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Community Level 2cobadee


They're trying to ruin Spiderman's name!

AdvantagesThe city looks nice.

DisadvantagesCamera, poor storytelling, dull missions, frame-rate... The game doesn't do much right.

"...because of the name. The Spider-Man games have been decent over the years, but took a big plunge with Ultimate Spider-Man, a five hour game that felt like it took twenty hours because of its extremely repetitious. Spider-Man 3 is based off of a cruddy movie, which can mean only one thing! Yeah, this game downright sucks. Story The story is extremely disjointed. Yes, Spiderman fights Sandman, the New Goblin, Venom and gets his black suit and all ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sim721


Oh great another web slinging spin off

AdvantagesNice too look at

DisadvantagesRest is rubbish

"Well its another movie spin off game and it was a bad move. The game was released alongside the film but its very bad. The game loosely follows the storyline of the film with a load of other side missions thrown in which are quite interesting but executed poorly. -----Graphics----- The graphics are fairly standard in appearence but New York does look pretty impressive when you're webslinging across the streets and the enemies do look pretty ..." Read review

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Community Level 3KPN7


Spider man/black suited spider man

Advantagesquite fun webslinging

Disadvantagesno long time playability

"Spider man genre of games comes onto next gen, however not with as big as of a bang as we at first thought. I must admit I have been a big fan of the spider man games however this one simply isnt as good as the others of their time. When games come onto nex gen consoles it is expected that the games will be amazing and truly breathtaking. I must admit its an improvement, however it isnt the improvement which we were all hoping for. The storyline ..." Read review

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Community Level 3darren1987


Spider Satisfaction??

AdvantagesFollows some of the movie aswel as more villains

DisadvantagesNot much has changed, poor camera and presentation issues, clumsy combat

"...since. Game developer Treyarch brings you Spider-Man 3 which is the fourth game featuring Marvel's most popular wall crawling superhero. This is the first Spiderman released on the new generation of consoles (xbox 360, ps3) so you'd expect huge strides forward for the whole Spidey franchise - something to move the series of games forward to really fascinate comic readers and game players. Sorry to break the news to you fans but were all out of luck. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mcicp19


Spideys Back!

AdvantagesGreat City, loads of fun web swinging

DisadvantagesSame as past games

"Activision has already developed two quality Spiderman titles so far, but could they release a 3rd to the same quality? The answer is No! The game although not being any worse than the last 2 and also being on a 'next gen' console really fails to excite. Spiderman 3 features appearances from all the villains in the film Venom, Sandman etc, and follows the familiar storyline of the Peter Parker and Mary Jane. If you've seen Spiderman 3 the film ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Leigh36295



AdvantagesSwinging through City Makes you feel like Spiderman

DisadvantagesCombat and game length are slightly dissapointing.

"I have completed this game and spent many hours playing it. I think that it is way too underated for a game. First of all the city that you play in is huge, And because of that the graphics aren\'t particularly amazing, but they do there job and make you feel like you are there. Swinging around the city as spiderman is arguebly the best part of the game, the way he swings and climbs buildings ect make you feel as if you are actually spiderman, Which ..." Read review

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