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Spare any change mate? Or maybe a new spleen? Review with images

AdvantagesRiveting and imaginative

Disadvantagesnot for you if books should immitate life.

"== Michael Marshall Smith – Spares == Michael Marshall Smith or Michael Marshall, as he is known for his thriller novels, is a science-fiction writer with a difference who I have long admired. I have read many of his books and have had ‘Spares’ in my collection for a while but hadn’t got around to reading it until recently. It was with great enthusiasm that I opened the book to the first page. == The Premise == Spares is the story of ..." Read review

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Spares: Go Ratchet!

AdvantagesOne of my all-time favourite books

DisadvantagesYou'll read it again and again and again

"...run with a group of Spares and once he reaches New Richmond's grounded MegaMall the adventure really begins, with over 200 floors of history to face. The MegaMall is an incredible locale for a novel and would have been awesome to see realised on the silver screen, yet despite Dreamworks purchasing the rights a film was never made – many people have commented upon the similarities between the plot of Spares and the 2005 film The Island. The rich live ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Tessa


Best Sci-Fi I've read to date

AdvantagesIt's just excellent - Take it anywhere, read again and again

DisadvantagesNone, unless you have no taste

"...that process by teaching the spares the vague value of life and then tried to escape with them and bring them out into the real world. Surely someone would be upset. This is only the beginning of a more entwinned and mixed up thriller. It's so incredible, you don't want it to end. Excellent. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Billieuk


Keep a spare of this

AdvantagesWitty, Dark and Poignant

DisadvantagesNone, except it's strangeness.

"...with a group of frightened Spares in tow. We are not yet aware of why they are there, nor who he is, though we assume the spares are clones because of the blurb on the back. Very gradually, at times painfully gradually, the story reveals how he has reached this point. The story flashes back to times before, the two periods of time running as seperate sequences, parallel throughout the book. The effect is that as we read about Randall attempting to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wellmad


One of my favourite books ever

AdvantagesIntelligent and deeply involving

Disadvantages none

"...wont be rejected. The spares are kept in appaling conditions with absolutely no stimulation. The main character Jack Randall, with the help of a defective droid embark on a program to educate and enlighten them, but they are forced to escape the farm and are dragged into a violent revenge attack from Jack's sureal past. Upon finishing this book, one of my ambitions in life became meeting Michael Marshal Smith and congratulating him on penning ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kitty17


Entertaining, sad, brilliant and addictive

AdvantagesA fantastic plot, clever and intruiging

DisadvantagesOnly 305 pages in paperback version

"This is the second book written by the author Michael Marshall Smith. It is a genuinely dark and imaginative novel. Once you begin reading it you won't be able to stop, and once you've read it you'll want to read it again and again. A fascinating plot concerning human clones, and a future in which the wealthy can take out the ultimate insurance policy by having a human clone produced. The characters - clones included all are realistic and well-developed ..." Read review

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