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Takes getting used to, but stylish and capable smartphone Review with images

AdvantagesHD video, great 8.1mpixel camera (*see review), small, light, looks stylish

DisadvantagesNot intuitive, a lot of sub-menus, no proper flash in the camera

"...phone. What attracted me to Sony Ericsson Vivaz (also known as U5i or Kurara) were its stylish slim line look and a promise that it can record videos in high definition. I had never before had a Sony Ericsson phone or accessed the internet on a mobile, so it was all very exciting for me. This phone costs up to £340 for the handset only, but luckily my dadís contract with Vodafone was nearing the end and he got it for me for free. I use my mobiles ..." Read review

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The stylish Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review with images

AdvantagesBest camera phone i have seen!

DisadvantagesSystem and touch screen a bit slow, no free apps.

"== The stylish Sony Ericsson Vivaz == === Introduction === I'm somebody who uses his phone a lot and I can't imagine my life without. Since the first time I used the Internet on my phone I simply got addicted and sometimes wonder why. Reading an email can wait until the evening and that message on Facebook isn't that important to read straight way. Accepting my addiction I decided to go for a phone that has Internet but is not the best Internet ..." Read review

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Looks Arent Everything



"...I have had other sony ericcson phones before and the battery life had been good, so this is definitely a negative point to this phone. I only really used this phone for mainly texting, using the wifi and other simple feature like checking the calender, calculator etc. The batterys life is indicated in the top right hand corner and when fully charged has about 7 bars of strength on. When this got down to about 3 bars of strength then itís time to panic! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cfrasca90


Good Camera Phone But That's it

Advantages8 Mega Pixel, HD 720p Recording. WIFI, Good Sound Quality

DisadvantagesTouch Screen slow, Texting, No Free Apps. App Store, Browser.

"...about my experience using the sony ericsson vivaz. I had this phone for 9 months, the main reason i bought the vivaz was because i am a lover of camera phones as well as being a big sony ericsson fan. === Ease of Use === In my time using the sony ericsson vivaz it took me a while to get used to the touch screen because it can be slow and sometimes unresponsive for example i would click the button to go into the media folder and nothing would happen ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lisacallow


Vivaz Las Sony

AdvantagesSleek, Shiny and Simple

DisadvantagesQWERTY keypad and scrollbars quite small for finger use.

"...and vivacious, terms the new Sony Ericsson video-phone definitely lends itself to being. Hailed as the first HD capable video-phone of it's kind, the Vivaz is one of several in the new collection of Sony mobiles with advanced camera capabilities, (it's cousin being the highly popular Satio incorporating the first 12.1 megapixel camera for still photography). The Vivaz boasts an 8.1 megapixel camera, HD capable and extremely adept in capturing high ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AnatolyDav


Allmighty, sexy Sony Ericsson VIVAZ - A to Z!

AdvantagesDisplay,features,battery,design,memoru card

DisadvantagesResistive type of dysplay,software annoying little gliches and inconviniences

"Sony Ericsson is a tandem of well known Swedish - Japanese electronics gigants Ericsson and Sony. For allmost ten years Sony Ericsson brand is well known,respected and trusted on cell phone market. But nevertheless for the last 2-3 years SE lost it`s positions dramatically due to it`s inability to make a balance between value for money and harsh reality about modern technologies that runs ahead not daily but hourly! SE cell phone design and phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1emzie1992


Too many glitches!

AdvantagesExcellent camera and video, good memory, some usefull features

Disadvantageslots of glitches, slow, unresponsive touchscreen

"I've now owned a Sony Ericsson Vivaz for about two months, and I cant wait to change it!! The phone does not live up to my expectations at all, and while it has some useful features it is deffinitely not worth the money in my oppinion. Features: - 8.1 megapixel camera ( with autofocus, touch focus, geotagging, and face and smile detection) - 1280 x720 video camera and HD recording - MP3 ringtones - FM radio - Selection of Apps - ..." Read review

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Community Level 1katsophiec...


