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Community Level 5china_wolf


Sony's return with a successor to the throne Review with images

AdvantagesIt's Sony! It's got the most software developer support! Final Fantasy continues!

DisadvantagesIt's quite ugly, graphics are jagged in places

"Sony Sony Sony... these guys have some history with Nintendo. Back in the day when the Super Nintendo was the dominant video game console, Nintendo thought "We know! Let's make a CD add-on drive for our amazing Super Nintendo!" The executives of Nintendo all agreed since their rival at the time, Sega, had a CD add-on device for their Mega Drive. Nintendo drafted in Sony, a massive and well respected worldwide electronics manufacturer, to design the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4pleaserate...


Prepare to become a hermit

Advantagesit's got it all

DisadvantagesThe cost is ever rising

"...is really an example of Sony breaking taboos and going against console convention! Ever the perfectionists, Sony have also made it so that the PS2 logo can spin, depending on the position of the console. To enable the machine to stand up, you will need a stand, which annoyingly is not supplied in the silver Playstation package. Though it is a great gimmick, I found the games more difficult to load into the tray when it was vertical, and so prefer ..." Read review

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Community Level 4masterblas...


Whats that shiny black box you got there Sony? Review with images

AdvantagesLoads of games, doubles up as a DvD player, plays PS1 games.

DisadvantagesNeeds a mulitap for 3 players or more, Games should be cheaper.

"...Playstation was still going strong Sony released their second console by the name of Playstation 2 in the year 2000. ==STORY== Sony toke many of their fans into the current generation as we call it now with many to follow as well as gamers that's been with other consoles. The PS2 has become the fastest selling gaming console in history, beating the previous record holder, the PlayStation, by three years and nine months with over 100 million units ..." Read review

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Community Level 5chunka


My Money won't Eject from the PS2

AdvantagesExcellent Capabilities

DisadvantagesExtra Costs

"...before the Christmas of 2000. Sony had an excellent Christmas that year, not only was there so many orders placed, each one was going for £280 GBP. However, as time has gone on and sales becoming to decline and with the extra rivalry of Microsoft and their X-Box, also in competition was the Nintendo’s Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. So therefore prices dropped and heavily too. My PS2 cost only £169.99 GBP which is extremely cheap not ..." Read review

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Community Level 6DBZKing


PS2, Greatness in Entertainment

Advantageslooks nice not too loud

Disadvantagessometimes it can crash

"The Playstation 2 has many functions to it, you can get it in Jet Black, which I have it in, or you can get it in Silver, which looks way much better, but it is very rare to find. I have many games for this console, over 30. My newest ones are, Dynasty Warriors 3, Timesplitters 2, Enter the Matrix and Shadow Memories. They all are great games, but out of them, I have enjoyed Enter The Matrix or Dynasty Warriors 3 more. I have written a review on both ..." Read review

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Community Level 3maximax


Half Way


Disadvantageshard programming

"...a machine, I appreciated the Sony innovation. ----- Power: In comparison with other consoles, Play 2 has a classic architecture. Polygons calculations and transformations are done with the new processor Emotion Engine (300Mhz). All graphic effects as fog, transparency ( etc..) are created by the powerful exclusive Sony Graphic Synthetiser. Emotion Engine (weird name :) ) is a big plus for Play 2 comparing to its competitors (Xbox by Microsoft ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Collingwoo...


Box of Delights

AdvantagesHas come down in price a lot, DVD and CD capabilities, Stylish design

DisadvantagesNo RFU adaptor included, cost of buying extra accessories

"...as the nice people at Sony have made it backwards compatible (I'm not quite ready to give up my Resident Evil addiction just yet) * It is smaller and neater, an important consideration when I have a limited amount of space to store it in * Its not made by Microsoft! ;-) - What is the PS2? Well, it is a more powerful version of the highly popular Playstation One, but given a design makeover. Unlike the rather basic PS1, this machine ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dabmim



Advantagesgreat package 3 in 1

Disadvantagesgame prices

"Living in a house that has always been Nintendo orientated, I was a bit shocked when my son announced that he now wanted to try play station. Not knowing much about it I agree to ‘scour’ the Internet to find the best deal! Unfortunately they were all about the same price - £199.99. This price was without any games! I eventually decided to order a deal from electronic boutique with an extra control pad and two games for £249.00. Un luckily ..." Read review

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Community Level 4buster_uk


DVD Player, Audio CD Player, Games Console.

