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Community Level 4Chazzer3


Sony PSP, Absolutely Incredible, So Amazing! Review with images

AdvantagesFabulous 16.77 million colour screen, MP3 and MP4 player, Soon to come accessories, 802.11b/g Wireless LAN, much much more.

DisadvantagesMemory Stick Duos aren't the cheapest memory medium around, but this is easily overcome with, eBay!

"...world, and that is a Sony Made internet browser and many more in the software update, 2.0. This further extends this incredible machines ability to be a true multimedia machine to include the whole World Wide Web. I have tried and tested V2.0 and its great, you can also set images as wall papers, and the browser is fab. Enjoy my review **END OF EDIT** First of all, I would like to say that this product is not available in the UK until about ..." Read review

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NINTENDO - YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesCrisp gameplay on the move, portable MP3 player

DisadvantagesNone of note

"...we'd rather not have. Now Sony have decided that holding the monopoly on the household gaming market is not enough and have launched a portable gaming system with the hope of taking a large chunk of that market as well, and while the Nintendo's Gameboy is a competent little system the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) offers so much more to the person who needs to be entertained on the move. ● What's in the box? ● Well most importantly ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jollyjacob


magical PSP

AdvantagesSuper features


"Introduction The PSP (playstation portable) is a unique games console, which allows you to walk about with it anywhere. Also, it includes music, videos, gaming, photos and internet just like the PS3. WOW! It has a very stylish body, which has an analog stick to move your people/players move easier. This has recently been updated to look more sleek, thin and most of all cooool! The newly released games are still included for the PSP and the quality ..." Read review

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Community Level 6markd_uk


Plays So Perfectly

AdvantagesSmooth game play, versatile functions, Wi-Fi

DisadvantagesBulky for 'pocket'; a little too weighty; awkward in hand

"...me insane. Sadly, until Sony announced its PSP, there were very few alternatives in the handheld arena, so I stuck it out with the PS2 and the wife's whisperedmutterings until the PlayStation Portable was released and then I waited a little longer until it came down to a reasonable price. And then I pleaded with my wife to let me have one, using such pathetic utterings as: "you want me to be happy don't you?" and: "you can watch Heartbeat on Sunday ..." Read review

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Sony PSP - Technology will never stop improving

AdvantagesGraphics, gameplay, addictiveness

Disadvantagescan be a bit costly

"...and it is on the Sony PSP, the PSP is the latest gadget that is about and its one of the best, I bought the PSP in Tenerife because its cheaper with no tax and all that. I got it off a gadget shop, if you have been to any of the Canary Islands then you will know that there are people trying to drag you in to there shops 'come in my friend I do you goods deal' little do you know that you are probably going to get a good deal but will break the day ..." Read review

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Community Level 4g-virus


more power than a PS2, in your hand! Review with images

Advantagesplays movies, games and music, excellent graphics and sound

Disadvantagesnot much battery life but thats it really

"...hand held consoles and how Sony made there clever move with the PSP… History: Since 1976 the realisation of a successful hand held gaming console has been in the air. The first hand held was released by Mattel in 1976 and called Missile Attack. They followed with another called auto racer in 1977. But these where still not a real hand held console, with only one games built into each, boredom followed shortly. In 1979 the concept of a proper hand ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Roguey-117


Playstation Portable - The PSP

AdvantagesGreat Graphics, Fun and stylish, can hold upto 500+ MP3'S

DisadvantagesHigh Price, Fewer game choice, Few small problems

"...in black, ceramic white and sony is rumoured to soon be releasing a pink PSP, so girl gamers may want to hold on for a bit!!! SOUND The PSP allows you to store MP3 songs on your memory stick and depending on the size of your memory card and the size of your songs you can hold upto and over 500+ songs. The PSP speakers are good quality but are very quiet so you may want to use headphones or purchase the sound amplifing rest station if using it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2TheFirstEs...


The best portable on the market.

AdvantagesThe look. The portability. The games. The films. The accessories. Pretty much the whole package.

