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AdvantagesRich bass sound - clear quality - superb price


"...earphones that came with my Sony MP3 player. I saw these whilst browsing and noted that a significant amount of reviewers commented on the impressive bass. I really do like a good bass sound when listening to rock music in particular. As the price and design were most certainly right I decided to give these a whirl. ===Short word on the package=== Small. There you go. I like minimalist packaging and this is what you get. Transparent quality plastic ..." Read review

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Community Level 6carl.mcqueen


Sony MDR-E 818 LP

AdvantagesCheap, so far reliable

DisadvantagesNothing special

"...while exercising, skating or dancing. Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuitry uses sound chamber and ducts for improved efficiency, gets high sonic output from your portable stereo. Silent Cap prevents sound leakage, makes your music less likely to disturb your neighbors. Neodymium magnet assures maximum energy in minimum size. Neodymium is far more powerful than conventional Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets." Well that all sounds delicious and ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sirmitchalot



AdvantagesGood sound for none gold plated, cheap and Sony

DisadvantagesHad two pairs break on me

"...for £7- and they were Sony as well. Because I was skint I decided to get these and if they sucked, then later on I would get a better pair when I would afford it. Now let me tell you something, the selection of decent earphones these days is pretty small. Every company seems to be obsessesed with making earphones with those rubber cushions on- which I hate. They always fall out of my ears and end up covered in ear wax, plus when the rubber went on ..." Read review

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Wheres the black furry bits girls! Review with images


DisadvantagesLow volume

"...recently purchased the final ever Sony cassette Walkman model and because the generic Sony headphones provided weren't top of the range and all a bit tinny I decided to upgrade in the hope of more volume boost, health & safety meaning the Walkman couldn't really deliver the required heavy rock levels, the stuff I like. The biggest issue with ear-plug mini headphones for me is they no loner supply the little black foam bits to cover the heads. They ..." Read review

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Sony MDR-E818LP

Advantagescheap and cheerful

Disadvantagesnot the best but good for the price

"...purchase was this pair of Sony earphones. I bought them because they looked the part and also because they were under the £10. I don’t like to spend more than £10 on a pair of earphones as I usually stand on them, throw them in the washing machine or just lose them on my way. Are They Comfortable? I liked these earphones because they fit in your ear, however they do not intrude into my ear too much like the earbud style ones. I found that these ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pjb_1986


Sony Fontopia Ear Bud Heaphones MDR-E818LP

AdvantagesDurable, Good Sound Quality, Inexpensive

DisadvantagesNo In-line Volume Control

"...bass and clear treble sound, Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo. The cord length is 1 metre. These headphones are both durable and inexpensive. Ive had a set for around a year now and use them almost everyday and the sound quality is just as good as the day I got them. The sound quality is very good for such an inexpensive set of headphones. They have a great high tech look and would be a great addition to your Sony Minidisc Player or Personal CD Player. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1salvatierr...





"MDR-E818LP DE SONY The best in these headphoes is their excellent performance in sounds of low frequency. Bass is better than other headphones of more size. The means are good, the range of the voice reproduces it well. In the high frequencies it diminishes their performance a little. Ideals for reproducers of MP3.They are very robust and comfortables. Their weak point is the cable, it is necessary to be careful, if he/she is given a tug, they can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1madmace1984


Sony Headphones

Advantagesgreat sound, great fitting


"I have bought a lot of headphones in the past but none compare to Sony's headphones. They are a really good fit in your ear so they don't fall out when walking, running or doing any other activity, they have a really good sound with a bass enhancer to provide a really good sound. The lead is a good length which is ideal for using with items in your pocket and the connection plug fits into most appliances including Ipod's mp3 players and some mobile ..." Read review

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Community Level 2shister_not


Are they the greatest headphones ever?

AdvantagesGreat Value

DisadvantagesUncomfortable if you don't like In-Ear Headphones

"...use a Neodymium magnet and Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuitry the bass sounds fantastic. I know it's easy to turn up the volume to enjoy your tunes and not realize how aggravated those in close proximity are, to prevent this the has a silent cap which prevent the sound from leaking into ears of others. After awhile, especially if you like you musice loud, after a while you earphone can start to make that buzzing sound which isn't really great ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kodigo


Entry level earbuds with rich bass.

AdvantagesBass is full and rich. Clear audio reproduction. Very cheap every one can afford

DisadvantagesSticky wires for long usage

"...is the cheapest Fontopia earbuds Sony has. Better alternative from the stock headphones of some cheap mp3 players around there. Unfortunately Sony doesn't change the materials. Like for example the wires, for the 1st couple of weeks of usage its very smooth. But in the long run and the wire gets wet by sweat due to normal usage, it will become sticky. Not a good thing. The materials of the wire is similar to other stock headphones of Sony that is ..." Read review

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