AdvantagesBrilliant Games, Brilliant DVD Player

DisadvantagesTechnology not as advanced as competitors

"...are interested then the official Sony PS2 site is below. http://uk.playstation.com/hardware/ps2techspec.jhtml The Playstation 2 my friends is not only a games console, it is a fine quality DVD Player and Audio CD Player. A brilliant future investment, well until the next Playstation comes out anyway. It is already beating Microsoft's X-BOX by far as well as the Nintendo GameCube to a lesser extent in the console wars. The information about ..." Read review

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Community Level 2whitedevil


Playstation 2 & Remote Control Review

AdvantagesPrice, Games, Graphics, DVD,


"...console, it was inevitable that Sony would capitalise on its success and produce a successor to take the gaming community into the next generation of consoles. The likes of Sega pulling out of the race, with their failed Dreamcast machine, and with Nintendo's 64 console restricting their market to a cartridge based box meant that the Playstation 2 and it's DVD based setup looked to be a certain hit from the outset. All this may be well and good but ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Nameless


Wear your wrists out

AdvantagesAmazing graphical abilities, and some awesome games on the way.

DisadvantagesStill has its flaws, and its critics

"...that literally blew us away. Sony had redefined the gaming genre. However since then old rivals SEGA, and their Dreamcast console surpassed what they had achieved. So it was without much thought that Sony created and launched the Playstation 2. And here it is. The PS2 was launched in the UK in November 2000, it was much hyped and had pre-orders running into the thousands. However, that was to be Sonyís first real problem. They didnít ship enough ..." Read review

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Community Level 3ciao007


Dream Machine


DisadvantagesIn op

"...released in 1995 and now Sony reached new heights when they released Ps2 back in 2000. Here is why. After basically a year after the release of Ps2 people can now buy the most powerful computer entertainment system on the planet. Sony's revolutionary Playstation 2 not only allows you to play state-of-the-art videogames, but also the entire back catalogue of existing Playstation titles, DVD movies and music CDs. The sleek, hi-tech machine was designed ..." Read review

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Community Level 3stes.da.man


can the PS2 keep up with the new boys in town

AdvantagesGreat games

DisadvantagesThings sold seperate

"...mild stone not just for sony but the whole gaming business with both Microsoft and Nintendo having to eventually turn to CD based games for best performance. The Playstation 2 or PS2 as it is more commonly known has been around in the UK now for two years at the end of this year, with the release of the gamecube and Xbox at spring this year. The PS2 had a lot to live up to after the long run of the original Playstation so the pressure was on at ..." Read review

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Community Level 6alflavor


Its no Plainstation

AdvantagesSonys finest. World beating console. DVD playback.

DisadvantagesCost of games - worth shopping around.

"...flagship consumer product of the Sony empire at this moment in time is the Playstation 2. It was released in late 2000 in Europe, following successful launches in Asia and America a few months earlier. The PS2, as it is more commonly known was developed and built after the runaway success of the Playstation 1, which was around in the late 90ís, and is still very predominant in the gaming lifestyles of millions today. Indeed, Sonyís confidence ..." Read review

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Community Level 4paulgusta


Shepherds, gather your sheep

AdvantagesLots of games, ability to play old PSX games, DVD playback

DisadvantagesUgly lookin', not as good as other consoles in graphics department

"...it came to part that Sony dominated Life. Advertisements, clever, devious marketing strategies that made no sense. And Sony was rich. Then the world realised that Wars were pointless, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. The end for Sega happened in 2001, and yet it had only begun. And the world breathed with the media and said: "It's all about the games". And that IS good. ~*REVIEW STARTS HERE*~ It's all about ..." Read review

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