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Better as a Walkman than to Talk, Man Diamond review

AdvantagesVery good as an mp3 player

DisadvantagesNot so good as a mobile phone

"...for me now owning a Sony Ericsson w810i mobile phone. I had been using the same phone, a beat up old Nokia, for more than 5 years and needed something new, as the battery had faded so much that it was next to useless. Not owning a digital camera or a portable music player made me turn my attention to the music phones on the market. I eventually settled on the w810i for a number of reasons. My flatmate had the old k750i, which was a pretty impressive ..." Read review

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Community Level 4alan74


Black Sleek & Stylish Sony Ericsson Get It Spot On Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesHuge Memory, Stylish, Crystal Clear Speaker System, Great Accessories


"...be used with the New Sony Play Station I believe. More about the memory later on… It also works on the following networks; • EDGE • GSM 850 • GSM 900 • GSM 1800 • GSM 1900 Most of this makes no real difference to us of course and is all preset for us, but it's nice to know you can use it anywhere in the world. It is worth noting that the EDGE technology makes the use of surfing the net on the phone much, much ..." Read review

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The W810i Walkman Phone Review with images

AdvantagesGreat phone, looks good, great features.


"*** Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman Phone *** After about a year of owning a Sony Ericsson K750i phone I decided it was time for a change and after an evening spent on the net looking up phones I finally decided on the Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone in White. My initial reasons being that it was Sony Ericsson and it was a walkman phone so I would be able to store more songs on and use the walkman at work instead of taking my mp3 player in. So I ..." Read review

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W810i - Just keeps going...

AdvantagesDurable, sleek, easy

Disadvantagesslightly out dated and scratched

"...information - check out the sony ericsson website. Firstly, it's sleek design means that you can put it in your trouser pocket and it doesn't look bizarre, plus it's fairly light compared to others. The screen is large but scratches easily - clarity's great at the beginning but mine got marked by just loose change which now slightly obscures the view. At first, I found the buttons slightly annoying because they're opposite to Nokia - which I was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1terri9180


Love it already!!!!

AdvantagesDesign, Battery Life and Walkman Function

DisadvantagesCamera and MP3 Software

"...the predictive text function on Sony Ericsson handsets, and think that even if you are used to another manufacturers phones its pretty easy to get to grips with. Functionality As I mentioned earlier, the menu system is a little different, file manager is split into where the items are stored......but other than that, it's pretty much he same as previous Sony Ericssons. If you've never had a SE before, it's really user-friendly, and I haven't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2shister_not


The Great W810i

AdvantagesGreat storaage, a plethora of features

DisadvantagesIt's qiuite popular so you won't be unique by having it

"This is the first phone that I ever purchased my self and must say that it was worth the 50 pounds that I purchased it for. The W810i is most certainly a phone worth having. The first thing that you notice about this particular phone is the appearance. Whether of not you like the appearance is completely subjective. I personally think that the design was a step from the predecessor (mainly orange; a bit much). I like the fact that the design is ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sjp1966


White Sony Ericsson W810i

Advantagesbuild quality, walkman feature, most buttons good for big fingers

Disadvantageswalkman activation button easy to press when you dont want it

"...below, specs are from the sony ericsson website. The box also comes with a PC suite CD that allows you to sync your phone with your computer, you can also sync address books, I do this with outlook for calendar and address books, I am not sure what other email clients it works with. Battery life is pretty good, I would say on a daily basis I send about 30 texts and am on the phone for about 20 minutes, I charge the phone about once every 3 days ..." Read review

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Community Level 4charlotte_...


Sony Ericsson W810i

AdvantagesGood battery, camera and walkman

DisadvantagesFroze a couple of times

"The Sony Ericsson w810i is a brilliant little phone! I got the satin black model on an upgrade of my existing contract with T-mobile a while ago now. Its the second sony ericsson that I've had as for years I always stuck with Nokia. The first Sony Ericsson I got was from the 'K' range that they do and it took a lot of getting used to after using Nokia for so long but after getting to grips with how the menus are layed out its really easy. I liked ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jaguarchal...


A good little phone for using every day! Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use, Walkman

DisadvantagesBattery life

"... As with just about all Sony Ericsson phones, one of the main features of it is the MP3 walkman facility. Although i very rarely use it as a walkman, it is easy to use, it sounds good enough, so what more can you ask for. although the phones memory is a very poor 20MB, enough for approximately 20 minutes of music (if you have nothing else on there) my phone came with a 512MB memory card which is plenty for most people, if not, you can buy a 1GB stick, ..." Read review

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Simple MP3 phone from Sony Ericsson

AdvantagesGreat battery life, quick, bright torch, Easy to use, Good sound quality, Robust

DisadvantagesCamera not very good, MP3 player button position

"==SONY ERICSSON W810i== The Sony Ericsson W810i is an early Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson. Mine was originally obtained from a contract a few years back but it's currently worth around £70 when bought new, but much less on eBay. It's a candy bar phone with a camera and the ability of playing MP3s out loud. ==NAVIGATION== Navigation is very zippy and I've not experienced any crashes. Moving from screen to screen and selecting the desired options ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cooldude28




DisadvantagesSome may have difficulties!

"The Sony Erricson Walkman W810i phone is amazing. Before owning this I had the rubbish Motorola L6, and upgrading so much was amazing. I had so much more to do on my phone now. You may see alot of people with it, that might show that it is so good. I bought my W810i from Carphone Warehouse back in January 2007, at £140, and it is still working perfectly with no faults. This phone has some great features, which most phones fail to achieve. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moneybags_82


Snazzy Little Number

Advantages2megapixel camera, clear screen, small and compact, walkman feature

DisadvantagesWalkman button being part of the button to answer calls

"...Unlike my previous phone, the Sony Ericsson allows you to zoom in when the photo has been taken. For ease, there is a button on the side of the phone which allows you to jump straight to the camera facility, saves you going through the menus. The phone also allows you to change the effect of the photo you wish to take. You have the choice of none at all, black and white, negative, sepia, solarize. These features are fun to play around with but I do ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sunderland...


Sony Ericcson W810i - Stood the test of time

AdvantagesReliable, Robust, Easy to Use, Good Battery Life

DisadvantagesNot 3G (Is that a bad thing?)

"I bought my W810i as an upgrade from a K700 back in May 2006. The first thing I noticed about the phone was it's amazing sound quality when used as a walkman. For a mobile phone this was a leap forward in quality of sound from such a simple device. I've used the phone every day since then and most days I listen to music for about an hour, usually when travelling with work. So what else was good about the phone. Well, most things. Features wise ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lizzyangel...



Advantages Shortcut Buttons on Phone, MP3 Player

Disadvantagesaccidently starting walkman can be embarassing

"...who have previous experience of Sony Ericson phones will know where certain features are located, but not to fear if you don't it's easy to adjust. A particular favourite of mine was the ability to set 'themes'. These are like a continuation to the wallpaper, for instance you can have an aquarium them which is your desktop and continues through when you open the main menu or look at messages. Also enables you to equip screensavers which are animated. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3shellbell2


Never drop your phone in the Sink or....

AdvantagesLovely looking and it works well too

DisadvantagesMy mum can find me wherever I am

"...replace my W800i aka Mr Sony Ericsson 1st who had a tragic accident by way of trying to learn to swim in PIQ's sink. It's a well known fact that not having arms and legs, mobile phones are notoriously bad at swimming, so sadly I had to say goodbye to Mr Sony Ericsson 1st and all my numbers, appointments (sorry to anyone who I didn't turn up for something for) and cool ringtones. Having got on very well with this phone I chose the nearest replacement ..." Read review

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