DisadvantagesNot out in the UK yet!!!! Battery life. Loading times

"...Lots of people want the Sony PSP. I can see why! There is SO MUCH you can do with the Sony PSP - it's quite unbelievable. My unit is in Japanese - but I'm fortunate to be able to read and understand Japanese - so I can provide an accurate review. The Sony PSP is undoubtedly one of 2005's most anticipated gadgets. Why? What can it do? What is it? It's a slick looking, portable device, tha is a BRILLIANT games machine, and is also a music ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pefidler


You know you'll want one Review with images

AdvantagesVideo, MP3, Gaming.... What more do you want?


"...have made better sense for Sony to have continued this theme! Build quality: Again, this isn’t some budget piece of equipment…. This is a Sony! Whilst I can’t comment on what it will look like after a year’s use, it’s still looking as fresh as the day I bought it. The buttons seem really substantial, and have no evidence of wanting to fall off at any point. The only thing I do have an issue with is the memory stick ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DannyBoy-17


Take the bad with the good - or buy an XBOX 360

AdvantagesPortable, best graphics for a device of its type

DisadvantagesPoor value for money - same price as a Core XBOX 360

"...month, this is provided by Sony and is animated and constrained enough to be perfectly acceptable for all tastes. To put files on the PSP is simple although you will need to spend around £5 on a wire to connect it to your computer - some quick reading in the manual explains what to do if you are unsure, trust me it won't be a problem. Videos can be stored on the memory card or movies can be bought in UMD format to view on the PSP - one problem I found ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moaning1


Playstation Portable (PSP) Hand held games console

AdvantagesBeautiful graphics for the size. Responsive Buttons. Not restricted to games

DisadvantagesRelatively expensive. To protect against scratches etc additional expense required.

"...course not compulsory but as Sony will be using the facility to give you new functions it may be a good idea to keep up to date. Got other friends with a PSP? Get them round your gaff for wireless multiplayer gaming! No ISP required all the technology is built in already. It should be noted they will need to have their own copy of the game you want to play in their machine but other than that it's simplicity itself. Movies can be played on your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Michael_Dyer


Not so perfect PSP

AdvantagesStunning Graphics and Huge Features

DisadvantagesPrice, Price, Price

"...unused feature like many others sony add to their products. STORAGE. The photo, music, video, and game save storage is all on the Memory Stick Duo. While it does come with a 32MB card it is barely enough. 32MB will store about 5 mp3's, 30 minutes of video footage, or 30 reasonable quality photos. Which means you would have to buy another Larger Memory Stick and they are costly. You will not benefit from those features without one. MOVIES. On ..." Read review

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Handheld Hero Review with images

AdvantagesClassic Games, Screen, Sound, Controls, Capabilities

DisadvantagesFreezing, Analogue Stick, Battery

"The Sony Playstation Portable is without any doubt in my mind the best handheld console available on the market, even today, several years after its worldwide release in 2005. Despite Nintendo's efforts with the DS, DSi, 3DS etc etc the PSP stands tall amongst the waves of new generation games with touch sensitive options and sometimes better graphics. Why? Because this has history, a backlog of classic games to fall back on, regardless of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2www.kotej....



AdvantagesGreat design, Great graphics!

DisadvantagesThose dam fingerprints!

"...via disc. THE DESIGN The Sony PSP is attractive bit of gaming kit and a gorgeously designed device. It looks so good you won't be able to wait to get you grubby little paws on one. Once you have it you will never want to let it go. The unit is black and shiny and weighs in a approximately 176g (including the removable battery pack). The PSP dimensions are 170mm by 74mm by 23 mm. The sculpted body feels solid in your hands, well built and durable ..." Read review

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Community Level 2davwan


Sony PSP Value Pack

AdvantagesVery "wow" at the minute, has to be held in the hand to believe!

DisadvantagesBattery life, finger marks on the screen

"...or buy a pack that Sony do.......I have yet to watch a movie on the PSP as yet (memory stick 1gb not obtained as yet!). Battery life............I have heard issues about this, but I have found the unit to be fair. Hammered, running movies, games, music, you would get 3hrs on a full charge, which is fair for this kind of unit. Overall not a bad piece of kit, finger marks on the screen can be annoying, and it does look prone to scratches - so ..." Read review

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