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Community Level 2surgilatoruk


Best 14" TV I've ever seen in my 15 years...

AdvantagesExcellent picture, sound and build quality - You get what you pay for

DisadvantagesFairly heavy

"...for the TV to be Sony brand, as we have a Sony television as the main TV in the front room and we have been happy with it since day 1. The model I found in the local Comet was this Sony KV14LT1. It had all the features I wanted – and even more than I expected – it had a flat screen, teletext, was of the Sony brand (obviously!), and also had more features such as SCART sockets and AV sockets for connecting things like camcorders or games consoles without ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pcwiz11


Top Telly

AdvantagesPretty Good Image Quality, Sound Quality, Design, Build Quality

DisadvantagesAnalogue Tuner, 4:3 Aspect Ratio, Weight, Depth, Slightly Fuzzy Images

"We recently were given this TV for the bedroom. In this review I'll tell you what I think of it. On the plus side the image quality even if a little fuzzy is still perfectly acceptable. The sound quality is also very good considering it's monular. The TV looks very good and there is a wide variety of buttons on the front which is nice to see as most TVs now have one or no buttons on them. Finally, there's plenty of ports on the TV for all your DVD ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Forthright


Crisp clear viewing

AdvantagesBeautifully crystal clear picture sharper than any other television

DisadvantagesClear though the picture is it is only a 14" screen

"The Sony KV-14LT1 14" Portable TV has the clearest, sharpest picture of any television around. The clarity of the picture makes up for the smaller size of the screen. It is not a cheap portable but if a good quality picture from a screen that doesn't dominate the room is what is wanted, this is a good choice. The flat screen gives a good wide angle of viewing. The sound quality is good for its size. It is a well-styled, neat, portable television with ..." Read review

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Replacement Remote Control for Sony KV14LT1E

Replacement Remote Control for Sony KV14LT1E

This Classic® remote control is a replacement which will operate ALL the functions of the ... more

original Sony KV14LT1E remote. It does not need
any form of programming - just insert batteries
and it is ready to use.The Classic® range of
remote controls has been a popular choice of the
professional TV servicing industry across Europe
for over a decade. Unlike more generic
replacements, each individual Classic® remote
control is custom-designed to operate EVERY
function of the original remote that they replace.
The case style itself has been designed for
sturdiness and reliability, whilst the buttons and
text are optimised for visibility and ease of use.
To meet the demands of the servicing industry, the
materials and components used within the remote
are carefully specified to produce a thoroughly
reliable product.Usage notes: As a replacement for
the Sony KV14LT1E remote, the position of some
buttons may be different to the original remote
control. Where one Classic® remote control
replaces a handful of original remote controls,
some with more features than others, there may be
one or two buttons which in some cases are
redundant. This remote control is an economic,
functional replacement (i.e. not a Sony branded
original remote control). Please view the product
image to see the part which will be supplied.

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Postage & Packaging:  £2.50
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New Remote Control for the Sony KV14LT1U

New Remote Control for the Sony KV14LT1U

No longer do you have to choose between going without a remote control or purchasing an ... more

expensive original remote. The Simply-All
replacement remotes are electronically identical
to the original and provide all the same
functionality at a fraction of the price. We have
an extensive database of remote controls that is
being constantly updated so please contact us if
you cannot find the model you are looking for.

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