Not worth it! Review with images

AdvantagesLooks great, great to hold, HD is awesome quality, good music quality, screen quality is great

DisadvantagesTouchcreen makes it hard navigation, hard to find music, plastic=cheap, charger port breaks easily

"...the past i have bought sony ericsson phones solely for their camera quality. And as usual this camera doesnt dissappoint at 8.1 megapixels its not the highest of the sony ericsson but it still does its job. The HD video is brilliant!! I recently went to see Muse and recorded a majority of the songs and i was amazed at the quality. To top it all off the phone came with a whopping 8 GB memory card so i could take thousands of pictures and record as ..." Read review

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Vivaz or not Vivaz...that is the question! Review with images

AdvantagesLight weight, small and compact.

DisadvantagesTo many to list.....

"I got my Sony Ericsson Vivaz a couple of months ago.....even thought my son told me not to! I wish I had listened to him now, because I totally hate it! What you get in the box. Phone Charger/USBcable (all in one) Headphones Sim card C.D rom with full instructions Quick set up manual. Stats. Brand: Sony Ericsson Operating system: Symbian Internal memory: 75mb External memory: Ja, microSD Camera: 8 megapixel HD camera Size: ..." Read review

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Community Level 1maz3105


Sony ericsson vivaz

Advantagesgreat camera, easy to use

Disadvantagestouchscreen sticking (only a couple of times though)

"In my opinion a good looking phone which is quite easy to use considering this was my first touchscreen. The camera is good (8 .1 megapixel) and the pictures come out great more often than not, the only problem I found was when photographing my two young children who find it difficult to sit still sometimes, the pics are a little blurry but not as bad as some phones Ive used. I found the on/off button to be a little tricky and it doesnt always ..." Read review

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Community Level 1HelpfulHor...


The Evidence:

AdvantagesThe phone sits nicely in the hand. Camera good for amateur photography.

DisadvantagesTouchscreen tough to use. Charger input has broken on two occasions before.

"The Sony erisson Vivaz is a little smartphone with a good camera and a nice range of features. It has acces to twitter and facebook can be used to. The five home screens are nice because they allow you to customize your phone, making it smooth to use. The plastic back casing of the phone doesnt feel very stable however, and if you are prone to dropping your phone can become slightly loose and it scratches easily. The touchscreen ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dbchud7


Tough decision moving from the first generation iPhone back to SE Review with images

AdvantagesVery good camera, nice design

DisadvantagesTakes a while to get used to, switches itself off, not an iPhone!

"I have had the SonyEricsson Vivaz Silver for about 2 weeks now and have finally got used to it, the change from the iPhone back to SonyEricsson was harder than I thought. The Vivaz is my 4th SE phone. The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Vivaz was that the touch screen was (is) much less sensitive that that of the iPhone so it takes a bit of getting used to, but when you figure it out itís very good and I prefer the SonyEricsson touch ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Riksta1


A smaller, more stylish iPhone with awesome camera

AdvantagesLightweight, stylish, very cool once you get used to it

DisadvantagesBattery indicator is useless and random screen rotations are annoying

"Deciding whether to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS or another SonyEricsson was a hard decision, but I was eventually swayed by the camera of the Vivaz. I'm not die hard enough to carry around a high spec digital camera, but I do take a lot of photos so a decent camera is important. The photos I've taken in the past few weeks have turned out pretty good, noticeably better than the 5MP of my old K850i. There also some cool features like face detection and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nicky9876


Sony Ericsson Vivaz - Good quality phone

AdvantagesStylish look, available in several colours, many different features, easy to use, brilliant camera

DisadvantagesCharger point problems

"I have always previously had Sony Ericsson mobile phone's so didnt think twice when gettin the vivaz. I have it on contract and found that the contracts for this phone were good for the money you pay suggesting its good value for money. I believe that this phone is easy to use as all of the features are categorized which makes it easy and simple to use. If you do not know how to use a particular application there is always a help option which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1natz96


Vivaz Las Vegaz

AdvantagesHD video, widescreen touch querty keyboard, looks AMAZING!

Disadvantagesno app store, no camera flash

"Sony Ericsson really hit the mark when they release the Vivaz. It may not be the phone with the most features, and is certainly no comparison to the iPhone, but it just looks SO amazing! Looks: I have a silver Vivaz, however different tariffs have a 'Limited Edition' colour. For example Vodafone have a red Vivaz. Carphone Warehouse have a black Vivaz and O2 have a blue one. Silver is the standard colour. The camera lens is part of the curved ..." Read review

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