offered this phone and my first thoughts were "Wow!" It looks absolutely fantastic, a change from the normal plasticy looking phones. It's very sleek and the metallic finish is quite matt, it's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BelgischeF...

Quick review of Sony Ericsson K600i

"I have this phone for about 1,5 year now. The basic functionalities are good (calling quality & text messaging), but forget about the extras. The camera quality is really bad. It was much worse than I expected, especially when taking pictures when there is not much light. I have not had a chance to use the video conference feature as somehow my provider (O2) doesn't allow me to use it (I have 3G services enabled in my contract though).

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Community Level 1eddyduck84


Best phone I ever had, while it lasted!

Advantagesdelightful little light skinny sexy funky easy to use phonetastic thingy!

Disadvantagestick tock the joystick did stop

"...new phone, it wasnt another sony ericson. the joystick just isnt cut out for gamers like me... and as a result the phone of my dreams lasted but 5 months... so i got a new one!!! how i wish it would last for ever, i'd have it again tomorrow!!! Did i mention its really small and darn sexy too? *sigh* ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saintsi88


Another great Sony Ericsson

AdvantagesSmall and Compact, Excellent Features, Value for Money

DisadvantagesI do not live in a 3g coverage area :(, No card slot and only 33mb internal memory

"When the screen on my Sony Ericsson T610 shattered the insurance company gave me £70 to find a new phone. I searched for a few days before stumbling upon this k600i on Phones4u.co.uk for £60 on PAYG! Being a bit of a Sony Ericsson fan I snapped it up an eagerly awaited its arrival. When it arrived next day I was not disapointed. It has a huge number of features, too many to name here. Amongst my favourites are the video/still camera which produces ..." Read review

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Community Level 1arattan


Sony Ericcson K608i on 3

AdvantagesStylish, good mp3,

Disadvantageslow memory, weak shell, unreliable menu button.

"...I decided to get the Sony Ericsson K608i because it was, in my opinion, the best pay as you go handset available on 3. Eventhough it is easy to use and the menu is easy to navigate, the phone does have its problems. For instance the text messaging dictionary lacks some basic words which are found quite commonly on other phones. also, abbreviations are not recognised on the predictive text method. After a few months I notice that the menu control ..." Read review

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Community Level 1melnevs


waste of a phone!

Advantagesvery small for 3G, nice design

Disadvantagesno expandable memory, slow software

"On paper the phones seems great with its 3G capabilities and it large screen 1.3 mega pixel camera etc, but I have to say that this is possibly one of the worst phones that i have ever owned. First of all the phone has no expandable memory! its seems a bit strange really to make a 3G phone that the user will want to download videos onto and not have the option of a memory card. i downloaded 5 music videos and after that the memory was full! Also ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PhilThePen...


Good at the basics, won't make you a cup of tea

AdvantagesRobust, easy to navigate menus, good at basic functions

DisadvantagesPoor camera and music player, no PC link cable as standard

"I'm have to confess, I'm one of these people who sees a mobile phone as just that - a telephone (ok, and text messager!) that you can put in your pocket. In that capacity, the k600i does very well. The battery life is extremely good (several days on one charge with limited talk time), the keyboard is reliable for texting (though the stylish buttons could be a little larger), basic menu functions are easy to navigate and the metal casing means it'll ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jayokane


SE K600i - Continuing with Brand Loyalty

Advantages3G, Size, Reliability

DisadvantagesCan't add memory card. Camera not best available

"The K600i is the fifth SE handset I have owned and in all I have been very impressed with each and every one of them. It has the familiar SE interface, so navigating will be a breeze if you've upgraded from another SE phone. My previous 3G handset (Z1010) had a memory card slot for storing extra media. Sadly this device lacks that, but more than makes up for it with more built in storage. Size is another great feature of this new phone. It's a very ..." Read review

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Community Level 1muton


Old but great



"...looks ok, just like all sony ericssons. It feels very nice. It has about 30mb internal memory, unfortunatelly you can't exted that by adding memory card. It has most of the features - bluetooth, mp3s, 1mpx camera, 3G, etc. I found battery life to be excelent, phone lasted up to 4 days without charging and with normal use. The camera quality is very bad, photos are blurred and you need perfect sun light to make a decent photo. One of the features I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1l.smith1


Why Why Why

AdvantagesIt's very light!

DisadvantagesTalk time

"I bought this phone because the one I wanted on 3 was not in stock and I needed one straight away. This is the worse buy I have ever made in my life! Yes I know a mobile is to make calls and it does do that (sometimes!) but it's nice to have other things to play with on the phone. It didn't come with any games, luckly I was given free credit from 3 to download some games so that helps me out on the train, but this uses up a lot of the battery. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bublums6


Sony Ericsson

Advantagescompact, actual software easy to use, good rane of features

Disadvantagesjoystick can be fiddly, ring tones are poor

"From my perspective, physically, this phone is very stylish and has a significant amount of features. When I bought this phone, the promising camera quality really appealed to me and thus, the camera function isn't that bad. Rather, I think that it is quite good. One thing that disappointed me was the joystick style navigation key - although the actual software of the phone promises ease of use, the joystick can be quite fiddly to use and this lets ..." Read review

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